This is a master index page for maintenance schedules & service intervals for all Honda motorcycles.

The motorcycles on this page are grouped how Honda groups them — sport bikes, standard bikes, etc. There’s always some overlap, but that’s on Honda.

Honda Sportbikes

Honda Sporrbikes maintenance schedules

The sportier bikes that have fairings. Maybe even sport touring.

Honda Standard bikes

This collection of bikes are “standard” sport bikes that have handlebars.

Honda Adventure Motorcycles

Honda’s adventure motorcycles, from small (the CB500X) to large (the Africa Twin 1100).

Honda Cruisers

Honda NRX1800 Valkyrie Rune side profile statif outdoors

These are all Honda cruisers, from the iconic Rebel 250, all the way up to the Valkyrie Rune.

Honda Touring

Honda’s touring motorcycles, starting and ending with the Honda Gold Wing (and with some other bikes).

Honda Dual Sports

Maintenance schedules and service intervals for Honda’s most iconic dual sports.

Honda Mini Motorcycles

Maintenance schedules for the 125cc fuel-injected motorcycles.

Honda Supersport Motorcycles

These are all the Honda superbikes and supersport models — 600cc and 1000cc class.