Honda NX500 (2024+) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Honda NX500, the adventure motorcycle based on the 471 cc platform, and a newer incarnation of the Honda CB500X.

Honda previously made another more adventure-focused motorcycle, the NX500 Dominator (the little sibling of the NX650). That bike was much more aggressive, with a 498-cc single-cylinder engine and a 21-inch front spoke rim. The modern NX500 has the same name and riding stance, but is much more a road-going bike.

The 2024 Honda NX500 is very similar to the CB500X, though it has a number of new details and slight changes to the maintenance guidelines.

The NX500 is still an updright adventure sport motorcycle based on the 471 cc parallel twin that powers a few other Honda middleweight motorcycles, including everything from cruisers (Rebel 500) to sport bikes (CBR500R). The engine is designed to fit within learner-legal schemes, making peak power of 35 kW / 47 bhp at 8600 rpm. But it’s also a reliable engine that’s known to go the distance.

The NX500’s final drive is a six-speed gearbox and chain.

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2024 Honda NX500 Service Intervals Overview

Overall, like its predecessor the CB500X, the modern Honda NX500 has service intervals of 8000 miles or 12800 km between oil/filter changes and a multi-point inspection check.

The major inspection in which you check the valve clearances and replace the spark plugs is every two oil changes, or every 16000 miles / 25600 km, changing the air filter at the same time.

Honda recommends you do a handful of things between services, which is why the manual’s maintenance schedule is more granular. For example, they want you to check things like brake pads, the clutch system, and emissions equipment (if any is fitted) between services.

Make sure you regularly attend to the chain, particularly if riding in untoward conditions. And regularly replace the radiator coolant and the brake fluid per the schedule.

See the full maintenance schedule below for more details.

What you need to service the Honda NX500

The NX500 mostly continues in the same vein as the 2022+ CB500X, but there are some different parts specified.

PartHonda NX500 (2024+) spec
OilLike for most of its street motorcycles Honda recommends SAE 10W-30, JASO T 903 standard MA, API SJ or higher. Pro Honda GN4 10W-30 is good. Use a torque wrench to tighten the oil drain bolt to 30 Nm (22 lb-ft).
Oil filterHonda’s standard part number for the oil filter is 15410-MFJ-D02 (used on many Hondas). You can also use a HF204RC for the oil filter. Use a torque wrench to tighten it to 26 Nm (19 lb-ft).
Air filterThe OEM air filter part for the NX500 is 17211-MKP-J00, used on the CB500X too. You can also use the K&N alternative air filter HA-5013, which is often more available.
Spark plugsUse NGK spark plug part CPR8EA-9, same as the previous gen. The specified gap is 0.8-0.9 mm (0.03-0.04mm)
Brake fluidHonda recommends Honda DOT 4, though any DOT 4 will do.
Brake pads (front)The NX500 has twin discs. Use EBC FA759HH pads. Use Honda part number 06455-MKP-DQ1.
Brake pads (rear)The rear brake caliper is the same as the previous gen. Use Honda part 06435-MGZ-J02 or EBC part FA140HH.
CoolantUse Pro Honda HP Coolant, which is based on ethylene glycol.
Honda NX500 (2024) maintenance parts

You might also need some of the following basic motorcycle maintenance tools and consumables.

Paddock Stand — Makes maintaining your chain or doing other maintenance much easier.
Motul chain paste — one of the most highly-regarded chain lubes. Easy to apply, doesn’t fling off. If you need more stuff, get the Motul chain care kit as an affordable package.
Always good to have on hand lithium soap-based grease for lubing external pivot points (like the swingarm) and bearings.
Use Protect all cable life to lubricate your cables and controls.
General motorcycle maintenance consumables and tools

Honda NX500 (2024+) Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the 2024 Honda NX500.


  • At the end of the maintenance schedule, keep following it in the pattern shown, with most items being every 8000 miles (12800 km) apart
  • The break-in service is omitted below (the dealer usually does this in the warranty period, and it’s just an oil/filter change plus a number of checks)
  • Honda generally recommends you take your motorcycle to a dealer for servicing the wheels/tyres, steering, spark plug, and valves.

The maintenance schedule is shown in simplified form, with a “service checklist” separated out below.

mi x 10004812162024
km x 10006.412.819.225.63238.4Notes
Inspection checklist (see below) — Perform all items
Diagnostics — Use the Honda Diagnostic System to do a full checkup of the bikeDealer only
Engine Oil — Replace (Pro Honda GN4 10W-30)
Engine Oil Filter — Replace (HF204RC)Many change this with the oil anyway (but it’s not necessary)
Air Filter — Replace (HA-5019)Service more often when riding in wet or dust
Coolant — Change (Pro Honda HP Coolant)3 years
Spark Plugs — Replace (NGK CPR8EA-9)
Valve Clearances — Check / Adjust
Brake Pads Wear — Inspect
Brake Fluid — Check level
Brake fluid — Replace2 years
Clutch system — Inspect
Secondary Air Supply System — Inspect
Evaporative Emission Control System — Inspect
Honda NX500 (2024) Maintenance Schedule

Standard service checklist

Do the following checks on your Honda 2024 NX500 as part of every scheduled inspection.

Honda NX500 (2024) Inspection Checklist
Fuel Lines — Check condition, correct routing, and for no cracks
Throttle operation and free play – Lubricate with Protect all cable life
Target free play: 2-6mm, 1/16-1/4 in
Engine idle speed — Check
Target idle speed: 1200 rpm, +/- 100 rpm
Cooling system — Check for no leaks, and that fans come on
Drive chain slider — Check wear level. Replace as necessary
Clutch system — Check for correct function, and clutch free play
Target free play: 10-20mm, 3/8-13/16 in
Brake system — Check for proper function
Brake light switch — Check lights come on
Wheels/Tires — Check for dents, tire condition, tread depth
Suspension — Check for smooth operation, no leaks
Headlight aim — Check, re-adjust after adjusting suspension
Side stand / Centre stand — Check for smooth function, lubrication condition
Steering head bearings — Check for smooth operation
Nuts, bolts, fasteners — Check for presence. Replace / retighten as needed
Secondary air supply system — Check
Crankcase breather (if fitted) — Check, clean as needed
Honda NX500 Inspection Checklist

Maintaining Your Chain on the Honda NX500

As a mini-adventurer, the NX500’s chain is likely to get a lot of abuse, whether doing the daily commute, riding in rain, or taking the bike off-road. Thus, it’s important to regularly maintain your chain, at least cleaning it and lubricating it as necessary.

Use a good-quality chain lubricant like Motul chain paste, or a Motul chain care kit which comes with a couple of handy tools to maintain the chain.

Honda recommends the following chain maintenance schedule for the NX500:

Chain maintenance taskEvery
Check drive chain lubrication condition, lubricating if necessary600 mi / 1000 km
Check drive chain slack, adjusting if necessary600 mi / 1000 km
Chain maintenance — Honda NX500


  • Do these items (checking/adjusting slack, and checking/applying lubrication) more often if you ride your NX in dusty or rainy conditions (e.g. in “adventure” mode!)
  • Always lubricate the chain after washing the motorcycle (similar to after riding in the rain).

Checking and Adjusting Chain Slack

To check the slack on the NX500, put the motorcycle in neutral, onto its kickstand, and on a level surface.

Check the slack on the lower part of the chain, midway between the sprockets, and check it in multiple places (move the motorcycle forwards and backwards) as chains wear unevenly.

Slack on the NX500 is defined as the free vertical movement of the chain.

Honda NX500 Chain Slack

Target chain slack for the Honda NX500: 30-40 mm (1 3/16 – 1 9/16 in)

If the chain slack is out of spec, you need to adjust it.

Adjusting chain slack

Honda stopped including instructions on adjusting slack in the manuals for the CB bikes in recent years, but it’s the same as before. To adjust the chain slack on the Honda NX500, follow the steps below.

Adjusting slack of Honda NX500

As when measuring chain slack, make sure that the motorcycle is on a level surface on its kickstand, in neutral, with no weight on it (no saddlebags / luggage).

  1. Loosen the rear axle nut and the lock nuts on either side of the axle.
  2. Turn the adjusting bolts to tighten (or loosen) the chain. Keep checking the chain tension to see if it has come within spec.
  3. Keep an eye on the adjuster alignment marks on either side of the axle. Make sure that the adjustment is to the same point.
  4. When you’re done, tighten the axle to 88 Nm / 65 lb-ft, and tighten the lock nuts to 27 Nm / 20 lb-ft.
  5. Re-check the chain slack again to make sure it’s still within spec.

Wheels and tyres for the Honda NX500 (2024)

The manual for the Honda NX500 gives the following tyre sizes and brands as standard, and recommends the following tyre pressures.

Like its predecessor, the NX500 comes with Dunlop Mixtour radial tubeless tyres, whereas the CB500 and CBR500R come with sportier tyres.

TyreSizeTire pressure (cold)
Front110/80R19 M/C (59H)29 psi / 200 kPa / 2 bar
Rear160/60ZR17 M/C (69H)36 psi / 250 kPa / 2.5 bar
Tyre sizes and pressures for the Honda NX500

About the Honda NX500

2024 Honda NX500 Static 2 rhs water
2024 Honda NX500 by the water

The Honda NX500 is Honda’s middleweight everyday adventure motorcycle based on the parallel twin engine that powers many of Honda’s motorcycles.

You can look at the NX500 from a number of different angles.

Firstly, the Honda NX500 is the rebirth of the CB500X. It’s essentially the same motorcycle — very similar in style. In fact, on most websites and resources, Honda conflates the two. For example, if you look at the NX500 on the Honda website then change the year to 2023, you’ll get the CB500X. Similarly, if you look up manuals for past models of the CB500X, you have to choose the old “2013 NX500” for example, even when there was no such model.

They might update this on the website, so I’ll include the screenshot below as evidence.

Honda NX500 and CB500X confused on Honda website

OK, we get it Honda, it’s the same bike! Same, but different. Let’s start with the same.

The core of the NX500 is the same 471 cc parallel twin. It has a 180-degree crankshaft. It won’t set your hair on fire, but believe me when you have to really treat it badly to kill it. Most people wear out the rest of the bike long before the engine. Many rental companies make bank on the bikes based on the 471 engine — it’s low-stress, medium power, and long life.

The engine makes peak power of 35 kW (47 hp) at 8600 rpm, which is plenty for urban riding. You’ll even do the ton in miles per hour if you want, but of course, this bike isn’t really for that.

The bike looks and feels largely the same. But Honda did add traction control — Honda Selectable Torque Control. This detects rear slip and smoothly reduces power to prevent you from sliding out (particularly on dirt, I suppose). You can turn traction control off, too.

Honda upgraded the CB500X’s TFT display to a brighter one. The NX500 has the same display as the one in the higher-spec and much more expensive XL750 Transalp!

Honda NX500 cockpit view static

The whole cockpit is quite pleasant to both look at and use.

Finally, Honda has lightened up the weight. There are lighter wheels on the NX500, and overall 3 kg (7 lb) less curb weight. Honda also retuned the suspension to suit.

OK, the next way to consider the Honda NX500 is as a callback to the earlier NX500 Dominator, a mid-capacity trail bike that Honda made until the early 2000s.

Honda NX500 Dominator RHS studio hi-res
Honda NX500 Dominator

But the Dominator, like its big sibling the NX650 Dominator, is a thumper-powered adventure trail bike with a 21-inch front tubed tyre. It’s a cool bike, but it’s very much more aggressively designed for off-road action.

Thirdly, the 2024 Honda NX500 is an alternative to other mid-sized adventure sport bikes out there.

It’s a confusing field of bikes, but essentially, the NX500 is a competitor to something like the Suzuki V-Strom 650 (itself on its last legs, soon to be totally replaced by the V-Strom 800) or the Kawasaki Versys 650, or maybe the Versys-X 300.

There are other middleweight adventure bikes coming out, too, most of them more aggressive than the NX500 — see e.g. the Himalayan 450 or the CFMOTO 450MT. Some also hope for a Versys-X with the bigger engine seen in the Kawasaki Eliminator, but it never happened with the 400 series of engine, so it’s not a sure thing.

Next to all those, the NX500 is not really like any of them. As a road-going small-capacity upright bike, the Honda NX500 doesn’t make the off-road promises of the CFMOTO or Himalayan models, nor does it have the engine capacity or power of the bigger Suzuki or Kawasaki bikes.

So the Honda NX500 has its own position on the market — and it’s one that remains popular.

Like the earlier CB500X, I’m sure that many will do “Rally Raid” modifications to the NX500 to give it proper adventure touring credibility. But with a more competitive market in the segment, you may see modifiers turning their attention elsewhere.

At least maintenance on the Honda NX500 remains dead easy. With just two pistons and valve clearances that rarely need attention, the NX500’s engine is as unkillable as ever, in part thanks to its low compression ratio coupled with liquid cooling.

Just make sure you keep your chain lubed and your fluids relatively fresh and it should serve you for many years.

Reference — Manual Screenshots for the NX500

The above maintenance schedule came from the manual for the 2024 NX500. Some parts numbers came from online parts catalogues.

See the below screenshots from the user manual.

You can download Honda motorcycle manuals from here.

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