Honda CRF450L (2018+) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Honda CRF450L, known as the CRF450RL from 2020 onward.

Honda took the dual-sport world by storm in 2018 with the road-legal CRF450L. The Honda CRF450L is based on the off-road CRF450R, but gives you the option of getting to the best riding trails by riding on asphalt roads, rather than carting your bike there in a truck.

The CRF450L is a lot more off-road-focused than the mild-mannered and easy-to-service CRF250L. This is reflected in its maintenance schedule which is quite intense. You basically have to service it every 1000 km or 600 miles, including changing the oil. Not for the faint of heart!

Already armed with features like a titanium fuel tank, six-speed transmission and LED lighting, the CRF450L got updated graphics for 2020, as well as being named CRF450RL.

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Honda CRF450L Service Intervals

The Honda CRF450L, being an enduro motorcycle, has quite narrow 600 mile / 1000 km service intervals. At every service, change the oil and filter,, and give the motorcycle a once-over.

Every three services — every 1800 miles / 3000 km — change the spark plug and check the valve clearances. Luckily there’s just the one cylinder.

The engine is liquid-cooled, so you do need to periodically change the coolant.

Other than that, the CRF450L is a simple motorcycle. Keep the air filter clean, lube the chain, and generally make sure the bike stays lubricated.

But be warned — Honda does suggest a periodic engine rebuild at 20000 miles / 30000 km.

What you need to service the Honda CRF450L

To service the Honda CRF450L, you need the following general consumables.

ItemHonda CRF450L Spec
Fuel filterHonda’s part number for the fuel filter is 06160-MKE-A00.
Air cleanerThe air filter in the Honda CRF450L is cleanable!
CoolantThe engine is liquid cooled. Use Honda Coolant.
Engine oilHonda recommends SAE 10W-30 oil with “SG or higher, except oils labeled as energy conserving or resource conserving”, recommending Pro Honda GN4 oil or equivalent.
Oil filterHiflofiltro HF116 filter is a great replacement oil filter (better than K&N).
Brake fluidThe Honda requires DOT 4 brake fluid (as do most motorcycles). You may as well use Honda DOT 4.
GreaseA generic grease is invaluable for all external moving parts, like Valvoline moly-fortified grease.
ChainYou need to grease the chain often, especially when it gets dirty. Motul chain paste is quite well-liked.
Spark plugReplace the spark plug with either SILMAR9A-9S or SILMAR10A-9S. The spark plug needs to be gapped to 0.8-0.9mm — use a gapping tool.
Brake padsFront brake pads: EBC FA185R, rear brake pads; FA346R.
Honda CRF450L parts

Honda CRF450L Maintenance Schedule (on-road use)

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Honda CRF450L.


  1. At higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here
  2. Honda recommends you get engine interior components, steering head bearings, and wheels serviced by a mechanic for safety reasons.
  3. Follow the earlier of distance or time-based intervals, where relevant.
  4. Note the 20000 mile / 30000 km engine rebuild maintenance schedule in the section below.
mi x 10000.
km x 10000.15123456
Engine oil — Replace (Pro Honda GN4)
Engine oil filter — Replace (HF116)
Air filter — CleanMore often if riding frequently in rain / dust
Air filter — Replace3 years, or as needed
Spark plug — Inspect, re-gap, replace as needed (SILMAR9A-9S)
Torque: 22Nm / 16 lb-ft
Valve clearances — Inspect / Adjust
Engine idle speed — Inspect / Adjust
Coolant — Replace3 years (earlier of distance / time)
Cooling system — Inspect
Drive chain (Motul chain care kit) — Inspect / Lubricate300 mi (500 km)/ 3 mon): I, L
More often when riding in rain / dust
Drive chain slider – Inspect
Brake system — Inspect for correct function, no leaks
Brake light switch — Inspect
Brake fluid — Inspect level
Brake fluid — Replace (Honda DOT 4)Earlier of distance / time
Brake pads wear — Inspect / Replace as needed
Throttle operation — Inspect, adjust free play
Fuel line — Inspect
Fuel filter — Replace
Decompressor system — Inspect
Coolant Inspect — Inspect
Headlight aim — Inspect
Clutch system — Inspect
Side stand — Inspect
Suspension, front and rear — Inspect
Wheels / tyres — Inspect
Nuts, bolts, fasteners — Inspect
Steering head bearings — Inspect
Spark arrester — Inspect / Clean100 hours
Crankcase breather — Inspect / Clean hoseMore often if riding at rain / full throttle
Secondary air supply system — Inspect
Evaporative emission control system — InspectMore often when riding off road
Honda CRF450L Maintenance Schedule (Road Use)

Engine rebuild

At 20000 miles or 30000 km, rebuild the engine, addressing the following items. These were in the maintenance schedule but are separated out below for clarity.

20000 mi / 30000 km maintenance itemAction
Intake / exhaust valveR
Piston and piston ringsR
Piston pinR
Crankshaft bearingR
Cam chain tensioner lifterR
Honda CRF450L Maintenance Schedule 20000 mi / 30000 km service

Maintenance Schedule — Off-road Use

All items should be checked before each off-road event. See your dealer unless you are mechanically qualified and have the proper tools.

This maintenance schedule is based upon average riding condition. Machine subjected to severe use require more frequent servicing.

Notes in this maintenance schedule:

  1. Clean after every use in dusty conditions.
  2. Replace every 2 years. Replacement requires mechanical skill.
  3. Replace after the first break-in ride.
  4. Inspect after the first break-in ride.
  5. Replace the engine oil, if the clutch discs and plates are replaced.
  6. Replace every year

Honda recommends servicing these items using an official Honda service manual for the CRF450L.

Every # Races148
Every # Hours3.51530Every
Fuel lineIRYear: R
Fuel pump filterRYear: R
Throttle operationI
Air filterCClean more often after riding in dust
Crank case breatherI
Spark plug (NGK SILMAR9A-9S)
Replace after break-in.
Replace engine oil when replacing spark plug.
Valve clearance & Decompressor system
Check after break-in.
Engine oil (Pro Honda GN4)IR
Oil filter (HF116)R
Engine idle speedI
Piston and piston ringsR
Piston pinR
Radiator Coolant (Pro Honda Coolant)I2 years: R
Cooling systemI
Drive chain (Motul chain care kit)I, LR
Drive chain sliderI
Drive chain rollerI
Drive sprocketI
Driven sprocketI
Brake fluid (Honda DOT 4) (Note 2)I
Brake pads wearI
Brake systemI
Clutch system
Replace engine oil/filter when replacing clutch
Control cablesI, L
Exhaust pipe / mufflerI
Swingarm / shock linkageL
Fork oilRReplace after break-in.
Nuts, bolts, and fastenersI
Wheels and tiresI
Steering head bearingsI
Side standI
Honda CRF450L — Maintenance schedule for off-road use

Tyre size and tyre pressure for the Honda CRF450L

Honda’s manual for the CRF450L recommends the following tyre sizes, types, and pressures.

TyreSizeBrand(s)Tyre pressure (cold)
Front80/100-21 M/C 51PIRC GP-21F22 psi (150 kPa , 1.50 kgf/cm2 )
Rear120/80-18 M/C 62PIRC GP-22R22 psi (150 kPa , 1.50 kgf/cm2 )
Tyres and tyre pressures

About the Honda CRF450L

The biggest mistake you can make with the CRF450L is to think it’s a bigger version of the Honda CRF300L (or the earlier 250L). It’s not.

Rather than being just a “bigger” dual sport, the CRF450L is more aptly described a road-legal dirt bike, just like the XR650R (where it’s road legal, anyway).

So much was the branding confusion that from 2020, Honda renamed the CRF450L the CRF450RL in some markets, to remind everyone that this is an R bike with some street-legal componentry, not just another learner-legal dual sport. In fact, it’s much closer to the CRF450X!

So what makes this an off road-legal dual sport? Let’s start with the engine, a 449 cc liquid-cooled 4-valve single with a single overhead cam. It’s a sweet motor, with strong torque all the way from 3000 to 10000 rpm, with torque peaking somewhere around the middle. It’s enough torque for anything you might need, from low-speed maneuvering to wheel-in-the-air high jinks.

The CRF450L has an electric starter, but that’s about all you’ll get in terms of ride technology.

Front suspension is a fully adjustable Showa fork with 305 mm (12 inches) of travel, and the rear shock is a fully-adjustable Showa shock with 300 mm(11.8 inches) of travel.

Front and rear brakes are respectively 260mm disc with a 2-piston caliper, and a 240 mm disc with a single piston caliper. All is plenty to bring the 132 kg / 291 lb bike to a halt.

The Honda CRF450L is a versatile bike. Its happy place is somewhere between paved and unpaved backroads. You can rip your way around winding country roads and you won’t at all care when you get to a 4WD-only track. Hill climbs are exhilarating with the torquey engine.

Where it gets a little hairy is at the extremes of either end. On the one hand, the gnarliest of off-road tracks might be better served by a lighter bike with a smaller engine. The CRF450L’s engine does tend to stall at lower RPMs. And of course while the engine will let you ride at 110 km/h or 65 mph all day, who’d want to do that on a dirt bike?

As an off-road oriented bike, the maintenance schedule for the Honda CRF450L is quite intense, despite the fact that this is a road-legal dual sport.

Service intervals are every 600 miles (1000 km) at which point you have to change the oil And you have to check the valve clearance every 1800 miles (3000 km), which is extremely frequent — far too much if you actually want to use the bike on-road.

Further, Honda recommends rebuilding the engine every 20000 miles (30000 km). Owners think these numbers are a bit extreme, but then maintenance schedules tend to be conservative.

Reference — Screenshots from the Manual for the Honda CRF450L

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Honda CRF450L.

Honda CRF450L Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

You can download it from Honda here.

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