Honda CBR250R (2010-2013) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Honda CBR250R made between 2010-2013 in most markets.

Honda originally conceived the CBR250R for Asian markets (India and Thailand), but ended up selling it all over the world as an entry-level affordable sportbike. Sport in shape and general appearance perhaps… but with a single-cylinder 249cc engine that made 20 kW (27 hp) at the crank, the CBR250R is hard to get moving too quickly. It has a top speed of around 140 km/h (85 mph), so struggles to keep up on swift American highways.

Still, the CBR250R is affordable, easy to learn on, and very easy to maintain. From 2014 onward in most international markets it was replaced by the Honda CBR300R.

Honda CBR250R, red/white/blue, and black, on road

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Service Intervals for the Honda CBR250R

Maintaining the Honda CBR250R is simple, given the relatively few components it has. Most of the maintenance is changing the oil and keeping the chain clean.

The oil change service interval for the Honda CBR250R is every 8000 miles / 12800 km or year. At every one of these services, also inspect the bike for leaks and smooth operation of its various components.

You inspect the valve clearance every 25,000 km (16,000 miles), but it’s easy (just one cylinder! but four valves), and required adjustments are rare.

Aside from that, maintain the chain, and keep the liquids fresh, and you’re golden.

Honda CBR250R Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Honda CBR250R.

Maintenance Procedures:

  • I: inspect and clean, adjust, lubricate, or replace, if necessary
  • C: Clean
  • L: lubricate
  • R: replace


  • At higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here
  • Honda recommends you get steering head bearings and wheels/tires serviced by a professional mechanic.
  • Some items should follow the earlier of a time or distance-based interval, e.g. engine oil (every 8000 miles or 12 months), and some items have a distance interval only (e.g. valve clearance) or time interval (e.g. brake fluid and coolant) only.
x 1000 mi4812162024
x 1000 km6.412.819.225.63238.4Every
Engine Oil (Pro Honda GN4)RRRReplace every 12 months
Engine Oil FilterRRR
Air CleanerRRReplace more often if riding in dusty / wet areas
Spark Plug (NGK SIMR8A9)IReplace every 32000 miles / 51200 km
Valve ClearanceI
Fuel LineIII
Throttle OperationIII
Crankcase BreatherCCCCCCClean more often if riding in rain or at full throttle.
Engine Idle SpeedIIIIII
Radiator Coolant (Pro Honda Coolant)IIRReplace every 2 years
Cooling SystemIII
Secondary Air Supply SystemIII
Evaporative Emission Control SystemII
Brake Fluid (Honda DOT 4)IIRIIRReplace every 2 years
Brake Pads WearIIIIII
Brake SystemIII
Brake Light SwitchIII
Headlight AimIII
Clutch SystemIIIIII
Side StandIII
Nuts, Bolts, FastenersIII
Steering Head BearingsIII
Maintenance schedule for the Honda CBR250R

Maintaining Your Chain on the Honda CBR250R

It’s important to maintain your chain on the CBR250R, as on any chain-driven motorcycle. Use a good-quality chain lubricant like Motul chain paste, or a Motul chain care kit which comes with a couple of handy tools to maintain the chain.

Honda recommends you follow the following chain maintenance schedule in the manual:

Chain maintenance itemEvery
Check drive chain lubrication condition, lubricating if necessary600 mi / 1000 km
Check drive chain slack, adjusting if necessary600 mi / 1000 km
Chain maintenance — Honda CBR250R


  • Do these items (checking/adjusting slack, and checking/applying lubrication) more often if you ride your CBR in dusty or rainy conditions.
  • Always lubricate the chain after washing the motorcycle.

Tire size and pressure for the Honda CBR250R

The Honda CBR250R ships with the following tire sizes and recommended tyre pressures.

WheelTire sizeTire pressure
Front110/70-17M/C 54S29 psi (200 kpa/2 bar)
Rear140/70-17M/C 66S29-33 psi (200-225 psi/2-2.25 bar)
Honda CBR250R recommended tire pressures

About the Honda CBR250R

Honda CBR250R red white and blue on road

The Honda CBR250R is a beginner sportbike. It has a single-cylinder 249cc engine that’s easy to use and — luckily for first time owners — very easy to service.

The CBR250R is powered by a 249.5cc fuel-injected liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine a gentle compression ratio of 10.7.1. The engine makes a claimed 20 kW (27 hp) at the crank and slightly less at the rear wheel after the 6-speed transmission and chain drive.

Why single-cylinder? Because Honda could get everything they wanted out of one cylinder and have a much simpler design with lighter weight than any of the competitors. It’s quite advanced for a one-cylinder engine, with PGM-FI fuel injection, a 4-valve DOHC cylinder head, and liquid cooling.

So the Honda CBR250R isn’t a fast bike. But it’s lightweight at 166 kg (366 lb) fully fuelled with ABS, has decent handling and balance, and high build quality, and of course famous Honda reliability. It’s a great commuter, being thin and with good low-down torque.

All of those things make the Honda CBR250R an excellent beginner bike. It’s super easy to use, unintimidating, but still fun and good-looking. The CBR250R can keep up with freeway traffic — but won’t see triple digits (in miles per hour, anyway).

Even though it has a single-cylinder engine, the Honda CBR250R has a counter-balancer to make sure it runs smoothly. This isn’t a thumper off-road bike! So it isn’t vibey.

For suspension, the CBR250R has a preload adjustable rear shock, but non-adjustable front forks. For braking there’s a single disc front and rear and optional combined ABS (which comes standard in some markets).

The Honda CBR250R is such a practical bike that because of its good looks and decent performance, it’s quite popular as a bike in many markets where the roads aren’t quite as fast as European or American highways. It’s highly economical to own, only consuming very little fuel, and being very light on consumables like brake pads and tyres.

Maintaining the CBR250R is super easy. Fundamentally, change the oil and filter every 8000 miles / 12800 km or year, and change brake fluid and coolant every 2 years. Then the valve clearance check is every 16000 miles or 25600 km — but with just one cylinder (though four valves), it should be a quick job.

Manual for the Honda CBR250R

2011-2013 Honda CBR250R Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Honda CBR250R. The schedule is the same as for former years. You can download the manual from here.

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