This is a master index page for maintenance schedules & service intervals for all Kawasaki motorcycles.

Kawasaki Sportbikes

Kawasaki Sport Tourers

These are the big sports bikes that go fast. They have four-cylinder engines with a capacity of over 1L.

Kawasaki Standards and Retro Standards

These are Kawasaki’s more “upright” motorcycles. They sometimes share an engine with one of the sport motorcycles (e.g. the ER-6n and Ninja 650 have the same motor and chassis).

Kawasaki Supersport Bikes

The Kawasaki ZX-10R and ZX-6R series of sport motorcycles.

Kawasaki Cruisers and Tourers

All V-twins — these are Kawasaki cruiser and touring motorcycles, from small(ish) to large.

Kawasaki Dual Sports and Thumpers

These are Kawasaki’s single-cylinder dual sports and thumpers.

I haven’t included all of them, just the massively popular ones.

Kawasaki Adventure Tourers

These are the Versys motorcycles.