This is a master index page for maintenance schedules & service intervals for all Yamaha motorcycles.

This website got pretty big pretty quickly. So I’m grouping motorcycles together by their engine class because those maintenance schedules are quite similar.

Yamaha Adventure Tourers

Yamaha Naked Bikes, Sport bikes, and Standards

Dirt bikes and dual sports

Below are some of Yamaha’s longest-running and most common dirt bikes and dual sports.

Yamaha Cruisers and Tourers

Yamaha has produced a LOT of cruisers and tourers, all of the V-twins and V-fours.

They’re all below. You may have to do a control-f to find them.

Yamaha Sport Touring

These are the maintenance schedules for the Yamaha sport touring motorcycles other than the Tracer and Niken, which are grouped above with other CP3 motorcycles.

Coming soon:

  • 2021+ Yamaha Tracer 9 (updated engine)

Yamaha Supersport bikes

The Supersport bikes are the R6 bikes and a few derivatives like the R6S.

The definition of “generations” of any motorcycle are a little rubbery. But when thinking of maintenance, the generation of a motorcycle influences important parts like fuelling, tyres, and replaceable components.

Yamaha Superbikes

The Yamaha Superbikes are the R1 bikes. Below are the different generations of the R1 superbikes.