Yamaha XV1600 Road Star (1670cc, carburettor, 2004-2007) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Yamaha XV1600 Road Star motorcycle range. In Europe the XV1600 was known as the Wild Star.

The Yamaha XV1600 Road Star was released in a number of variants, including the Road Star Silverado and Road Star Midnight, which is (you guessed it) blacked out. They all have the same underlying engine — a bored-out 1670cc carburettor-fed V-twin engine — and thus all share the same maintenance schedule.

The 1670cc Yamaha Road Star replaced the earlier 1602cc Yamaha Road Star, and was replaced by the fuel-injected one of the same displacement in 2008 (the 2008 XV1700 Yamaha Road Star).

This was originally published July 13, 2020, but has since been considerably updated.

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Yamaha XV1600 Road Star Service Intervals

Overall, the Yamaha XV1600 Road Star has 4000 mile or 6000 km service intervals between oil changes. At that point grease external points and check everything (see the service checklist below).

Other than that, the valve service on the Road Star is every 16000 miles (25000 km).

Every 2nd service, change the spark plugs, and every 4th service, repack the bearings and change the transfer case oil.

You’re supposed to check the belt tension every 2500 miles / 4000 km, as well, but modify that as suits your riding conditions.

Yamaha XV1600 Road Star Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Yamaha XV1600 Road Star (the 1670cc, carburettor-fed version).

The maintenance schedule is shown in a simplified way compared to the manual.


  • At the end of the maintenance schedule, keep following the schedule periodically (every 1-4 intervals).
  • The break-in schedule isn’t shown as this bike is no longer sold new.
mi x 100048121620
km x 1000713192531
Conduct full service checklist (see below)
Change engine oil (Yamalube 10W-40)
Replace oil filter (HF303)
Adjust carburetors sync.
Check spark plug condition. Adjust gap (0.8-0.9mm) and clean
Replace spark plugs (NGK DPR7EA-9)
Clean air filter. Replace if necessary (RK-3925-1)More often if riding in dusty/wet areas
Check and adjust valve clearance when engine is cold16000 mi (25000 km)
Replace coolant (Ethylene glycol-based coolant)
Replace brake fluid (Castrol DOT 4) and inner parts of brake master cylinder and brake caliper pistons2 years
Replace the brake hoses4 years
Replace fuel filter.
Check drive belt tension and adjust if necessaryEvery 2500 mi (4000 km)
Check transfer case for oil leakage.
Change transfer case oil.
Moderately repack rear swingarm bearing with lithium soap-based grease
Check steering bearing assembly for looseness.
Moderately repack steering bearing with lithium soap-based grease
Check evap control system for damage. Replace if necessary.
Yamaha Royal Star XV1600 Maintenance Schedule (US)

Service Checklist

Below is the checklist of things to check on the Road Star as per the schedule above.

Service Checklist (Yamaha Road Star)
Adjust throttle cable free play. Lubricate the cable and grip housing.
Check and adjust engine idle speed.
Check cooling system hoses for cracks or damage, replace if necessary.
Check front and rear brake operation, fluid level, and for leakage.
Check and replace brake pads if necessary
Check brake hoses for cracks or damage.
Check fuel hoses for crack and damage. Replace if necessary
Check clutch operation and for fluid leakage. Correct if necessary.
Lubricate control cables (Protect all cable life)
Check wheels for runout and damage.

If spoked model fitted — check spoke tightness, and tighten if necessary.
Check tyres for cracks and damage. Replace if necessary.
Check shock absorber for leakage. Replace if necessary
Lubricate brake lever with silicone grease lightly
Lubricate clutch lever, brake pedal, and shift pedal with lithium soap-based grease lightly.
Check sidestand pivot operation and lubricate with lithium soap-based grease.
Check sidestand switch and clean or replace if necessary.
Check front fork operation and for leakage.
Check shock absorber for leakage. Replace if necessary
Check wheel bearings for smooth rotation.
Check crankcase ventilation hose for cracks or damage. Replace if necessary
Check exhaust system for leakage. Retighten/ replace gaskets if necessary.
Yamaha Road Star Service Checklist

Belt Tension Maintenance

To check the drive belt slack, you should follow the steps below.

  1. Put the motorcycle on a level surface and hold it upright.
  2. Check the marks near the drive belt check hole
  3. Note the current position of the drive belt. (The marks are 5mm / 0.2 in apart.).
  4. Using a belt tension gauge, apply upward force of 4.5 N / 10 lbf to the belt, and note the position of the belt with the force applied.
  5. Belt slack: Subtract the first measurement from the second one.

Target belt slack for the Yamaha Road Star is 7.5-13mm (0.3-0.5 in).

To adjust belt tension, check your service manual.

About the Yamaha XV1600 Road Star

Yamaha XV1600 Road Star Wild Star RHS static

The Road Star is an iconic cruiser from Yamaha. It looks good, it goes well, and is very reliable.

The Yamaha XV1600 Road Star was first launched in 1999 with a carburettor-fed 1602cc engine.

This was updated in 2004 to be bored-out 1670cc engine. The displacement is the same as that of the Yamaha Warrior, but the tuning and some internals are different (though to be honest maintaining them both is very similar!)

Knowing that many riders are exceptionally aware of the livery their bikes come in, Yamaha added a Silverado variation to its Road Star line-up. The Silverado comes with bags and a windscreen.

The platform is identical, and the new machine relies on the same proven 1670 cc air-cooled v-twin with a 5-speed transmission and belt drive.

The engine, in base form, pulls a massive 99 ft-lb (134 Nm) at a low, low 2250 rpm. Peak power is 47 kW (63 hp) at 4000 rpm, but few people worry about peak power on cruisers until they hit drag strips.

Ride gear is pretty simple on the Road Star. It does have twin front disc brakes at 298mm in size, with two-piston calipers gripping them.

Manual for the Yamaha 1600 Road Star

The above information was gleaned from the owner’s manual for the Yamaha Road Star, and it’s the same for all other Road Star variants (e.g. Silverado).

The manual is consistent for all years between 2004-2007.

You can download the manual for the Road Star from Yamaha’s website here.

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