Toyota Sequoia V8 (5.7L and 4.6L) Complete Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the Toyota Sequoia V8 (both the 5.7L and the older 4.6L), an American-made large SUV truck built mostly for the American market. It’s mostly known as the Sequoia, but people refer to it as the V8 Sequoia to distinguish it from the latest generation V6.

The Toyota Sequoia has been available with a 5.7L V8 between 2007 and 2022. During that period, it was also available with a couple of smaller displacement V8 options. The 4.6L V8 (2010-2012) was a shorter-stroke version of the 5.7L, so the vehicles share a maintenance schedule and all replaceable parts, but with smaller quantities of some fluids.

Important note: the 4.6L V8 (2010-2012) is different from the earlier 4.7L V8.

The V8 engine powering the Toyota Sequoia V8 is the same as that powering the all-new Toyota Tundra pick-up of the same period. It’s a 5663 cc DOHC fuel-injected engine that has had dual VVT-i since inception. It makes a rated peak torque of 401 lb-ft at 3600 rpm and peak power of 381 hp at 5600 rpm.

All 5.7L V8 Toyota Sequoias put power down via a 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission and either two- or four-wheel final drive.

The 5.7L V8 was also available in an FFV (“flex fuel”) variant for a period, capable of using fuels with higher ethanol content. That model engine has a slightly different maintenance schedule.

Since model year 2023, Toyota has replaced the big V8 with a twin turbo 3.4L V6, including with a hybrid powertrain option that mates an electric motor in line with the engine for added torque and power. See the maintenance schedule for the 2023+ Toyota Sequoia V6 Twin Turbo for more information there.

This was originally published April 4, 2022, but has since been significantly revised.

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Toyota Sequoia V8 Service Intervals

The Toyota Sequoia V8 has 5000 mile or 6 months service intervals. At every service, inspect the core safety equipment, and if you’re using your vehicle as an off-road or towing vehicle (or otherwise driving it in high-stress conditions), you may have to change the oil and filter and some other items.

If, however, you’re only driving it as an urban utility vehicle, you only need change the oil / filter every 10000 miles / 12 months, and do some other items less frequently, too.

The major service with a longer list of items to inspect / adjust is every 15000 miles or 18 months.

Maintenance schedule for the Toyota Sequoia V8

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Toyota Sequoia V8 (5.7L and 4.6L).

Generally, the Toyota Sequoia V8 engines have 5000 mile or 6 month maintenance intervals.

Toyota has been using this engine design for a long time. Other parts of the vehicle have changed (e.g. the exterior appearance), but they didn’t fundamentally change the engine until they retired it in favour of the twin turbo V6 of the 2023+ Toyota Sequoia.

Notes on the maintenance schedule:

  • Where there are both time-based or distance-based maintenance intervals, follow the earlier of the two.
  • At the end of the schedule below, follow it in the same pattern (every 1, 2, 3, 4 services etc.)
  • Some items are less frequent, e.g. replacing spark plugs. They’re in a separate table below.
  • There’s no specified break-in service for the Toyota Sequoia V8 other than the 5000 mile service, but some owners choose to do one.
  • Some of the below items are for 4WD versions only, as marked.


The items below may have a letter marked against them meaning you only need to perform the service if you use the vehicle in a certain way.

  • = Perform the service
  • D: Perform the service if driving a lot on dirt roads or dusty roads.
  • T: Perform the service when doing a lot of towing, using a car-top carrier, or loading the vehicle heavily.
  • F: Perform the service if regularly driving below freezing temperatures (32 degrees F / 0 degrees Celsius)
  • L: Perform the service if doing lots of low-speed driving or idling, e.g. heavy traffic time, or driving as a police, taxi, or delivery vehicle.
mi x 100051015202530
Replace engine oil (Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 10W-20)
* Reset oil service indicator
* See notes on 10000 mile period
Replace oil filter (04152-YZZA4)D,T,F,LD,T,F,LD,T,F,L
Inspect ball joints / dust covers for looseness or damage. Replace if necessary.DDDD
Inspect drive shaft boots (4WD)DDDD
Inspect engine air filterDDDDD
Replace engine air filter (33-5017)
Inspect cabin air filter
Replace cabin air filter (VF2000)
Inspect steering gear
Inspect steering linkage & bootsDDDD
Re-torque propeller shaft bolt
Lubricate as necessary — see notes
Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis and bodyD,TD,TD,TD,TD,TD,T
Inspect drive belts for cracks, wear, or oiliness. Replace if necessary (Note: Every 15000 miles / 1.5 years after this service)
Inspect brake lines and hoses for chafing, cracks, or damage. Replace if necessary
Inspect engine coolant (Toyota Long Life Coolant)
See below for replacement schedule
Inspect radiator and condenser
Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings
Inspect front differential oil (4WD)
Replace front differential oil (4WD) (Toyota Genuine Differential Gear Oil LT 75W-85 GL-5)TT
Inspect rear differential oil
Replace rear differential oil (Toyota Genuine Differential Gear Oil LT 75W-85 GL-5)T
Inspect automatic transmission fluid cooler hoses and connections
Inspect transfer case oil
Replace transfer case oil (4WD) (Toyota Genuine Transfer Gear oil LF)D,T
Inspect fuel lines and connections, tank band, and vapor vent hoses
Inspect fuel tank cap gasket
Inspect for leakage & fluid condition
– Sealed transmissions
– Power steering
– Brake fluid (Toyota DOT 3)
– Differential(s) and transfer case (4WD)
– Engine and inverter coolant
Rotate tyres
Check wiper blades
Check installation of driver’s floor mat
Check brake pads / discs
Toyota Sequoia 58 5.7L 4.6L V8 Maintenance Schedule

Variations with former year maintenance schedules

Some former maintenance schedules for the Toyota Sequoia V8 show some minor variations. They’re here for interest sake.

  • Engine oil replacement: Earlier manuals required changing the oil every 5,000 miles on the 5.7L V8 engine, but in later manuals this was reduced to every 10000 miles. (The schedule for the 4.6L V8 was always 10000 miles).
  • Propeller shaft: Some early manuals suggested lubricating the propeller shaft when re-torqueing it every 15000 miles / when driving on dust roads + towing
  • Interim maintenance: Some years of the manual suggested performing general checks (no replacements) every 2500 miles or 3 months.

Other long-term maintenance for the Toyota Sequoia V8

These items below need be done less frequently. In order to not have a very repetitive and hard-to-read maintenance schedule above, these are separated out below.

Maintenance itemHow often
Replace auto transmission fluid if driving a lot at low speeds (e.g. as courier or taxi) (Toyota Genuine ATF WS)60000 miles / 6 years
Inspect drive belt (for cracks/looseness/loss of condition) and replace if necessary.– First inspect at 60000 miles or 6 years
– Then inspect every 15000 miles / 1.5 years
Replace engine coolant (Toyota Genuine SLLC)At 100000 miles / 10 years, then every 50000 miles / 5 years
Replace spark plugs (Denso SK20HR11)120000 miles / 12 years
Toyota Sequoia V8 — Infrequent maintenance schedule

About the Toyota Sequoia V8

2020 Toyota Sequoia V8 TRD green in sand

The Toyota Sequoia is Toyota’s largest SUV, aside from its military-only items produced for the Japan market.

This generation of Toyota Sequoia V8 launched a year into the housing market-driven crash of 2008-2009. But somehow, it met sales targets, and survived for 15 years.

For nearly a decade, the Toyota Sequoia has been available in just a V8. That all changed with the 2023 model Sequoia, which is powered by a twin-turbo V6. So if you’re a V8 diehard — this is the Sequoia to get.

The 5.7L engine itself is a stomper. Owners love it so much that it easily eclipsed the smaller 4.6L V8 (which has considerable economy advantages, at the cost of efficiency) in sales, to the point where Toyota discontinued the smaller V8 after only a couple of years.

The 5.7L V8 in the Toyota Sequoia V8 is a 5663 cc DOHC EFI V8 which has had dual VVT-I since the beginning. It produces peak torque of 401 lb-ft at 3600 rpm and peak power of 381 hp at 5600 rpm. That’s a lot of pull! Enough, in fact, to tow loads up to 7400 lbs. Not as much as the Tundra, but a lot.

But the Sequoia isn’t just about the engine, or you’d buy a Tundra. The Sequoia has generous rear storage space. It also get independent rear suspension (rather than a live rear axle) and re-tuned, lighter steering.

In 2018, Toyota introduced a TRD Sport model of the Toyota Sequoia V8, which brought with it some updated components.

The Toyota Sequoia V8, in later years, was let down in a few ways. The infotainment system, was outdated, even though it got a 7-inch touch screen in 2020 with Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatibility. But 7-inches — really?

And the fuel economy was terrible, with a 13/17 mpg in the city and on the highway. The 26.4 gallon tank will get you no more than 440 miles — at a maximum. Competitors with turbocharged gasoline or diesel engines did a lot better in this regard, both in terms of economy and range.

For Toyota diehards, though, the V8 always was a contender for torque that’s hand in hand with rock-solid reliability.

Reference — Manual Screenshots from the Toyota Sequoia V8

The above maintenance guidelines came from the 2021 manual for the Toyota Sequoia with the 5.7L V8 engine, referencing the warranty and maintenance guide in particular.

Like for many Toyota vehicles, Toyota provides this maintenance schedule as a list of individual checklists at different mileages.

Screenshots are below for reference.

We also checked against the maintenance schedule in earlier years (e.g 2010, 2014, and 2017) for any discrepancies, and found a few — they’re noted above. They’re minor in nature.

You can download Toyota manuals for US vehicles from Toyota’s website here.

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