Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV (2021+) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV, the high-performance plug-in hybrid version of the Toyota RAV4, released in 2021.

It’s known just as the the Toyota RAV4 Prime in the USA, but it’s also known as the RAV4 PHEV in Europe. Sometimes owners refer to it as the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV just to remove all ambiguity!

The Toyota RAV4 (in general) is Toyota’s best-selling vehicle in many markets around the world, and the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid was a re-thinking of what was already a practical car for many, introducing both hybrid efficiency and a simplified AWD system via an electrically driven rear.

The latest RAV4 comes in three main models

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a similar step forward from the regular Toyota RAV4 Hybrid; not just adding plug-in capability and a larger battery, but higher performance via a bigger front motor.

The core of the 2019+ Toyota RAV4 Prime is the same 2487 cc (2.5-liter) 4-cylinder inline four-cylinder engine found in the RAV4 Hybrid. It has 16 valves, dual overhead cams, and VVT-iE on the intake cam, and VVT-i on the exhaust cam. It runs a high 14.0:1 compression ratio and makes peak power of 177 hp (130 kW) at 6000 rpm.

But the gasoline engine in the RAV4 Prime is combined with two electric motors, just like the RAV4 Hybrid. However the front motor is much more powerful, giving enough torque to pull the RAV4 Prime on electric power only. Peak power is an impressive 302 hp (222 kW) combined, and it’s enough to pull the RAV4 Prime from 0-60 mph in just 5.7 seconds. That’s sports car territory!

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What You Need to Service Your Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV

If you want to do a service on your Toyota RAV4 Prime then you need the following fluids and consumable items, as per the manual and other online parts repositories.

ItemToyota RAV4 Prime PHEV (2021+)
Engine oilToyota recommends Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0W-16, or another multigrade engine oil of ILSAC GF-6B rating.
Oil filterThe standard part number for the oil filter is 90915-YZZN1 for the Toyota RAV4 Prime’s I4 engine (different to earlier year models).
Spark plugsToyota recommends DENSO FC16HR-Q8 spark plugs.
Coolant (including Inverter Coolant)Toyota recommends Toyota Super Long Life Coolant, an OAT coolant based on ethylene glycol.
Engine air filterThe K&N air filter 33-3080 fits the Toyota RAV4 four-cylinder engine in the Prime.
Cabin air filterTry a K&N washable air filter, type VF2054. Or Toyota standard part 87139-04030.
Rear differentialUse Toyota Genuine ATF WS fluid for the rear differential too.
Brake / clutch fluidUse Toyota DOT 3 brake fluid or another FMVSS No. 116 or SAE J1703 fluid DOT 3 fluid e.g. Valvoline DOT 3 and 4.
GreaseUse lithium soap-based grease for the chassis.
Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV (2021+) maintenance parts

Overall Service Intervals for the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV

These are the major service intervals for the Toyota RAV4 Prime.

Bear in mind that the table of service below is for regular use — a mixture of commuting and highway work. The Toyota RAV4 (in any spec) is mostly a general urban vehicle, but it can be taken on some light off-road excursions (maybe down some dirt roads) with an AWD variant.

Because of its economy, The Toyota RAV4 Prime can also serve as a good taxi or rideshare vehicle. These kinds of conditions are “special conditions” that may put the RAV4 under more stress. See the full schedule below for more details.

Minor service– Check fluid levels
– Rotate tires
– Inspect brake linings/drums
– Inspect wipers
– Check the filter for the DC/DC converter
5000 miles / 6 months
Oil change serviceAbove plus
– Change oil & filter (unless otherwise done)
10000 miles / 12 months
Medium inspection5000 mile service plus
– Inspect undercarriage (suspension, ball joints, steering)
– Inspect cabin air filter, brake system, exhaust, cooling system
– Inspect coolant
– Clean DC/DC converter filter (20000 miles)
~15000 miles / 18 months
Major inspection15000 mile service plus
– Inspecting the transmission
– Inspect the fuel system
– Replace engine air filter and cabin air filter
30000 miles / 3 years
Other itemsOther major items at 60000 and 120000 mile mark — see below20000 / 60000 / 120000 miles etc.
Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV — Service Intervals

Maintenance Schedule for the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV, adapted and simplified from the format in the Warranty and Maintenance booklet.

The below maintenance schedule is derived from the US booklet for the Toyota RAV4 Prime.

Notes on the maintenance schedule:

  • Most items have both time-based or distance-based maintenance intervals. Follow the earlier of the two.
  • The below schedule is cropped at 30000 miles to avoid repetitiveness (only a few other items, below, are longer-term). At the end of the schedule below, follow it in the same pattern (every 1, 2, 3, 4 services etc.)
  • Some items are less frequent, e.g. replacing spark plugs or the coolant. They’re in a separate table below for “long-term” maintenance items.
  • The schedule to clean the filter for the DC/DC converter is at 20000 miles. But you might opt to do it at the 15000 miles for convenience.


The items below may have a letter marked against them meaning you only need to perform the service if you use the vehicle in a certain way. Here’s what they mean.

  • = Perform the service
  • D: Perform the service if driving a lot on dirt roads or dusty roads.
  • T: Perform the service when doing a lot of towing, using a car-top carrier, or loading the vehicle heavily.
  • F: Perform the service if regularly driving below freezing temperatures (32 degrees F / 0 degrees Celsius)
  • L: Perform the service if doing lots of low-speed driving or idling, e.g. heavy traffic time, or driving as a police, taxi, or delivery vehicle.
mi x 100051015202530
Replace engine oil (Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0W-16)
Reset oil replacement reminder message
Replace oil filterD,T,F,LD,T,F,LD,T,F,L
Check brake pads / discs
Inspect DC/DC converter air intake filter for dirt/dust, clean if necessary
Clean DC/DC converter air intake filter
Inspect fluids for leakage & condition in
– Transmission
– Differential
– Power steering
– Brake system fluid
– Engine and inverter coolant
Rotate tyres
Check wiper blades
Check installation of driver’s floor mat
Inspect ball joints / dust covers for looseness or damage. Replace if necessary.DDDD
Inspect drive shaft bootsDDDD
Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis and bodyD,TD,TD,TD,TD,TD,T
Inspect radiator and condenser
Inspect engine / inverter coolant
Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings
Inspect steering linkage and bootsDDDD
Inspect steering gear
Inspect engine air filterDDDDD
Replace engine air filter (33-3080)
Inspect cabin air filter
Replace cabin air filter (VF2054)
Inspect brake lines and hoses for chafing, cracks, or damage. Replace if necessary
Inspect fuel lines and connections, tank band, and vapor vent hoses
Inspect fuel tank cap gasket
Inspect rear differential oil
Inspect automatic transmission for leakage
Toyota RAV4 Prime maintenance schedule

Other long-term maintenance for the Toyota RAV4 Prime (miles)

These items below need be done less frequently. In order to not have a very repetitive and hard-to-read maintenance schedule above, these are separated out below.

Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV long-term maintenance itemsEvery
Replace auto transmission fluid if towing a lot, or driving a lot at low speeds (e.g. as courier or taxi)60000 miles / 6 years
Replace rear differential oil if towing a lot, or driving a lot at low speeds (e.g. as courier, taxi, or police vehicle)60000 miles / 6 years
Replace engine / inverter coolantFirst at 100000 miles / 10 years, then every 50000 miles / 5 years
Replace spark plugs120000 miles / 12 years
RAV4 Prime — Long-term maintenance items

About the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV

Blue Toyota RAV4 Prime SE

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a welcome step forwards from the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which was introduced just a couple of years previously in 2019. Though Toyota did announce the PHEV in late 2019.

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is an extension of what has made the Toyota RAV4 an incredibly popular car over the last couple of decades. They’re known for being efficient, reliable, and highly versatile — able to tackle the everyday commute into the busy city and long-distance trips with aplomb.

But the RAV4 Prime extends the RAV4 concept into a new direction. Not only is this a highly-effective SUV with AWD capability, it’s actually — dare we say it — fast.

No, not fast in top speed. You’re not going to hit 200 km/h or 140 mph in the RAV4. But you’ll get to 100 km/h or 60 mph very quickly — reliably in under 6 seconds, in fact. That’s in the same ballpark as many performance cars.

How does it do it? Well, top speed is dictated by aerodynamics and engine horsepower output. But acceleration at low-moderate speeds is really a function of peak torque and how quickly it comes on. And thanks to the Toyota RAV4 PHEV’s huge torque output from its front and rear motors, it really does launch off the line very quickly. Toyota rates this at 5.7 seconds for the 0-60, making it just a hair slower than the Toyota GR Supra. (But still a lot slower than a GR Yaris, which isn’t available in the US!)

As you’d expect from a PHEV, there’s not just a fuel tank, but a plug-in battery charging socket. According to Toyota, the range is somewhere in the range of 50 miles or 80 km.

You can charge the RAV4 Prime in about 12 hours overnight from a 120V outlet, or under 5 hours if you have a 240V outlet. There’s also a fast-charge option with the premium RAV4 models.

The RAV4 Prime comes with a number of drive modes, ranging from urban to (mild) off-roading in “trail” mode, which optimises grip in low-traction situations. You can even do off-roading purely in EV mode. You can also set it to pure EV mode, or to an intelligent switching mode that optimises for range.

The only downside to the Toyota RAV4 Prime is that you can’t get it everywhere. You can get it in the US and the UK, but not in Australia and New Zealand, much to local owners’ chagrin. Maybe some time in the future!

References — Manual Screenshots for the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV

The above maintenance guidelines came from the 2021 Warranty and Maintenance booklet for the Toyota RAV4 Prime, referencing the manual and online parts lists.

Like for many Toyota vehicles, Toyota provides this maintenance schedule for the PHEV Toyota RAV4 as a list of individual checklists at different mileages. We compiled these individual pages into a single schedule for convenience.

A few screenshots are below for reference and comparison.

Manuals for European Toyota RAV4 models can be found here.

Typically, the European-spec maintenance schedule for Toyota vehicles is similar but with some important differences. However, the online manual for the Toyota RAV4 PHEV doesn’t contain a maintenance schedule.

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