Toyota FJ Cruiser (2006-2016) Maintenance Schedule

This is the maintenance schedule for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, made from 2006-2016 in most markets (from 2007 in the US, and discontinued in 2014 in the US, in 2018 in Japan), but still sold in some markets including South Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is an iconic off-roader that Toyota never expected to produce. There’s a lot that’s unusual about it — three windscreen wipers, suicide doors, a sparse interior (designed to be able to be hosed down, though fastidious owners may not want to go that far), and classic looks to die for, inspired by Land Cruisers of old. But the FJ Cruiser has an almost cult following as the package just “works”.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser’s core is a 4.0 litre petrol DOHC V6 engine, the 1GR-FE seen in the older gen Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Prado. It came with VVT-i from 2007-2009, then with dual VVT-i from 2010.

Final drive for the FJ Cruiser is an automatic or manual transmission. You can get automatic and RWD (in some markets), but the most popular FJ Cruisers are 4×4 models (partial or full-time), with either an automatic or manual transmission.

In the US, Toyota stopped making the FJ Cruiser after the 2014 model year, and prices have somehow risen alongside mileage.

Yellow Toyota FJ Cruier 2007 LHS front 3-4

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What you need to service your Toyota FJ Cruiser

If you want to do a service on your Toyota FJ Cruiser, you need the following replaceables / consumables.

ItemToyota FJ Cruiser Spec
Engine oilToyota recommends Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0W-20, or another multigrade engine oil of ILSAC GF-5 rating.
Oil filterThe standard part number for the oil filter is 04152-YZZA5 for the FJ Cruiser.
Spark plugsFor the V6 engine, Toyota recommends DENSO SK16HR11 spark plugs.
CoolantToyota recommends Toyota Super Long Life Coolant, an OAT coolant based on ethylene glycol.
Engine air filterUse a K&N air filter 33-2438 (more rectangular) from 2010 onward, or 33-2281 (long and thin) from 2006-2009.
Cabin air filterTry a K&N washable air filter, type VF2002 for the FJ.
Differential oil (for rear, or both for 4WD)Use Toyota Genuine Differential Gear Oil LT 75W-85 GL-5 or an equivalent.
(4WD) Transfer case oilToyota recommends Toyota Genuine Transfer Gear Oil LF SAE 75W, or an equivalent, e.g. Red Line 75W-85 GL-5.
Automatic transmission oilUse Toyota Genuine ATF WS fluid.
Manual transmission oilUse Toyota Genuine Manual Transmission Gear Oil GL-4 or equivalent, SAE 75W-90.
Brake / clutch fluidUse Toyota DOT 3 brake fluid or another FMVSS No. 116 DOT 3 or SAE J1703 fluid for both brake and clutch fluid.
GreaseUse lithium soap-based grease for the chassis.
Toyota FJ Cruiser maintenance parts

Overall service intervals for the Toyota FJ Cruiser

Below are the service intervals for the FJ cruiser from the US / UK manual (in miles)

Service typeMajor itemsEvery
Minor inspection* Check major safety items (wipers, tires, brakes, etc.)
* Check undercarriage drivetrain if driving on dirt / dusty roads, or in extreme conditions
* Replace oil / filter if driving in any severe conditions
5000 miles / 6 months
Oil change (regular serviceDo minor inspection and change oil / filter10000 miles / 12 months
Regular inspectionDo the minor inspection and
* Lubricate and re-torque propeller shaft (4WD)
* Inspect all drive train, steering, and safety components
15000 miles / 18 months
Major inspectionDo all above and
* Replace air filters
* Replace clutch fluid (4WD)
* Inspect 4WD drivetrain components
30000 miles / 3 years
Other items* Replace spark plugs
* Replace coolant
* Other items
Longer term — check maintenance schedule
Toyota FJ Cruiser — Service intervals

Maintenance schedule for the Toyota FJ Cruiser

Below is the maintenance schedule for the FJ Cruiser.

The US manual (in miles) and the APAC manual (kms) has slightly different items listed and different schedules. They’re listed separately.


  • The below maintenance schedule goes up to 30000 miles or 36 months (3 years). There are a few more infrequent items — see below.
  • Follow the earlier of the time or distance based service intervals. E.g. the first service is due at the earlier of 6 months or 5000 miles.
  • Some items only need to be done frequently if you drive your FJ Cruiser in high-stress conditions, e.g. in lots of stop-start traffic, on dirt roads or dusty roads (i.e. off-roading), or below freezing temperatures. See the legend below.

Legend for when maintenance should be performed:

  • ✓ = Perform the service
  • D: Perform the service if driving a lot on dirt roads or dusty roads.
  • T: Perform the service when doing a lot of towing, using a car-top carrier, or loading the vehicle heavily.
  • F: Perform the service if regularly driving short trips in below freezing temperatures (32 degrees F / 0 degrees celsius)
  • L: Perform the service if doing lots of idling or low-speed driving, e.g. heavy traffic time, or driving as a police, taxi, or delivery vehicle.
mi x 100051015202530
Replace engine oil
Reset oil replacement reminder light / message on console.
Replace oil filterD,T,F,LD,T,F,LD,T,F,L
Inspect ball joints / dust covers for looseness or damage. Replace if necessary.DDDD
Inspect drive shaft boots (4WD)DDDD
Inspect engine air filterDDDDD
Replace engine air filter
Replace cabin air filter
Lubricate propeller shaftD,TD,TD,TD,T
Re-torque propeller shaft boltD,TD,TD,TD,T
Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis and bodyD,TD,TD,TD,TD,TD,T
Inspect steering linkage & bootsDDDD
Inspect steering gear box
Inspect brake lines and hoses for chafing, cracks, or damage. Replace if necessary
Inspect radiator and condenser
Inspect engine coolant
Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings
Inspect front differential oil (4WD)
Replace front differential oil (4WD)TT
Inspect rear differential oil
Replace rear differential oilTT
Replace clutch fluid (4WD)
When doing a lot of off-roading, towing, or using at low speed
Inspect fuel lines and connections, tank band, and vapor vent hoses
Inspect fuel tank cap gasket
Inspect transfer case oil
Replace transfer case oil (4WD)D,T
Inspect transmission fluid
Replace manual transmission fluidT
Inspect and adjust all fluid levels
Rotate tyres
Check wiper blades
Check installation of driver’s floor mat
Check brake pads / discs
Toyota FJ Cruiser maintenance schedule (US, miles)

Other long-term maintenance items (US schedule)

The below items happen infrequently and don’t really fit into the table above.

Replace auto transmission fluid if driving a lot at low speeds (e.g. as courier or taxi)
Note: replace manual transmission fluid as per schedule above
60000 miles / 6 years
Replace engine coolant (Toyota genuine SLLC)100000 miles / 10 years
Replace spark plugs (SK16HR11)120000 miles / 12 years
Inspect drive belts1. First inspection at 60000 miles / 6 years.
2. Subsequent inspections every 15000 miles / 1.5 years thereafter.
Toyota FJ Cruiser — infrequent service items

Toyota FJ Cruiser — APAC Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Toyota FJ Cruiser from the APAC manual (Australia, SE Asia, NZ).


  • I = Inspect
  • R = Replace
  • L = Lubricate
  • T = Tighten
km x 1000102030405060
Drive beltsIIIIII
Engine oilRRRRRR
Engine oil filterRRRRRR
Cooling and heater systemI
Engine coolant (see below for replacement schedule)I
Engine oil cooler hoses and connectionsI
Exhaust pipes and mountingsIII
Electrical & Fuel System
Engine air cleaner filter (Include checking pre-air cleaner if equipped)IRI
Fuel tank cap, fuel lines, connections and fuel vapor control valveI
Charcoal canisterI
Chassis and Body
Brake pedal and parking brakeIII
Brake linings and drums (Include parking brake)I
Brake pads and discsIIIIII
Brake fluidIIIRII
Brake pipes and hosesIII
Power steering fluidIIIIII
Steering wheel, linkage and steering gear boxIII
Propeller shaft greaseLLLLLL
Tightening bolts for propeller shaftTTTTTT
Drive shaft bootsIIIIII
Suspension ball joints and dust coversIII
Automatic transmission fluidI
Transfer oilI
Front differential oilIRI
Rear differential oilIRI
Front and rear suspensionsIII
Accessory itemsIIIIII
Tyres and inflation pressuresIIIIII
Rotate wheels and balance front wheelsIIIIII
Lights, horn, wipers and washersIIIIII
Seatbelt, webbing condition, buckle and retractor mechanismIIIIII
Air conditioner filterRR
Air conditioner, including refrigerant levelIII
Road Test
Road Test VehicleIIIIII
Toyota FJ Cruiser — APAC maintenance schedule (metric)

Other long-term maintenance (APAC metric manual)

The below items are done very infrequently, so including them above would make the manual cumbersome and repetitive.

Infrequent service itemsEvery
Fuel filterReplace every 4 years or 80000 km
Spark plugs (SK16HR11)Replace every 5 years or 100000 km
Bolts and nuts on chassis and bodyTighten every 5 years or 100000 km
Engine coolantReplace at 8 years or 160000 km, then every 4 years or 80000 km
Long-term maintenance items — FJ Cruiser APAC manual

About the Toyota FJ Cruiser

Tomes could be written about the Toyota FJ Cruiser — why it’s a classic off-roader, why it should never have been killed off, and why it should come back. But that’s unlikely, at least in petrol-powered format… though an electric FJ Cruiser has been rumored.

Toyota FJ Cruiser yellow climbing on rocks

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of Toyota’s off-road mid-size SUVs. There are other vehicles in the line-up that perform this function, though they mostly have more of an on-road bias. Therein lies the FJ Cruiser’s charm — it has a much more off-road focus, but without sacrificing too much in terms of on-road driveability.

OK, well, don’t expect luxury. The FJ Cruiser isn’t a silent ride, for example, thanks to the near-vertical windscreen that collects almost as much errant gravel as it does wind. And the infotainment system is mostly just -tainment, with little info — the US market never got the digital version that made it to some other markets (but those who did get it tend to like it). And the FJ cruiser doesn’t have heated leather seats. They’re fabric, and they’re not heated, other than by yourself.

But the minimalism of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is its charm. Here’s an off-road fun vehicle that you can modify as you wish and take on adventures without worrying about scratching up that paint (although it does look good, particularly in yellow!)

The heart of the FJ Cruiser is the V6 petrol (or “gasoline”) engine. It’s not a diesel, no. But it is a V6.

The original 2007 FJ Cruiser was an instant hit. It was powered by a 4.0L V6 with a 24-valve dual overhead cam engine, which in base trim made 239 hp (178 kW) at 5200 rpm, and and 278 ft-lb (377 Nm) of torque at 3700 rpm

Toyota FJ Cruiser 2008 VVT-i engine
2008 FJ Cruiser engine with VVT-i engine

Toyota improved the FJ Cruiser in later years with Dual VVT-i and roller rocker arms, increasing peak power to 259 hp (193 kW) at 5600 rpm, and improving peak torque to 270 ft-lb (366 Nm) over a wide RPM range, and increasing fuel efficiency at the same time. Toyota increased those figures slightly in 2011 again.

The addition of dual VVT-i didn’t affect the maintenance schedule.

Mostly, though, the FJ Cruiser remained the same. After it left the US market, Toyota did improve the audio / entertainment system, replacing the ageing CD player with a touch screen display.

In terms of reliability, many Toyota FJ Cruiser owners on report having had their vehicles for over 200000 miles with just oil and other fluid changes before needing major service.

Typically, CV boots, belts, and hoses wear out. They’re made of rubber, and rubber wears out with time and exposure to elements.

If repairs are needed it is often to a normal item that may wear out on a car, like an alternator or water pump. You may have to rebuild a differential if you do a lot of heavy off-roading, according to a couple of users, but all that is to be expected.

But generally, all of the above is not news or cause for concern. People own their FJ Cruisers until they rust away, and if anything, rising prices should attest to the fact that these are keepers.

The only caveat — since they’re getting expensive even for high-mileage machines, so you may want to put your hard-earned dollars into a later-model Toyota Tundra.

References — Manual Screenshots for the Toyota FJ Cruiser

The above maintenance schedules came from the US and APAC warranty & maintenance guides for the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

We compared the warranty & maintenance guides for 2014 and 2007 (the last and first years the FJ Cruiser was imported into the US) and found no significant differences. You can see screenshots below.

You can find manuals directly at Toyota’s website here.

The below screenshot comes from the Australian maintenance schedule for the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Toyota FJ Cruiser APAC maintenance schedule metric

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