Toyota Camry Hybrid 8th gen (2018+) Complete Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the Toyota Camry Hybrid 8th gen from model year 2018+.

The modern 2018+ Toyota Camry Hybrid is the latest in a series of hybrid Camry sedans that have been made for over a decade.

The 2018+ Toyota Camry is available in three engine specifications:

Maintaining each of those engine specs is slightly different, with subtle variations in intervals and in parts needed for the service.

The Toyota Camry (regardless of whether you get a V6, a hybrid, or a standard I4 engine) is an ultra-reliable sedan that’s well known for being able to drive past 150000 miles / 250000 km on just regular fluid changes and checking to make sure there are no leaks from underneath leaks, which tend to only happen through harsh use (e.g. if you off-road your Camry!)

The maintenance schedules for the Toyota Camry Hybrid are slightly different in the miles-based (UK, US) or km-based (Europe, APAC) manuals. Both are shown below.

2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE outdoor static sunset front left 3-4
2020 Camry LE Hybrid. Photo: Toyota

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What you need to service your Toyota Camry Hybrid (2018+, 8th gen)

If you want to do a service on your Toyota Camry Hybrid (8th gen), then you need the following fluids and consumable items.

These came from the Toyota Camry manual as well as other online parts repositories.

ItemToyota Camry Hybrid (2018+) spec
Engine oilToyota recommends Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0W-16, or another multigrade engine oil of ILSAC GF-6B rating. (Note: the Camry V6’s manual recommends a different grade oil)
Oil filterThe standard part number for the oil filter is 04152-YZZA1 for the Toyota Camry Hybrid (and many other Toyota engines)
Spark plugsFor the Hybrid and I4 engines, Toyota recommends DENSO FC16HR-Q8 spark plugs (these are different from the V6 engine)
Coolant (including Inverter Coolant)Toyota recommends Toyota Super Long Life Coolant, an OAT coolant based on ethylene glycol.
Engine air filterThe K&N air filter 33-3080 fits Camry Hybrids from 2018 onward.
Cabin air filterTry a K&N washable air filter, type VF2054.
Hybrid transmission oilUse Toyota Genuine ATF WS fluid.
Brake / clutch fluidUse Toyota DOT 3 brake fluid or another FMVSS No. 116 or SAE J1703 fluid DOT 3 fluid e.g. Valvoline DOT 3 and 4
GreaseUse lithium soap-based grease for the chassis.
Toyota Camry Hybrid 8th gen maintenance parts

Major Service Intervals for the Toyota Camry Hybrid

These are the major service intervals for the Toyota Camry Hybrid (2018+).

The table below excludes special service needed when driving your vehicle in “special conditions” — e.g. dirt/dusty roads, towing, or driving in extremes of hot, cold, or stop-start traffic. See the below maintenance schedule for more detail on that.

The boldfaced items are specific to the Hybrid model. There are some other items omitted that aren’t part of the Hybrid’s maintenance schedule.

ServiceDetailsEvery (US/UK)
Minor service– Check fluids
– Rotate tires
– Inspect brake linings/drums
– Inspect wipers
– Inspect HV battery cooling intake filter (Hybrid-specific)
5000 miles / 6 months
Oil change serviceAbove plus
– Change oil (unless otherwise done)
– Change cabin air filter
10000 miles / 12 months
Medium inspection5000 mile service plus
– Inspect undercarriage (suspension, ball joints, steering)
– Inspect coolant (including for inverter – Hybrid-specific)
15000 miles / 18 months
Major inspection15000 mile service plus
– Inspecting the transmission, fuel system, steering, and radiator/cooling system
– Replace engine air filter and cabin air filter
30000 miles / 3 years
Other itemsOther major items at 60000 and 120000 mile mark — see below60000 miles / 120000 miles etc.
Toyota Camry Hybrid — Service Intervals

The service schedule in Europe / APAC is a bit different and doesn’t quite match up with the rows for that table — see the full maintenance schedule for the Europe / APAC Toyota Camry Hybrid below.

Maintenance schedule for the Toyota Camry Hybrid

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Toyota Camry 2018+ Hybrid adapted and simplified from the form in the manual.

The below maintenance schedule is derived from the US manual for the Toyota Camry with the Hybrid 2.5L / electric motor driven engine. Service intervals are the same as those for the Camry in the UK (where miles are still in use, too) — 5,000 miles. Maintenance mostly overlaps, so the same schedule can apply to both the US and the UK.

Notes on the maintenance schedule:

  • Most items have both both time-based or distance-based maintenance intervals. Follow the earlier of the two.
  • At the end of the schedule below, follow it in the same pattern (every 1, 2, 3, 4 services etc.)
  • Some items are less frequent, e.g. replacing spark plugs or the coolant. They’re in a separate table below for “long-term” maintenance items.
  • The Camry Hybrid is not available in AWD (unlike the I4 and previously the V6), so those items aren’t shown.


The items below may have a letter marked against them meaning you only need to perform the service if you use the vehicle in a certain way. Here’s what they mean.

  • = Perform the service
  • D: Perform the service if driving a lot on dirt roads or dusty roads.
  • T: Perform the service when doing a lot of towing, using a car-top carrier, or loading the vehicle heavily.
  • F: Perform the service if regularly driving below freezing temperatures (32 degrees F / 0 degrees Celsius)
  • L: Perform the service if doing lots of low-speed driving or idling, e.g. heavy traffic time, or driving as a police, taxi, or delivery vehicle.
mi x 100051015202530
Replace engine oil (Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0W-16)D,T,F,LD,T,F,LD,T,F,L
Replace oil filter (04152-YZZA1)D,T,F,LD,T,F,LD,T,F,L
Inspect HV battery cooling intake filter, clean as necessary
Clean HV battery cooling intake filter
Inspect ball joints / dust covers for looseness or damage. Replace if necessary.DDDD
Inspect drive shaft bootsDDD
Inspect engine air filterDDDDD
Replace engine air filter (33-3080)
Inspect steering linkage and bootsDDDD
Inspect steering gear
Replace cabin air filter (VF2054)
Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis and bodyD,TD,TD,TD,TD,TD,T
Inspect brake lines and hoses for chafing, cracks, or damage. Replace if necessary
Inspect radiator and condenser
Inspect engine coolant
Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings
Inspect rear differential oil
Replace rear differential oilTT
Inspect automatic transmission for leakage
Inspect automatic transmission fluid cooler hoses and connections
Inspect fuel lines and connections, tank band, and vapor vent hoses
Inspect fuel tank cap gasket
Inspect for leakage & fluid condition
– Transmission for leakage
– Power steering fluid for leakage
– Brake fluid for leakage / condition
– Engine and inverter coolant for leakage, condition, freezing point
Rotate tyres
Check wiper blades
Check installation of driver’s floor mat
Check brake pads / discs
Toyota Camry Hybrid (2018+, 8th gen) maintenance schedule (imperial)

Other long-term maintenance for the Toyota Camry Hybrid (miles)

These items below need be done less frequently. In order to not have a very repetitive and hard-to-read maintenance schedule above, these are separated out below.

Infrequent service itemsEvery (Hybrid engine only)
Replace auto transmission fluid if towing a lot, or driving a lot at low speeds (e.g. as courier or taxi)60000 miles / 6 years
Inspect drive belts for cracks, wear, or oiliness. Replace if necessaryInitially at 60000 miles / 72 months, then every 15000 miles / 18 months
Replace engine coolantAt 100000 miles / 10 years, then every 50000 miles / 5 years
Inspect vacuum pump for brake booster120000 miles / 12 years
Replace spark plugs (FC16HR-Q8)120000 miles / 12 years
Replace inverter coolantAt 150000 miles / 15 years, then every 50000 miles / 5 years
Toyota Camry Hybrid — Infrequent Service Items

Europe/APAC Toyota Camry Hybrid Maintenance Schedule

The below maintenance schedule is from the Europe/APAC Toyota Camry Hybrid Warranty and Maintenance Schedule. It’s specific to the Camry Hybrid, with some subtle differences between it and the other maintenance schedules.

The service intervals are a bit different for many minor items.


  • I: Inspect
  • R: Replace
  • T: Tighten
  • C: Clean
km x 1000153045607590
Engine oilRRRRRR
Engine oil filterRRRRRR
Cooling and heater system, hoses and connections
Check radiator / condenser are not damaged or blocked with leaves, dirt, or insects
Engine coolant (Toyota Genuine SLLC)
See below for replacement schedule
Inverter coolant (Toyota Genuine SLLC)III
Exhaust pipes and mountingsIII
Electrical / Fuel System
Battery (12V)
(See Hybrid battery check notes below)
Fuel filter, including the in-tank filter
Engine air cleaner filter (33-3080)IIRIIR
Fuel tank cap, fuel lines, connections and fuel vapour control valveIII
Charcoal canisterIII
Chassis and Body
Brake pedalIIIIII
Brake pads and discsIIIIII
Brake fluid (Toyota DOT 3)IRIRIR
Brake pipes and hosesIIIIII
Steering wheel, linkage and steering gearIIIIII
Drive shaft bootsIIIIII
Suspension ball joints and dust coversIIIIII
Automatic transmission fluidII
Front and rear suspensionsIII
Bolts and nuts on chassis and body
Seat mounting bolts, and front and rear suspension member retaining bolts
Accessory itemsIIIIII
Tyres and inflation pressuresIIIIII
Rotate wheelsIIIIII
Driver’s floor mat – fitment and retentionIIIIII
Lights, horns, wipers and washersIIIIII
Seatbelt, webbing condition, buckle and retractor mechanism operationIIIIII
HV Battery cooling intake filterCCCCCC
Air conditioner filter (VF2054)RRR
Toyota Camry Hybrid — Maintenance schedule (metric)

Other long-term maintenance for the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018+ (metric)

Below are items that are only done infrequently. They’re separated out as it’d be cumbersome to include them in the above table.

But if you’re buying a used Camry, check to make sure these have been done.

Infrequent service itemsEvery
Perform Hybrid health checkFirst at 5 years / 75000 km, then every year / 15000 km
Tighten bolts and nuts on chassis and body6 years / 90000 km
Replace spark plugs (FC16HR-Q8)7 years / 105000 km
Replace fuel filter, including the in-tank filter8 years / 120000 km
Replace engine coolant (Toyota Genuine SLLC)First at 10 years / 150000 km, then every 5 years / 75000 km
Replace inverter coolant (Toyota Genuine SLLC)At 16 years / 240000 km, then every 5 years / 75000 km
Toyota Camry Hybrid — Infrequent service items (Europe / APAC)

About the Toyota Camry Hybrid (8th gen)

The 8th gen Toyota Camry is Toyota’s bread-and-butter high-volume sedan. And the Hybrid option has been a popular one since launch, especially among fleet cars.

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE red driving
2018 Red Camry Hybrid on the road. Photo: Toyota

The Toyota Camry Hybrid uses a 2.5-litre (2487cc) inline four-cylinder engine with dual overhead cams and VVT-i on the intake and exhaust. The engine is rated for 176 hp at 5700 rpm, and 163 lb-ft of peak torque at 5200 rpm — slightly lower power than the 2.5 litre engine in the standard I4.

But the Camry Hybrid also has a high-voltage battery pack and an electric motor, which alone can put out a peak of 88 kW (118 hp) and 202 Nm (149 lb-ft), with that torque being available throughout the rev range of the gasoline engine.

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid Engine
2018+ Camry Hybrid engine. Photo: Toyota

The 2018+ Toyota Camry Hybrid’s power train has been re-engineered. It’s called THS II, and designed to not just be economical, but also to be sporty. You even can shift the transmission manually via the paddle shifters (on the SE grade) or with the console-mounted shift lever. Plus, Toyota added a “Sport” drive mode setting, that gives increased power from the hybrid system. There’s also an EV mode, which uses just electric drive.

The Camry Hybrid is available in LE, SE, and XLE grades. The LE grade has a Lithium Ion battery, whereas the SE and XLE have Ni-MH batteries.

Toyota moved the battery system from the trunk area to beneath the rear seat for the 8th gen Toyota Camry Hybrid. This helps keep the weight centered and the center of gravity low. They also made improvements in conversion and power generation efficiency, reducing energy loss by about 20% compared with the outgoing model, and reducing cooling system energy loss by about 10%.

Maintaining the Toyota Camry Hybrid is relatively similar to the non-Hybrid engine in principle. It has oil changes every 10000 miles or 15000 km, and very infrequent other service.

So if your other car is a high-performance Toyota, like the Toyota GR Yaris, then the Camry Hybrid would be an ideal daily driver parked next to it.

However, there are a number of Hybrid-specific maintenance items to perform on the Camry Hybrid, including

  • Changing the filter for the inverter cooler
  • Checking and eventually changing the inverter coolant

Plus, there are some items you can omit checking, like the vacuum brake booster — the Camry Hybrid uses regenerative braking (which can feel a little odd, but it works fine in practise).

Reference — Manual Screenshots from the Toyota Camry Hybrid (8th gen)

The above maintenance guidelines came from the 2022 manual for the Toyota Camry Hybrid, referencing the warranty and maintenance guide in particular. We checked this against years going back to 2018 for changes.

Like for many Toyota vehicles, Toyota provides this maintenance schedule as a list of individual checklists at different mileages. We compiled it into a schedule for convenience.

Screenshots are below for reference.

The Europe/APAC maintenance schedule is shown below, in km and with larger (12-month) service intervals.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Europe Australia APAC maintenance schedule

You can download Toyota manuals for US vehicles from Toyota’s website here.

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