Toyota GR Yaris (2020+) Complete Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the Toyota GR Yaris, the high-performance hot hatch from Toyota that’s much more GR than it is Yaris.

The Toyota GR Yaris is a compact sports car powered by a 1.6-litre (1618 cc) turbo three-cylinder engine that makes a peak of 192 kW / 257 hp of power at 6500 rpm and 360 Nm / 266 ft-lb of torque — making it the most powerful three-cylinder engine on the market. Peak torque is available from 3000 to 4600 rpm, giving it a nice mid-range plateau.

With a kerb weight of just 1280 kg, the power-to-weight ratio is a whopping 200.8 bhp / tonne. The GR Yaris rated for 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) of 5.5 seconds.

Along with the Toyota GR Supra, the GR Yaris gets the GR racing moniker (GR is short for Gazoo Racing), as a nod to the fact that this is a homologation special of a race-oriented vehicle.

Power goes to the ground via a six-speed manual sports transmission and a unique “GR-Four” drive system that has three driving modes, allowing you to control the power distribution between front and rear. Awesome!

Red Toyota GR Yarris parked on track

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What you need to service the Toyota GR Yaris

To do a service on your Toyota GR Yaris, you need the following items per the owner’s manual.

ItemToyota GR Yaris spec
Engine oilToyota recommends Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0W-20 or another oil of similar weight that is ILSAC GF-5 multi-grade engine oil, e.g. Castrol Edge 0W-20. You need 5L with the filter change, or 4.8 without.
Oil filterUse Toyota part 90915-YZZM3 oil filter
Air filterUse a K&N high-performance air filter with part 33-2443.
CoolantToyota recommends Toyota Super Long Life Coolant or another ethylene glycol-based OAT coolant that’s free of silicates, amines, nitrites, and borates.
Spark plugUse a Denso DILKAR8U7G that’s iridium tipped. Do not adjust gap. Best to get this from a dealer.
Transmission oilFor the Yaris, use Toyota Genuine Manual Transmission Oil LV GL-4 75W or equivalent. Toyota warns that other oils may affect the feeling of the shifter.
Clutch fluid / Brake FluidUse Toyota DOT 4 Class 6 Brake Fluid or Toyota DOT 3 brake fluid. You can also use another FMVSS No.116 DOT4 or SAE J1704LV brake fluid.
Transfer OilUse Toyota Genuine Differential Gear Oil LT 75W-85 GL5 or equivalent
Rear Differential OilUse Toyota Genuine Differential Gear Oil LX 75W-85 GL5 or equivalent
Toyota GR Yaris maintenance items

Maintenance schedules for the Toyota GR Yaris

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Toyota GR Yaris. It’s adapted from the manual.

Regular checks/maintenance

Do the following checks regularly on your Toyota GR Yaris — e.g. weekly or when refuelling.

Toyota GR Yaris Regular Maintenance — (Weekly or when refuelling)
Check engine oil level while engine is hot (wait five minutes for an accurate reading).
Check fluids — engine coolant, brake, clutch, and windscreen washer fluid levels.
Check tyre pressure including spare (when cold). See below for recommended pressures.
Walk around your vehicle checking that all the lights, indicators, and horn are operating correctly.
Operate the air conditioner for 5 minutes per week.
Toyota GR Yaris Regular Maintenance

Other preventative maintenance

In addition to the above weekly checks, there are other checks that Toyota recommends you do as preventative maintenance for your GR Yaris. Every so often, do these checks:

Toyota GR Yaris Preventative Maintenance
Check the wiper blades. Replace if worn
Inspect the brake system for leaks and for pad thickness
Re-align the headlights if necessary
Test the air conditioning system (especially during periods of disuse). Regas if necessary.
Toyota GR Yaris Preventative Maintenance

Overall Maintenance Schedule Table for your Toyota GR Yaris

Below is the overall maintenance schedule table for your GR Yaris. It’s the same information as in the service booklet.

The service intervals are a guide or minimum requirement. You may need to service your vehicle more often if you drive it in rough conditions, e.g. on dirt, dusty, or muddy roads, in snow or conditions with corrosive substances on the roads, in coastal areas, with heavy loads in tow, or in a lot of start-stop traffic.

Needless to say, if you track your GR Yaris, you should also follow a more stringent service schedule.


  • There is no “break-in” service. The oil and filter need only be changed at the first service.
  • Follow the earlier of the time or distance service interval in the below schedule.
  • The below maintenance schedule is cropped at 36 months / 60000 km for ease of reading. Longer-term service items (e.g. replacing coolant) are mentioned in a table below.

The basic service interval of the Toyota GR Yaris is every 6 months or every 10000 km. At these services you should inspect everything and change the oil and filter.


  • I = Inspect and correct or adjust as necessary
  • R = Replace
  • C = Clean
  • T = Tighten
km x 1000102030405060
Drive beltsIII
Engine oilRRRRRR
Engine oil filterRRRRRR
Cooling and heatingI
Engine & intercooler coolantI
Exhaust pipes and mountingsIII
Electrical and Fuel System
(See below for other long-term maintenance items)
Engine air filterIRI
Fuel cap, lines, connections, and vapor control valveI
Charcoal canisterI
Chassis and Body
Brake pedal and parking brakeIIIIII
Brake linings and drumsIII
Brake pads and discsIIIIII
Brake fluidIIIRII
Clutch fluidIIIIII
Brake pipes and hosesIII
Steering wheel and linkageIII
Propeller shaft boltsTTT
Drive shaft bootsIII
Suspension ball joints / dust coversIII
Shift leverII
Manual transmission oilI
Transfer oilIRI
Front differential oilI
Rear differential oilIRI
Front and rear suspensionsIII
Accessory itemsIIIIII
Tyres and inflation pressuresIIIIII
Rotate wheelsIIIIII
Balance front wheelsIII
Driver’s floor matIIIIII
Lights, horns, wipers and washersIIIIII
Seatbelt mechanism & operationIIIIII
Air conditioner filterRRR
GR Telemetry reportIII
Road test
Road test vehicleIIIIII
Full maintenance schedule for the Toyota GR Yaris

The above table is a bit hard to read so we’ve also broken down the service into the following tables.

GR Yaris Regular Service (Every 10000 km / 6 months)

Below is the regular service schedule for the Toyota GR Yaris.

Regular service (ever 10000 km or 6 months)
– Also at 10, 20, 30, 40K km and 12, 18, 24, 30 months etc.
Engine oil (Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0W-20)R
Engine oil filter (90915-YZZM3)R
Electrical System
Chassis and Body
Brake pedal and parking brakeI
Brake pads and discsI
Brake fluid (Toyota DOT 4 Class 6 Brake Fluid)I
Clutch fluid (Toyota DOT 4 Class 6 Brake Fluid)I
Accessory items
* Check for correct fitment, and check for tension of retaining bolts for heavy accessories (towbar, bullbar, etc.)
Tyres and inflation pressuresI
Rotate wheelsI
Driver’s floor mat – fitment and retentionI
Lights, horns, wipers and washersI
Seatbelt, webbing condition, buckle and retractor mechanism operationI
GR Telemetry report (Every 2 services, but do it at the first one)I
Road test vehicleI
Toyota GR Yaris Regular Service

GR Yaris Semi-regular service (Every 2, 3, or 4 services)

Do the following service items every 2, 3, or 4 service intervals

Every 2nd service (20000 km / year)
– Also at 40, 60, 80, 100 and 2, 3, 4, 5 years etc.
Drive beltsI
Exhaust pipes and mountingsI
Air filter (33-2443)I
Chassis and Body
Brake linings and drums (including parking brake linings and drums)I
Brake pipes and hosesI
Steering wheel and linkageI
Propeller shaft boltsT
Drive shaft bootsI
Suspension ball joints and dust coversI
Transfer oil (Toyota Genuine Differential Gear Oil LT 75W-85 GL5)I
Rear differential oil (Toyota Genuine Differential Gear Oil LX 75W-85 GL5)I
Front and rear suspensionsI
Balance front wheelsI
Air conditioner filterR
GR Telemetry reportI
GR Yaris – every 20000 km / year service

Every 3 service intervals:

Every 3rd service (30000 km / 1.5 years)
– Also at 60000, 90000 and 3 years, 4.5 years etc.
Shift lever for manual transmission
* Make sure it’s smooth in operation and operates without catching
GR Yaris — every 30000 km / 1.5 year service

Every 4 service intervals:

Every 4th service (40000 km / 2 years)
– Also at 80000, 120000 km or 4, 6 years etc.
Cooling and heating
* Check radiator and condensor are not blocked with leaves, dirt, or insects. Inspect condition of hoses and connections
Engine + intercooler coolant (Toyota Genuine SLLC)
* After first service, replace every 48 months or 80000 km with Toyota Super Long Life Coolant
Engine air filterR
Fuel tank cap, fuel lines, connections and fuel vapor control valveI
Charcoal canisterI
Brake fluidR
Manual transmission oilI
Transfer oilR
Front differential oilI
Rear differential oilR
Front and rear suspensionsI
GR Yaris — every 40000 km / 2 year service

Other infrequent service (Every 100000 km / 5 years or more)

Below are some less frequent service items for the Toyota GR Supra.

Other infrequent serviceActionEvery
Drive beltsR100000 km / 5 years months
Spark plugsR100000 km / 5 years months
Bolts and nuts on chassis and body
* Inspect seat mounting bolts and front and rear suspension member retaining bolts
T100000 km / 5 years months
Fuel filter, including in-tank filterR120000 km / 6 years
Engine coolant + intercooler coolant (both are Toyota Genuine SLLC)RFirst at 160000 km / 8 years
Then every 80000 km / 4 years
Vacuum pump for brake booster. Replace blades as necessaryI200000 km / 10 years
GR Yaris — Infrequent service

Wheel Sizes, Tire Pressures for the GR Yaris

Below are the tyre sizes and recommended pressures for the GR Yaris for normal usage — driving at less than 200 km/h or 124 mph, or above.

Note that speed is limited to 230 km/h or 143 mph in most markets.

Size225/40ZR18 (92Y)225/40ZR18 (92Y)
Pressure (Cold)
< 200 km/h / 124 mph
220 kPa / 2.2 bar / 32 psi200 kPa / 2.0 bar / 29 psi
Pressure (cold)
> 200 km/h / 124 mph
250 kPa / 2.5 bar / 36 psi230 kPa / 2.3 bar / 33 psi
Tire size and pressure specs — GR Yaris

About the Toyota GR Yaris

White Toyota GR Yaris sliding on racetrack

The Toyota GR Yaris a high-performance sports car developed by the Gazoo Racing World Rally Team based on the Toyota Yaris, an otherwise sedate and everyday car that is good for runs about town. But despite sharing a brand name, the GR Yaris is almost an entirely different vehicle.

Almost everything is different about the Toyota GR Yaris, so it’s worth examining what makes it special in detail.

Firstly, there’s the engine. It’s the highest power three cylinder engine in production. The engine is a 1618cc G16E-GTS turbocharged inline three-cylinder engine that makes a peak of 192 kW / 257 hp of power at 6500 rpm and 360 Nm / 266 ft-lb of torque. Peak torque is available from 3000 to 4600 rpm, giving it a nice mid-range, helped by dual VVT-i.

Power goes to the ground via a six-speed “intelligent manual transmission” and a GR-Four permanent four wheel drive system.

Toyota made the GR Yaris specifically because Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda feels it necessary to represent the company at the World Rally Championships (WRC). So Toyota built the Yaris in rally form, and knew it had to produce at least 2500 units of the GR Yaris to meet homologation requirements.

The GR-Four system is quite unique in itself.

Toyota GR-Four four wheel drive system

The GR-Four system is a permanent electronically-controlled all-wheel drive system. In addition to being permanent AWD, Toyota gives you three driving modes — Normal, Track, and Sport — which give different amounts of balance between front and rear power. In fact, some people modify the GR Yaris, overriding this system to give full power to the rear. (But it slides even in the other modes.)

The power split is 50:50 in Track for maximum balance, 30:70 in sport so you can slide it out at will, and 60:40 in normal, suitable for day-to-day traction requirements.

The AWD system is simple in design and lightweight — lighter than alternative twin-coupling or centre differential systems. Both the front and rear have Torsen limited slip differentials.

Suspension on the GR Yaris is via a new MacPherson strut design. And brakes are similar in size to those on the GR Supra — in fact, the front brake discs are larger, with twin 356 discs up front with 4-pot monoblock calipers, and 297 mm discs at the rear with 2-pot monoblock calipers.

The GR Yaris weighs a modest 1280 kg, giving it a healthy 200 bhp / metric tonne ratio (never mind the combining of imperial and metric units).

In summary, the Toyota GR Yaris is a thoroughbred high-performance Toyota sports car, built in-house, which is a contrast with the Toyota GR Supra, for example, which shares many components with the 2018+ BMW Z4.

Where to get a Manual for the Toyota GR Yaris

The above information was obtained from a combination of the warranty service booklet for the GR Yaris, the owner’s manual, and literature searches on supplier websites.

Below are screenshots for reference only.

You can download a manual for the Toyota GR Yaris from either Toyota UK or Toyota Australia.

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