Toyota GR 86 (2.4L, 2021+) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the full maintenance schedule and service intervals for the Toyota GR 86, Toyota’s mid-sized sports cars built for enthusiasts.

The Toyota GR 86 is an update to the original Toyota 86 (a.k.a. the GT86 or the Scion FR-S), which Toyota launched in 2012. Like its predecessor, it’s based on the Subaru BRZ. The 86 was always a fan’s car; built for fun, with spritely handling, a mid-sized engine that was happy to be hammered, and great looks from every angle.

The new GR 86 is a significant update on the outgoing 86, increasing the capacity of the boxer engine from 2.0L to 2.4L, and bringing with it significant more power, resulting in a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 6.3 seconds down from 7.4 seconds — a huge improvement!

The 2387cc naturally-aspirated boxer four makes a healthy 173 kW (235 PS) at 7000 rpm, with peak torque of 250 Nm at 3700 rpm. Power goes to the ground via an optional automatic or manual transmission, and like its predecessor, the Toyota GR 86 is a rear-wheel drive.

Toyota GR 86 Red cover image

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What you need to service your Toyota GR 86

Below is a list of the maintenance items you need to service your Toyota GR 86.

ItemToyota GR 86 Spec
Engine oilToyota recommends Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0W-20, or another ILSAC GF-5 multi-grade oil.
Oil filterUse a genuine Toyota oil filter (part TBC).
Spark plugThe spark plug needed is a Denso ZXE27HBR8 iridium-tipped plug.
Air filterStandard air filter for the GR 86 is PTR03-18222.
Cabin air filterThe cabin air filter is part 88568-37020.
Brake fluidUse a DOT 3 brake fluid that meets SAE J1703 or FMVSS No. 116
Auto transmission oilUse Toyota Genuine ATF WS
Manual transmission oilUse MT Gear Oil LV 75W, or another gear oil that meets APIGL-4 and SAE 75W spec
Differential oilYou need Toyota Differential Gear Oil LX, or another LSD oil that meets API GL-5 and SAE 75W-85
GreaseUse lithium soal-based grease and molybdenum disulfide grease for external lubrication
CoolantCoolant changes are infrequent, but Toyota recommends Toyota Super Long Life Coolant Blue or another 50/50 pre-mixed ethylene glycol OAT coolant
Toyota GR 86 maintenance items

Maintenance schedule for the Toyota GR 86

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Toyota GR 86. It’s straight out of the manual, adapted slightly to fit on a web page.

Notes on driving your Toyota GR 86 under “severe” conditions

The manuals for the GR 86 from various regions all mention that when you drive your car in certain harsher conditions, you have to service some items more often.

In order to not make the below schedule more cumbersome, we’ve indicated with an asterisk (*) where you may need to service some item more often due to driving under more strenuous conditions.

These conditions, marked with an (*) below, are the following. We’ve included as columns the parts that are affected by those conditions.

Operating conditionsEngine air filterEngine oilBrake linesBrake pads / discs / drumsBrake fluidFuel lines / systemFuel filterCabin air filterDrive shaft bootsSteering & Suspension
Repeated short distances
Dirt roads, dusty roads, or in desert areas
Areas where road salts or other corrosive materials are used, or coastal areas
Rough / muddy roads
High humidity or mountainous areas
Heavy traffic
Extremely cold weather
Extremely hot weather
Toyota GR 86 “Severe Conditions” modifications to the service schedule

Toyota GR 86 Service Schedule Table (US)

Below is the full maintenance schedule for the Toyota GR 86.


  • There is no break-in service scheduled
  • At the end of the break-in period, continue servicing it in the pattern shown
  • Items marked (*) are to be serviced more often if you drive your car under harsh conditions (dirt roads, bumpy roads, stop-start traffic, extremes of heat/cold etc. — see the above section)


  • I: Inspect (and adjust, repair, or replace as necessary)
  • R: Replace
  • T: Tighten/ re-torque
Miles (000)7.51522.53037.54552.56067.57582.590
Engine oil and oil filter*RRRRRRRRRRRRUnder severe conditions, replace twice as often (every 3750 miles / 6000 km or 4 months)
Engine air filterI*I*I*RI*I*I*RI*I*I*RSee severe conditions table
Spark plugsR
Automatic transmission fluidIIIRII
Clutch fluid and system operationIIIIII
Brake lines and hosesI*II*II*II*II*II*ISee severe conditions table
Brake pads and discsI*II*II*II*II*II*ISee severe conditions table
Brake fluidR*RR*RR*RSee severe conditions table
Engine coolantIIIReplace at 135000 miles (216000 km) or 11 years, then every 75000 miles (120000 km) or 6 years
Bolts and nuts on chassis if driving on dirt and dusty roadsTTTTTTTTTTTT
Cabin air filterI*RI*RI*RI*RI*RI*RSee severe conditions table
Drive beltII
Drive shaft bootsI*II*II*II*II*II*ISee severe conditions table
Exhaust pipes and mountingsIIIIII
Drivers floor mat installationIIIIIIIIIIII
Fuel lines and connections, fuel tank vapor vent system hoses and fuel tank bandI*I*I*II*I*I*II*I*I*ISee severe conditions table
Fuel filter*RUnder severe conditions (see table), replace more often.
Fuel tank cap gasketIII
Manual transmission oilIII
Parking brake lining and drumsI*I*I*II*I*I*II*I*I*ISee severe conditions table
Rear differential oilIIIIII
Steering gearI*II*II*II*II*II*ISee severe conditions table
Suspension ball joints and dust coversI*II*II*II*II*II*ISee severe conditions table
Toyota GR 86 Maintenance Schedule

Toyota GR 86 maintenance schedule (Europe/APAC)

Below is the full maintenance schedule for the GR 86 in Europe/APAC (including Australia). It’s a little different to the maintenance schedule specified in the US.


  • Maintenance intervals: General service intervals for the GR 86 in Europe/APAC are every 9 months (0.75 years) or 15000 km.
  • Follow the earlier of distance or time-based intervals.
  • At the end of the indicated schedule, repeat the maintenance in the pattern shown.
  • Harsh conditions: Items marked (*) should be serviced more often if you drive in harsh conditions. These include
    • Driving on rough, muddy or snow-melted roads
    • Driving on dusty roads
    • Extensive idling and or low speed driving for long distances
    • Continuous high speed driving (at speeds greater than 140 km/h) for over 2 hours
    • (and some other less likely conditions, like using your GR 86 as a taxi, or driving short distances in freezing conditions… which would be pretty rare in Australia)
  • There is no break-in service prescribed, but some owners choose to do one anyway.
  • Engine coolant replacement: This doesn’t fit into the schedule.For the Toyota GR 86, replace engine coolant initially at 10.5 years or 210000 km (whichever first), then every 6 years or 120000 km.


  • I: Inspect (and adjust, repair, or replace as necessary)
  • R: Replace
  • T: Tighten/ re-torque
km x 1000153045607590
Drive beltsIIIIII
Engine oilRRRRRR
Engine oil filterRRRRRR
Cooling and heater system hoses and connectionsIII
Engine coolant
(See above for replacement notes)
Exhaust pipes and mountingsIIIIII
Electrical System
Spark plugsR
Fuel System
Fuel filterR
Engine air cleaner filterIIRIIR
Fuel tank cap, fuel lines, connections and fuel vapour control valveIII
Charcoal canisterIII
Chassis and Body
Brake pedal and parking brakeIIIIII
Parking brake linings and drumsIII
Brake pads and discsIIIIII
Brake fluidIRIRIR
Clutch fluid level and system operationIIIIII
Brake pipes and hosesIII
Steering wheel, linkage and steering gearIIIIII
Drive shaft bootsIIIIII
Suspension ball joints and dust coversIIIIII
Manual transmission oilIII
Automatic transmission fluidIIR
Rear differential oilIIRIIR
Front and rear suspensionsIIIIII
Bolts and nuts on chassis and body 3TTTTTT
Accessory items 4IIIIII
Tyres and inflation pressuresIIIIII
Rotate wheelsIIIIII
Balance front wheelsIIIIII
Driver’s floor mat – fitment and retentionIIIIII
Lights, horns, wipers and washersIIIIII
Seatbelt, webbing condition, buckle and retractor mechanism operationIIIIII
Air conditioner filterRRRRRR
Air conditioner, including refrigerant levelIIIIII
Road Test
Road test vehicleIIIIII
Toyota GR 86 (2022+) Europe/APAC maintenance schedule

About the Toyota GR 86

2022 Toyota GR 86 Premium Halo White on racetrack

The Toyota GR 86 is an update on the fan favourite Toyota 86 (sometimes known as the GT 86), both rear wheel drive sports cars that owners unanimously describe as being “fun” rather than being the absolute fastest or best in any particular way.

The Toyota GR 86 is the third GR car to be released under the GAZOO Racing brand, after the GR Supra, and the GR Yaris, the only of the three to be an entirely in-house Toyota production.

The Toyota GR 86 is based on a 2.4 L naturally aspirated “boxer” four. It’s a big improvement on the earlier 2.0L boxer. It’s not just bigger and more powerful, but it delivers real improvements in straight-line performance — you can get to 100 km/h in just 6.3 seconds, bringing the GR 86 much closer to high-performance sports car territory compared its predecessor. These numbers are conservative, too: pulled a 5.4 second 0-60 mph, which is a lot of bang for the buck!

Passionate owners always loved the Toyota GR 86. While it’s the big sports cars like the Toyota GR Supra that steal headlines with their big power outputs and specifications, cars like the GR 86 give you a feeling of speed without threatening your license (or your life) by soaring into triple digits at any given moment. Aside from being modesty powered, the Toyota GR 86 is also fairly light weight, giving it responsive handling in everyday sporty driving.

The engine makes 173 kW (235 PS) at 7000 rpm, and makes its peak torque of 250 Nm (184 ft-lb) relatively low at 3700 rpm. Aside from extra power, Toyota has also improved the torque curve of the car, and even the sound — there’s a speaker that transmits the best bits of engine and exhaust sound into the car, to let you, the driver, enjoy it.

As you’d expect from an enthusiast-oriented car, you can get the GR 86 in either automatic or manual form. But it’s only the automatic that comes with a host of modern driver safety features on Subaru’s EyeSight driver assist platform.

Like its predecessor, the Toyota GR 86 is based on its Subaru sibling the Subaru BRZ. Both cars are functionally identical — same engine, same drivetrain, and same components. The only thing that differs is how they look.

In some ways, the GR 86 pays homage to the Honda S2000, a sports car that made waves for being “simple” — naturally aspirated, and not overburdened by tech. While some technology is unavoidable due to regulations (e.g. airbags and ABS brakes), the GR 86 continues this same spirit of simple performance.

Manual References for the Toyota GR 86 Maintenance Schedule

The above information came from the Toyota warranty and maintenance guide, also referencing the user’s manual and online parts databases.

Toyota generously makes all their manuals available online. You can get them at Toyota’s US website here.

We also referenced the manual for the Australian market and the one for the Europe/UK market to cross-reference regulatory requirements.

Toyota GR 86 maintenance schedule screenshot australia

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