Yamaha XV1600 Road Star (1602cc, Carbureted) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Yamaha Road Star, made until the year 2003.

The 1602cc road star was updated to become a 1670cc Road Star, but still carburettor fed, from 2004. You can find the maintenance schedule for that version of the Yamaha Road Star here (it’s not very different).

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Yamaha Road Star Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Yamaha Road Star.

The maintenance for the Yamaha Road Star is broken into two sections: periodic maintenance for emission control systems, and general maintenance and lubrication.


  • From 24,000 mi (37,000 km) or 36 months, repeat the same maintenance intervals starting from 4,000 mi (7,000 km) or 6 months.
  • For items marked with an asterisk (*): Since these items require special tools, data and technical skills, have a Yamaha dealer perform the service (unless you’re brave).
  • Air filter:
    • Yamaha in later years recommends you do not clean the air filter with compressed air. Earlier manuals like this one say so, and so we’ve preserved it as written, but with this footnote.
    • The air filter needs more frequent service if you are riding unusually wet or dusty areas.
  • Hydraulic brake system:
    • When disassembling the master cylinder or caliper, always replace the brake fluid. Check the brake fluid level regularly and fill as required.
    • Replace the oil seals on the inner parts of the master cylinder and caliper every two years.
    • Replace the brake hoses every four years, or if cracked or damaged.

Periodic Maintenance Emission Control System

Valve clearance*• Check valve clearance every 16,000 mi (25,000 km)
• Adjust if necessary.
Spark plugs*• Check condition.
• Adjust gap and clean.
• Replace at everu 8,000 mi (13,000 km) or 12 months
Crankcase ventilation*• Check ventilation hose for cracks or damage.
• Replace if necessary.
Fuel line*• Check fuel hose for cracks or damage.
• Replace if necessary.
Fuel filter*• Replace every 20,000 mi (31,000 km) or 30 monthsR
Exhaust system*• Check for leakage.
• Retighten if necessary.
• Replace gasket(s) if necessary.
Idle speed*• Check and adjust engine idle speed.
• Adjust cable free play.
Evaporative emission control system* (CA only)• Check control system for damage.
• Replace if necessary.
Regular emissions maintenance for the Yamaha Road Star

General Maintenance and Lubrication Chart

Engine oil• Replace (with Yamalube 10W-40)
Oil filter*• Replace
Air filter*• Clean with compressed air (SEE NOTE about compressed air)
• Replace if necessary.
Front brake*• Check operation and fluid leakage.
• Correct if necessary (with DOT 4 fluid)
Rear brake*• Check operation and fluid leakage.
• Correct if necessary (with DOT 4 fluid)
Clutch*• Check operation and free play.
• Correct if necessary.
Transfer case oil*• Check vehicle for leakage.
• Replace with SAE 80 API GL-4 hypoid gear oil (e.g. Mobil 1 Gear Oil) every 16,000 mi (25,000 km) or 24 months.
Control and meter cable*• Apply cable lubricant
Rear arm pivot bearing*• Check bearing assembly for looseness.
• Moderately repack with lithium soap-based grease every 16,000 mi (25,000 km) or 24 months
Brake/Clutch lever pivot shaft• Lubricate (e.g. Protect all Cable Life)
Brake pedal and shift pedal shaft• Check operation
• Lubricate
Sidestand pivot*• Check operation
• Lubricate
Sidestand switch*• Check and clean or replace if necessary.
Front fork*•Check operation and leakage.
Steering bearings*• Check bearing assembly for looseness.
• Moderately repack with lithium soap-based grease every 16,000 mi (25,000 km) or 24 months
Wheel bearings*• Check bearings for smooth rotation.
Rear suspension link pivots*• Apply grease lightly (use Molybdenum disulfide grease)
Drive belt*• Check for belt tension every 2,500 mi (4,000 km)
• Adjust if necessary
Regular maintenance table for the Yamaha Road Star

About the Yamaha Road Star

The Yamaha Road Star is the perfect excuse to leave everything behind and ride into the sunset.

Classically styled and with power and torque on tap, this machine boasts a solid retro attire, with a belt final drive, push rods and air cooling.

The engine is obviously, carburetted, but the throttle position sensors are present for a more accurate operation.

The Silverado is a little extra. Timeless leather saddlebags on the and studded seats are a nifty match for laced rims shod with white-walled tires and the rich chrome accents, all offered as standard trim.

Manual for the Yamaha Road Star

Yamaha XV1600 Road Star Silverado Maintenance schedule screenshot from manual.

The above information was gleaned from the owner’s manual for the Yamaha Road Star Silverado.

You can download it from Yamaha’s website here.

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