Yamaha Virago 535 (XV535, 1988-2004) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Yamaha Virago 535 a.k.a. XV535, the predecessor to the Yamaha V Star 650. It was made between 1987 and 2003 with no major changes in that period.

The Virago 535 is quite a simple motorcycle to maintain. It has very few things to fix and replace! The Virago 535 is powered by an air-cooled carburettor-fed SOHC V-twin engine that puts power down through a 5-speed gearbox and a shaft drive. It’s so simple that the rear brake is a drum brake.

Nonetheless, the Virago 535 (also known as the XV535) is a bit of a cult classic, one of those bikes that many owners keep until it dies… which might be a long time.

Here are our other Virago maintenance schedules:

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Service Intervals for the Virago 535

The Virago 535 has 4000 mile or 6000 km service intervals, or 6-monthly service intervals.

At every service, you have to change the oil and air filter and inspect or change the spark plugs.

You also need to do a valve clearance check at every service, which can be a daunting task until you’ve done it once. You can actually do the valve service on a XV535 without even removing the tank (though you do have to remove the battery and a couple of other bits to get to the valve covers of the V-twin engine). You don’t even have to drain the oil.

Since the Virago 535 has a shaft final drive, you don’t have a chain or belt to maintain — but you do have to service the shaft drive periodically, keeping the lubricant fresh.

Yamaha Virago 535 Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Yamaha Virago 535.

The maintenance schedule is broken into two parts:

  1. Service schedule of major items
  2. Inspection checklist of things to go over at every service

Notes on reading the maintenance schedule

  • If you feel uncomfortable with any of the maintenance items, talk to your local mechanic.
  • At the end of the maintenance schedule, keep following it in the pattern shown.
  • Follow the earlier of distance-based or time-based service intervals.

Service Schedule

mi x 100048121620
km x 1000713192531Every
Inspection checklist (see below) — Perform6 months
Engine oil — Change (Yamalube 10W-40)6 months
Oil filter — Change (HF145)Year
Air filter — Clean. Change if necessary
Don’t use compressed air as it may damage the air filter
Service more often if riding in dusty / wet areas.
6 months.
Spark plugs — Check condition and gap/clean.
Spark plugs — Replace (NGK BPR7ES)
Valve clearances — Check and adjust when engine is cold
Carburettor sync — Check / adjust6 months
Final gear oil — Check level
Final gear oil — Replace (Mobil 1 75W-90)2 years
Brake fluid + rubber parts of master cylinder and caliper — Replace2 years
Brake lines — Replace4 years
Swingarm pivot — (C)heck for looseness, (R)epack (Moly grease)CR
Steering bearings — Repack with lithium soap-based grease
Maintenance schedule for the Virago 535 — Emissions control systems

Inspection checklist

Do all these inspections at every service.

Virago 535 Standard Inspection Checklist
Check fuel hoses and vacuum pipe for cracks or damage. Replace if necessary
Final drive — Check for leakage
Idle speed — Check and adjust. Adjust throttle cable free play.
Brake lever — Adjust free play
Brake pads / shoes — Inspect thickness and replace as needed
Clutch — Adjust free play
Front forks — Check operation and leakage
Steering bearings — Check bearing assembly for looseness
Control meters and cables — Apply chain lube thoroughly (Protect all cable life)
Brake/clutch lever pivot shaft — Lubricate with Lithium soap-based grease
Brake pedal and shift pedal shaft — Lubricate with Lithium soap-based grease
Wheel bearings — Check for smooth rotation
Wheels and tires — Check condition, tread, and pressure
Side stand pivot — Check operation and lubricate (lithium soap-based grease)
Side stand switch — Check function
Battery — Check specific gravity and breather pipe for proper operation
Exhaust — Check for leakage. Retighten if necessary. Replace gasket(s) if necessary.
Check crankcase ventilation hose for cracks or damage. Replace if necessary
Check evaporative emission control system for damage. Replace if necessary.
Virago 535 Standard Inspection Checklist

About the Yamaha Virago 535

The Yamaha Virago 535 an entry-level, beginner friendly cruiser that’s part of the Yamaha Virago line-up.

Yamaha has been building cruisers for a long time — but they dropped the Virago line a long time ago, and even dropped most of the bikes from its successor, the V Star line-up.

But the Virago 535 was classic metric cruiser: understated, modestly powered, but extremely simple and reliable as a block of steel.

The Virago XV535 was a very well-regarded and successful bike in the Virago lineup. It has an air-cooled engine and a shaft drive, just like most other Viragos. But it strikes a perfect balance of budget and style without being too slow (like the XV250) or unnecessarily heavy.

The Virago 535 has a mid-control setup. When sitting on it you’re in a natural position, sitting upright, without your feet kicked too far forwards. The steering controls are wide and steering is light and easy. This is helped by the fact that for a cruiser, it’s quite light.

Obviously the ride componentry is quite simple, with conventional forks, a single disc brake, and even a rear disc drum.

Decades after its introduction, the Yamaha Virago 535 is still going strong. Many of them have been customised, be it into bobbers or cafe racers, so you may be hard pressed to find one that’s in your liking. But if you do, an oil change and valve clearance check plus brake fluid flush would be all you’d need to be on your way — maybe a lazy afternoon of work in total.

Manual for the Yamaha Virago 535

The above information was gleaned from the owner’s manual for the 2000 Yamaha Virago 535. We verified it against a few other manuals as well.

You can download the manual for the Yamaha Virago XV535 from Yamaha’s website here.

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