Yamaha Virago 535 (XV535) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Yamaha Virago 535, the predecessor to the Yamaha V Star 650. It was made between 1987 and 2003 with no major changes in that period.

The Virago 535 is quite a simple motorcycle to maintain. It has very few things to fix and replace! The Virago 535 is powered by an air-cooled carburettor-fed SOHC V-twin engine that puts power down through a 5-speed gearbox and a shaft drive. It’s so simple that the rear brake is a drum brake.

Nonetheless, the Virago 535 (also known as the XV535) is a bit of a cult classic, one of those bikes that many owners keep until it dies… which might be a long time.

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Yamaha Virago 535 Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Yamaha Virago 535.

The maintenance for the Yamaha Virago 535 is broken into two sections: periodic maintenance for emission control systems, and general maintenance and lubrication.

Notes on reading the maintenance schedule

  • C = Check
  • R = Replace
  • If you feel uncomfortable with any of the maintenance items, talk to your local mechanic.
  • For odometer readings or time periods higher than 20000 mi (30000 km) or 30 months, repeat the same maintenance as listed in the chart from the 4000 (7000 km) or 6-month interval
  • The air filter needs more frequent service if you are riding in wet or dusty areas. While the manual says to clean the air filter with compressed air, Yamaha mechanics these days say you should NOT clean the air filter with compressed air as you may damage the filter.
  • Hydraulic brake system
    • When disassembling the master cylinder or caliper cylinder, always replace the breake fluid. Normally Check the brake fluid level and add fluid as required.
    • On the inner parts of the master cylinder and caliper cylinder, replace the oil seals every two years
    • Replace the brake hose every four years, or if cracked or damaged.

Periodic Maintenance Emission Control System

Valve clearance•Check and adjust valve clearance when engine is cold
Spark plug (NGK BPR7ES)•Check condition
•Adjust gap and clean
•Replace at 1800 mi (13000 km) (or 12 months) and thereafter every 8000 mi (13000 km) or 12 months
Crankcase ventilation system•Check ventilation hose for cracks or damage
•Replace if necessary
Fuel line•Check fuel hose and vacuum pipe for cracks or damage
•Replace if necessary
Exhaust system•Check for leakage
•Retighten if necessary
•Replace gasket(s) if necessary
Carburetor synchronization•Adjust synchronization of carburetors
Idle speed•Check and adjust engine idle speed
•Adjust cable freeplay
Evaporative emission control system (CA only)•Check control system for damage
•Replace if necessary
Maintenance schedule for the Virago 535 — Emissions control systems

General Maintenance and Lubrication Chart

Engine oil (Yamalube 10W-40)•Warm-up engine before draining
Oil filter (HF145)•Replace
Air filter•Clean with compressed (see note!)
•Replace if necessary
Brake system•Adjust free play
•Replace pads if necessary (front)
•Replace shoes if necessary (rear)
Clutch•Adjust free play
Final gear oil (Mobil 1 75W-90)•Check oil level and leakage
•Replace every 16000 km (25000 km) or 24 months
Control meter and cable•Apply chain lube thoroughly (Protect all cable life)
Swingarm pivot bearing•Check bearing assembly for looseness
•Moderately repack every 16000 mi (25000 km) with moly grease
Brake/clutch lever pivot shaft•Apply chain lube lightly (Protect all cable life)
Brake pedal and shift pedal shaft•Lubricate.
•Apply chain lube lightly (Protect all cable life)
Sidestand pivot•Check operation and lubricate (lithium soap-based grease)
Front fork oil•Check operation and leakage
Steering bearings•Check bearing assembly for looseness; repack with lithium soap-based greaseRepack
Wheel bearings•Check bearing for smooth rotation
Battery•Check specific gravity and breather pipe for proper operation
Sidestand switch•Check and clean or replace if necessary
Maintenance schedule for the Virago 535 – General chassis

About the Yamaha Virago 535

The Yamaha XV535 Virago is the perfect cruiser one could ride to hone in his or her skills prior to making a move to the big-bore machines. Light, compact and reassuring, the 535cc Virago is a bike which ladies seem to enjoy quite a lot, for its low saddle, comfy ergonomics and easy maneuverability.

This bike is perfect for swift city slicing, but adding a luggage system and a windscreen instantly turns it into a bike with serious touring potential, and if you’re not looking for 100 mph highway hauls, then you’re all set: a dependable, economical and fun ride for pretty much any rider.

Manual for the Yamaha Virago 535

2000 Yamaha Virago 535 Maintenance schedule screenshot from manual

The above information was gleaned from the owner’s manual for the 2000 Yamaha Virago 535.

You can download it from Yamaha’s website here.

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