Yamaha XT225 (1986-2007) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Yamaha XT225. It was produced for two decades exactly the same, with a 223-cc air-cooled carburettor-fed thumper in a dirt bike chassis.

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Yamaha XT225 Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Yamaha XT225.

The maintenance schedule has been simplified considerably compared to the one in the manual. Some simplifications made include:

  • Removed the break-in schedule (it’s no longer relevant)
  • Grouped together the most important items (oil changes, fluid changes, valve clearances)
  • Put it together into one table, instead of separating out items related to emissions


  • At the end of the maintenance schedule, keep following it in the pattern shown.
  • Follow the earlier of time- or distance-based intervals. For example, oil should be changed every 4000 miles or 6 months.
mi x 100047101316
km x 1000611162126
Change engine oil — Yamalube 10W40 (warm engine before draining).
Change engine oil filter
Clean engine oil strainer, replace when damaged
Check spark plug condition, adjust gap and clean
Replace spark plug
Check the air induction cut-off valve, reed valve, and hose for damage. Replace as necessary.
Clean air filter with solvent. Replace if necessary.More often if riding in dust/rain
Check and adjust valve clearance when engine is cold
Check and adjust engine idle speed
Check chain slack/alignment and condition. Adjust and thoroughly lubricate chain (Motul Chain Paste)300 mi / 500 km, or if it gets wet/dirty
Check fuel hoses for cracks or damage. Replace if necessary
Check clutch operation. Adjust or replace cable.
Lubricate control and meter cables (Protect all cable life)
Check throttle grip operation and free play. Adjust the throttle grip free play, and adjust if necessary. Lubricate the throttle grip housing.
Check front brake operation, fluid level, and for fluid leakage. Adjust break lever free play and replace brake pads if necessary
Check rear brake operation. Adjust cable and replace brake shoes if necessary.
Check brake hoses for cracks or damage, and for correct routing and clamping
Change brake fluid (Castrol DOT 4), and rubber parts of master cylinder/caliper2 years
Replace brake hoses4 years
Check wheels for runout, spoke tightness and for damage. Tighten spokes if necessary.
Check tire tread depth and for damage. Replace if necessary.
Check wheel bearings for smooth operation. Replace if necessary.
Check swingarm bush assemblies for looseness. Lubricate with lithium soap-based grease until new grease shows.
Check steering bearing assembly for looseness.
Repack steering bearings (Lithium soap-based grease)18 months
Check all chassis fittings and fasteners. Correct if necessary.
Lubricate brake lever pivot shaft with silicone grease lightly.
Lubricate clutch lever, shift pedal, and brake pedal pivot shafts with lithium soap-based grease lightly.
Check sidestand pivot operation. Apply lithium-soap-based grease lightly as necessary
Check sidestand switch operation and replace if necessary.
Check front fork operation and for oil leakage. Rebuild / replace if necessary.
Check rear shock operation and for oil leakage. Rebuild / replace if necessary.
Lubricate rear suspension link pivots with lithium soap-based grease (until grease shows)
Check operation of front and rear brake switches
Check operation of lights, signals, and switches.
Adjust headlight beam.
Clean spark arrester
Check crankcase breather hose for cracks and damage. Replace if necessary
Check exhaust system for leakage. Tighten and/or replace gaskets as necessary.
Check evap control system (if fitted) for damage. Replace if necessary
Yamaha XT225 Maintenance Schedule table

About the Yamaha XT225

The Yamaha XT225 is a lightweight, easy-to-ride, tough-as-nails dual sport bike.

It’s equally good on road and trail, and is basically bomb-proof anywhere. It makes a great commuter bike, learner bike, or even something to teach people to ride on in basic motorcycle training courses.

The XT225 has low gearing down low to make it nimble enough to move through traffic, and high enough gearing to deal with the highway when needed.

The Yamaha XT225 is a true dual sport. It’s not a dirt bike with mirrors, nor is it a road bike with knobby tires. It has a big 21-inch front wheel and compliant long-travel suspension, but the gear is pretty basic — don’t expect the same degree of adjustability or suspension compliance you’ll get on an off-road race bike. The front fork is conventional (not inverted), for example.

Unusually for a dual sport, the XT225 is actually really good for short riders. It looks tall, but the suspension is soft and it’ll come down once you’re sitting on it. You can flat foot it even with a height of 5’6 or 165 cm.

The XT225 is carburettor-fed, which means you do need to use the choke in cold weather. But there’s just one carburettor (for the one piston), which is why you don’t see carburettor syncs in the maintenance schedule!

Speaking of which, the maintenance for the XT225 involves changing the oil every 3000 mi (5000 km), as well as a valve clearance check at every oil change. Since there’s only one cylinder and it’s easily accessible, it’s a fairly quick operation.

Reference — Manual for the Yamaha XT225

2006 Yamaha XT225 Maintenance schedule screenshot from manual

The above information was gleaned from the owner’s manual for the 2006 Yamaha XT225. It’s the same as for other model years.

You can download it from Yamaha’s website here.

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