Ducati Monster S4Rs Testastretta (2006-2008) Maintenance Schedule

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the Ducati Monster S4Rs Testastretta, released in 2006 to replace the Ducati Monster S4R.

The Ducati Monster S4Rs, sometimes known by its full name of S4Rs Testastretta, gets the 998cc “Testastretta” superbike engine from the Ducati 999, which was produced between 2003 and 2006.

Its predecessor, the Ducati Monster S4R, got the 996cc engine from the Ducati 996 superbike (which was the predecessor of the Ducati 998).

Here are all our Ducati Monster maintenance schedules:

The Ducati S4Rs Testastretta is based around a 998cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected 90-degree L-twin. It has dual overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder, with desmodromic actuation, and belts driving the cams. The engine runs a 11.4:1 compression ratio.

Final drive is via a hydraulically actuated dry clutch and a chain drive.

The S4Rs engine makes a whopping 96 kW (130 hp) at 9500 rpm, or 104 Nm (140 ft-lb) at 7500 rpm, which is more than the base model Ducati 998 superbike but slightly less than the power of the hotter 999/999S. At any rate, it’s more than enough in the S4Rs.

The Ducati Monster S4Rs was effectively replaced by the Ducati Streetfighter 1098.

This post was originally published on September 11, 2021, but has since been considerably updated with more detail.

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What you need to service the Ducati Monster S4Rs

If you’re servicing your Ducati Monster S4Rs, you need the following consumable items.

The parts list is a little different to previous generations of the S4 — it’s a new engine, after all!

ItemDucati Monster S4Rs spec
Engine oilThe manual recommends SAE 10W-40 for the widest coverage of operating temperatures. Use a high-grade synthetic like Motul 7100 10W-40.
Oil filterDucati part number for the oil filter is 44440038A. The equivalent Hiflofiltro part is HF153RC.
Air filterPart number for the filter element is 42610101A. You can also use a K&N DU-9001.
Spark plugThe prescribed plug is a Champion RG4HC. You can also use a CR9E or CR9EIX iridium.
Timing beltTiming belt part number for the S4Rs is 73740125A.
Brake padsMany owners use EBC HH brake pads for better bite and less fade. Use FA322/4HH on the front, and FA047HH on the rear.
Clutch and brake fluidUse DOT 4 only, e.g. Castrol DOT 4.
BulbsHeadlight bulb: H4 (55/60W), Tail light bulbs: P21/5W
Chain maintenanceUse a Motul chain care kit for maintenance.
Fuel filterDucati part number 42540151A for the S4Rs.
Maintenance parts for the Ducati Monster S4Rs

Maintenance schedule for the Ducati Monster S4Rs

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Ducati Monster S4R. It’s from the user manual, and corroborated with the service manual.

Main maintenance intervals for the Ducati Monster S4Rs are every 12 000 km or 7 500 miles — slightly wider than those recommended for the S4 in the shop manual. At each service you change the oil / filter, check the valve clearances, and possibly change the plugs, replace belts, and/or change other items — see detail in the service schedule below.


  • At the end of the service intervals, keep going in the pattern observed.
  • Major services are every 12000 km (7500 mi) where you have to check and/or adjust valve clearances, and check the timing belt tension.
  • Items marked (1) only need be done at the distance interval, not the time interval.
km x 10001224364860
mi x 10007.51522.53037.5
Change the engine oil (Motul 7100 10W-40)
Change the engine oil filter (HF153RC)
Clean the engine oil pick up filter
Check the engine oil pressure
Check and/or adjust the valve clearances (1)
Check the tension of the timing belts (1)
Replace the timing belts (73740125A)
Check and clean the spark plugs. Renew if necessary (CR9EIX)
Check and clean the air filter (1)
Change the air filter (DU-9001)
Check throttle body synchronisation and idle speed setting (1)
Check the brake and clutch fluid levels
Change the clutch and brake fluid (Castrol DOT 4)
Check and adjust the brake and clutch control cables
Check/lubricate the throttle/cold start cable
Check tyre pressure and wear
Check the brake pads. Renew if necessary
Check the steering head bearings
Check the drive chain tension, alignment and lubrication
Check the clutch disc pack. Renew if necessary (1)
Check coolant level
Change the coolant
Check operation of electric fans and sealing of coolant circuit
Check the rear wheel cush drive
Check the wheel hub bearings
Check the indicators and lighting
Check tightness of nuts and bolts securing the engine to the frame
Check the sidestand
Check tightness of the front wheel axle nut
Check tightness of the rear wheel axle nut
Check the external fuel hoses
Change the front fork oil
Check the forks and rear shock absorber for oil leaks
Check the front sprocket retaining bolts
General lubrication and greasing
Check and recharge the battery
Road test the motorcycle
General cleaning
Maintenance schedule for the Ducati Monster S4Rs

User periodic checks for the Ducati Monster S4Rs

In addition to the above schedule, do these regular checks every 1000 km / 600 mi, or 6 months — whichever comes earlier.

Monster S4Rs — Regular maintenance
Check the engine oil level (top up with Motul 7100 10W-40)
Check the brake and clutch fluid levels (top up with Castrol DOT 4)
Check tyre pressure and wear
Check the drive chain tension and lubrication
Check the brake pads, and replace if necessary. (Front: FA322/4HH, Rear: FA047HH)
Regular maintenance — Monster S4Rs

About the Ducati Monster S4Rs

Ducati Monster S4Rs for sale on ebay

The Ducati Monster S4Rs was the last of the range that started with the Ducati Monster S4. The concept of street bikes with de-tuned superbike motors continued next with both the Ducati Streetfighter 1098 and the Ducati Monster 1200.

But the Monster line was a lot more street tuned than was the S4Rs, which made similar power to the bike from which its engine was taken.

The Ducati Monster S4Rs had the 998cc “Testastretta” engine from the Ducati 999. It was detuned from the 999 spec, but it was still very high power — particularly for the chassis it was in.

  • Ducati 998 (base model): 90 kW (120 hp) @ 9750 rpm, 97 Nm (72 ft-lb) @ 8000 rpm
  • Ducati S4Rs: 96 kW (130 hp) @ 9500 rpm, 104 Nm (77 ft-lb) @ 7500 rpm
  • Ducati 999: 102 kW (140 hp) @ 9750 rpm, 109 Nm (80 ft-lb) @ 8000 rpm

The Ducati Monster S4Rs was, like its predecessors, a fire-breathing standard/sport bike.

The 998 cc engine isn’t just a slightly reconfigured 996 one — it is more oversquare than its predecessor, meaning less stroke (58.8mm rather than 66mm on the 996), which helps it rev up more quickly. In true Monter form, the S4Rs gets pars borrowed from a few different bikes

  • Engine block from the 998/999
  • Fuel injectors adapted from the 996
  • Its own 50mm throttle bodies (the 999 has 54mm units)
  • Cams from the 999/999S
  • Lightweight Marchesini wheels adapted from the 999S

Basically, this is just a reconfigured superbike, a styling exercise almost. The result is a bike that isn’t really for blasting around the countryside, as the regular air/oil-cooled Monsters are; the S4Rs is a blast to ride, and absolutely not a bike that most beginner riders should get (unless you already did, and you’ve survived. Well done!)

It has handlebars but they’re quite low and narrow. Still, it’s world’s more comfortable than a full-on sportbike with clip-ons.

Suspension is high-spec on the Ducati Monster S4Rs, with custom (made for the S4Rs) Öhlins 43mm upside down fully adjustable forks, with TiN surface treatment to keep them moving quickly. And the rear shock is also a fully adjustable Öhlins unit.

Front brakes are, like the S4R, 4-piston radial-mounted P34 Brembo calipers on 320mm discs.

About the worst thing you can say about the Ducati Monster S4Rs is that it’s too fast for some people, some roads, and some law enforcement officials. It’s a bike that is made for big sweepers, not insanely tight corners, and that likes to wheelie at times when you may not find that terribly convenient.

So the Monster S4Rs is not for the faint of heart. No rider aids and tons of torque mean that you have to have a lot of self control, quick reaction times, and savings in the bank in case you high-side it.

There are newer, faster, and lighter bikes, but they lack the classic style of that exposed trellis frame. No wonder the Ducati Monster S4Rs just keeps going higher and higher in price. If you can find one you can afford, get one.

Manual for the Ducati Monster S4Rs

The above maintenance schedule comes from the user manual for the Ducati Monster S4Rs, and checked against the service manual.

You can view the user manual here.

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