Ducati Monster 695 (2006-2008) Simplified Maintenance Schedule

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the Ducati Monster 695, Ducati’s middleweight monster produced between 2006 and 2008.

The Ducati Monster 695 is a very popular model as an entry level-ish bike, and there are many on the used market. So it pays to pay attention to the maintenance schedule to make sure it’s up to date.

The Monster 695 is powered by a 695 cc air-cooled L-twin with a Desmodromic 2-valve-per-cylinder and belt driven valve design. With a mild compression ratio of 10.5:1, the engine makes peak power of a healthy 52 kW (70 bhp) at 8500 rpm, and peak torque of 61 Nm (45 ft-lb) at 6750 rpm. Final drive is via a chain.

The Monster 695 is part of the iconic Monster series of motorcycles.

Here are all our Ducati Monster maintenance schedules:

The Monster 695 was replaced by the re-designed Ducati Monster 696.

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Ducati Monster 695 Service Intervals

The Ducati Monster 695 was one of the motorcycles to graduate to longer 7500 mile / 12000 km service intervals (up from 6000 / 10000 of earlier Ducatis). At every service, change the oil and filter, check the valve clearances (the “Desmo” service), and do a whole host of other checks.

As the Monster 695 has belt-driven valves, you also need to check the tension every couple of services or by a distance interval. Make sure you replace the belt every two years.

Note that the Monster 695 has a hydraulic clutch, so you have to renew the clutch fluid as well as the brake fluid every two years.

Ducati Monster 695 maintenance schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Monster 695.

We’ve broken it out into a standard “inspection checklist” that you do with every service, plus the scheduled maintenance of things to replace.

Standard Inspection

This is the standard checklist of what to check on your 695 at every service.

Ducati Monster 695 – Standard Inspection
Check the brake and clutch fluid levels
Check and adjust the brake and clutch control cables
Check/lubricate the throttle/cold start cable
Check tyre pressure and wear
Check the brake pads. Renew if necessary
Check the drive chain tension, alignment and lubrication
Check the indicators and lighting
Check tightness of nuts and bolts securing the engine to the frame
Check the sidestand
Check tightness of the front wheel axle nut
Check tightness of the rear wheel axle nut
Check the external fuel hoses
Check the front fork and rear shock for oil leaks and freedom of movement
Check the front sprocket retaining bolts
Lubricate / grease external pivot points
Check and recharge the battery
Road test the motorcycle
Clean the motorcycle
Ducati Monster 695 – Standard Inspection

Ducati Monster 695 — Scheduled maintenance table

Below is the scheduled maintenance for the Ducati Monster 695.

Note — the manual for the 695 specifies that a lot of things have to be part of the annual service that don’t make sense with time (if you haven’t done much distance), like checking bearings or the air filter. Those only need attention with running time. Ducati changed this in later manuals from the 2010 onwards for all their bikes, and we reflect those changes below.

mi x 10007.51522.530
km x 100012243648Every
Perform a full multi-point inspection (see list above)Year
Change the engine oilYear
Change the oil filterYear
Clean the engine oil pick-up filter3 years
Check the engine oil pressure
Check / adjust the valve clearances (Desmo service)
Check the tension of the timing belts
Change the timing belts2 years
Check and clean the spark plugs. Change if necessary
Check and clean the air filter
Change the air filter
Check/adjust throttle body sync and idle speed
Change clutch and brake fluid3 years
Check steering head bearings
Check the rear wheel cush drive
Check the wheel hub bearings
Change the front fork oil3 years
Ducati Monster 695 maintenance schedule

Monster 695 Drive Chain Maintenance

Ducati recommends checking the drive chain tension at every service, and adjusting it if necessary.

To check the drive chain tension

  1. Get a ruler.
  2. Put the bike on a rear stand if possible.
  3. Find the tightest part of the chain, and rotate the rear wheel (or move the bike around) until it’s in the middle at the bottom.
  4. Use your finger to push the chain up in the middle, measuring how much the chain flexes. The distance between the bottom and top should be 25-27 mm.
Ducati Monster 695 adjust chain tension
  1. If the chain is out of spec, loosen the axle, and adjust the chain with the adjusters.
  2. Grease the axle nut and tighten the axle to 72 Nm (53 ft-lb).
  3. Grease the adjuster screws and tighten them to 8 Nm (6 ft-lb).

Wheels / tire specs and pressures

The Monster 695 wears radial tubeless tires. Below are also Ducati’s recommended tire pressures.

WheelTire sizeTire pressure (cold)
Front120/60-ZR172.1 bar / 30 psi
Rear160/160-ZR172.2 bar / 32 psi
Tire sizes and pressures for the Ducati Monster 695

About the Ducati Monster 695

Ducati Monster 695 black and red side by side

The Ducati Monster 695 is one of the “middleweight” bikes from the now iconic Monster series of motorcycles.

The Ducati Monster 695 is modern enough to have fuel injection and the slightly wider 7500 / 12000 km service intervals, but still classic enough to have the iconic trellis frame.

And the design of the 695 is as simple as they come. It has a peppy motor that’s ideal for most city riding and weekend scratching, but is so under-stressed it doesn’t even have an oil cooler (though some add one as an aftermarket idea). Despite this, it revs up to 9000 rpm! This is Ducati desmodromic magic. But it does result in having to adjust valve clearances slightly more often.

The Monster 695 is an update to the earlier Ducati Monster 620 and continues much in the same vein. It’s a sporty little L-twin with high build quality and some really good components.

The suspension is mostly non-adjustable, but it’s comfortable The front fork is even a 43 mm inverted unit. And you can adjust the rebound and damping of the rear shock.

There are twin disc front brakes, but the brake calipers are a little disappointing, being only 2-piston calipers (though Brembo ones at least). Most riders say they’re fine for everyday use, but they’re not brakes that would give you confidence in high-speed situations.

Reference — Manual screenshots for the Ducati Monster 695

The above info came from a mix of sources, including the user’s manual, the service manual, and parts reference diagrams.

Below are screenshots from the manual for reference.

You can download manuals for Ducati motorcycles directly from Ducati.

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This is really helpful thanks. I wouldn’t say the brakes are underpowered though! To me if anything it feels overbraked with the twin disks on such a light bike. Anyway, time to change the belts – again. Cheers