This is a master index page for maintenance schedules & service intervals for all Triumph motorcycles.

The motorcycles here aren’t grouped together by the type of motorcycle, but rather by the type of engine or general series of the motorcycle.

There’s some overlap in these, and we’re working to consolidate them into a shorter list.

Triumph Roadsters (Naked/Sport Bikes)

Triumph Roadsters these days are the Street Triple and the Speed Triple range. These are sport bikes (that some would call streetfighters or naked bikes).

The interesting thing about the Street and Speed Triple range from Triumph is that they’re not currently based on any supersport bike.

Triumph Modern Classics (with Parallel Twin engines)

Triumph Modern classics are parallel twin motorcycles. These day’s they’re fuel injected and water cooled, but in early days they were air-cooled, and in earlier days they were carburettor-fed.

Triumph Adventure and Sport Touring motorcycles

Triumph Adventure and Sport Touring motorcycles are the ones designed for going long distances.

Triumph doesn’t currently sell any sport touring motorcycles, focusing on the more “adventure” like format.

Triumph Rocket (III and 3)

Triumph Rocket motorcycles are the big bruiser, high-displacement, high-torque motorcycles.

There are only two in the line-up. They sound similar in name, but are quite different.

Triumph Cruisers

Triumph Cruisers are loosely related to the Modern Classic motorcycles by Triumph but in a more relaxed format.