Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster (1200cc, 2018-2020) Maintenance Schedule

This is the maintenance schedule with associated service intervals for the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster motorcycle, the cruiser based on the Bonneville 1200 platform.

It’s referred to sometimes as the Bonneville Speedmaster 1200 to distinguish it from the earlier Triumph Speedmaster 865, which also was called the Bonneville Speedmaster sometimes.

The maintenance schedule for the Bonneville Speedmaster with the “High Power” motor is very similar to those for other motorcycles with similar engines, such as the Triumph Speed Twin.

Triumph updated the Bonneville Speedmaster for 2021, updating the motor, and improving the front suspension.

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Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Service Intervals

The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster has 10000 mile / 16000 km or annual service intervals. At every service, change the engine oil and filter, and carry out a full suite of standard checks.

Check the spark plugs every two services (distance only — every 20000 miles / 32000 km), and on alternating major service change the plugs and check the valve clearances.

Since the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster has a liquid-cooled engine, you do need to periodically replace the coolant (Triumph recommends doing so every 3 years).

What you need to service your Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

You need the below parts/consumables to service your Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster (with the 1200 cc engine).

TriumphTriumph Bonneville Speedmaster 1200 spec
OilTriumph recommends 10W/40 or 10W/50 semi or fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil that meets specification API SH (or higher) and JASO MA, such as Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 (fully synthetic) engine oil, sold as Castrol Power RS Racing 4T 10W-40 (fully synthetic) in some countries. You can also use Motul 7100 10W-40, a high-quality synthetic.
Oil filterReplace the oil filter every time you change the oil. Use Triumph part number T1218001. You can also use Hiflofiltro’s HF204RC (better than K&N these days).
Brake fluidTriumph Thruxton/R motorcycles need DOT 4 brake fluid (they have a clutch cable, so you don’t need fluid for the clutch).
CoolantTriumph uses Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolant with a 50% ethylene glycol mix. Zerex G05 is a HOAT coolant that meets this spec.
Front brake padsA popular upgrade is EBC brake pads for better bite, less fade, and longer life. The part code is FA142HH.

See this image from the EBC brakes catalogue if you’re not sure.
EBC brakes Triumph 1200 motorcycles
Rear brake padsUse FA214/2HH for the rear brake pad (same for many Triumph motorcycles).
Spark plugsNGK code LMAR8A-9. Note they’re sold individually. Make sure they’re gapped to 0.9mm with an appropriate spark plug gap tool.
Air filterThe part number for the air filter is T2201122. You can also use K&N part TB-1216.
Cable maintenanceProtect All Cable Life is a good-quality cable maintenance product. You can also use engine oil (but it’s a bit messy)
Chain maintenanceA good kit to have on hand is the Motul chain care kit — including lubricant, cleaners, a brush, and so on.
Consumables for Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster 1200

Maintenance Schedule for the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster 1200

The following is the list of maintenance operations and to be done on the Bonneville Speedmaster 1200 with a distance or time interval — whichever comes earlier.

Part of the below table includes checks you should do every day.


  • [T]: You need Triumph official diagnostic equipment to do these things.
  • (E): Evaporative equipment fitted in some markets only
mi x 10000.510203040
km x 10000.816324864Every
Engine – check for leaks Day
Engine oil – replace (Motul 7100 10W-40)Year
Engine oil filter – replace (HF204RC)Year
Fuel System and Engine Management
[T] Autoscan – Carry out a full AutoscanYear
Fuel system – check for leaks
Fuel system – check fuel hoses for chafing, cracks or damage. Replace if necessary.
Air cleaner – replace (TB-1216)
Fuel filter – replace
Throttle body plate (butterfly) – check/clean
Throttle bodies – balance
Fuel hoses – replace 4 years
Evaporative hoses (E) – replace (if equipped)4 years
Ignition system
Spark plugs – check
Spark plugs – replace (LMAR8A-9)
Cooling system
Cooling system – check for leaks Year
Cooling system – check coolant hoses for chafing, cracks, or damage. Replace if necessary.
Coolant level – check/adjustDay
Coolant – replace (Zerex G05)3 years
Clutch cable – check function and adjust as necessary. Lubricate with Protect all cable lifeDay
Valve clearances – check/adjust
Camshaft timing
Wheels and Tires
Wheels – inspect for damageDay
Wheel bearings – check for wear/smooth operationYear
Tyre wear/tyre damage – checkDay
Tyre pressures – check/adjustDay
Steering and Suspension
Steering – check for free operationDay
Front and rear suspension – check for damage/leaks/smooth operationDay
Fork oil – replace
Steering head bearings – check/adjust Year
Steering head bearings – lubricate
Rear suspension unit linkage – lubricate
[T] ABS and immobiliser ECMs – check for stored DTCsYear
Brake pads – check wear levels Day
Brake master cylinders – check for fluid leaksYear
Brake calipers – check for fluid leaks and seized pistonsYear
Brake fluid levels – checkDay
Brake fluid – replace (Castrol DOT 4)2 years
Drive Chain
Drive chain slack – check/adjust
See below notes for checking / adjusting the drive chain slack
Drive chain rubbing strips – check for wear, cracks or damageDay
All lights, instruments and electrical systems – check/adjustDay
[T] Instruments, chassis ECM (if equipped) and engine ECM – check for latest calibration download using the Triumph diagnostic tool
Bank angle indicators – check for wearDay
Fasteners – inspect visually for securityDay
Center and/or side stand – check for wear/smooth operationYear
Center stand flanged sleeves (if equipped) – clean/greaseYear
Side stand pivot pin – clean/grease
[T] Carry out all outstanding Service Bulletin and warranty workYear
Carry out road testYear
[T] Complete the service record book and reset the service indicator.Year
Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster (2018-2020) maintenance schedule

Triumph Speedmaster Chain Maintenance

Triumph recommends you lubricate your Speedmaster’s chain and check the wear periodically according to the following schedule.

Drive chain – lubricate200 miles (300 km)
Drive chain – wear check500 miles (800 km)
Triumph Street Triple — Chain Maintenance

You also need to regularly check the slack of the chain per the schedule.

How to check chain slack on the Triumph Speedmaster

Every brand of motorcycle measures chain slack differently. For Triumph, slack is the free vertical movement of the center part of the bottom chain segment. This is also valid on the Speedmaster.

Triumph motorcycle chain slack measurement
Triumph motorcycle chain slack measurement (from owner’s manual)
  1. You need a ruler (or tape measure) and nitrile gloves or a rag (to avoid getting grease on your hands)
  2. Put the motorcycle in neutral, on a level service, and elevate the rear wheel with a stand or center stand if you have one fitted.
  3. Rotate the wheel and find the tightest part of the chain, in the middle.
  4. Use a finger to lightly push the chain up and down. Measure the deflection, which is the chain slack.

Target chain slack: 20-30 mm (0.8 – 1.2 in)

How to adjust chain slack

The procedure is similar to on many motorcycles, but of course specifics vary between brands.

You need wrenches and torque wrenches to re-tighten the rear wheel. You need a large torque wrench for the rear axle.

  1. Keep the motorcycle’s rear wheel elevated.
  2. Loosen the rear axle nut.
  3. Loosen the lock nuts on the left-hand and right-hand sides.
  4. Turn the adjuster bolts, usually counter-clockwise, extending the bolt “outward” to lengthen the chain and make it tighter. (Sometimes you’ll want to make it looser — in those cases, turn it clockwise / inward)
  5. Make sure to adjust the bolts the same amount on each side — check the markings.
  6. Tighten both adjuster lock nuts to 15 lb-ft / 20 Nm, and the rear axle nut to 81 lb-ft / 110 Nm (“very tight”).
Adjust chain slack — Triumph motorcycle
Adjust chain slack — Triumph motorcycle

About the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster (2018-2020)

The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is a cruiser based on the Bonneville T120.

The engine is the same liquid-cooled parallel twin 1200 HT motor, pushing out 78 ft-lb (106 Nm) at 4000 rpm, with peak power of a respectable 56 kW (76 hp) at 6100 rpm. It’s a parallel twin with a 270-degree crank, which means there’s a distinctive and rich exhaust note.

The engine is even more torque-forward than in the T120, with peak torque 10% higher at 4500 rpm, right in the meat of the rev range.

Servicing the Bonneville Speedmaster is in line with other liquid-cooled twins. The service intervals are every 10000 miles (16000 km), at which point you have to change the oil and most filters, and check the valves. These valve service intervals are shorter than on most motorcycles, but luckily they’re easy to do, being on a parallel twin with not much in the way to get there.

Ride gear for the Bonneville Speedmaster is decent, with 41mm KYB cartridge forks up front and a monoshock rear suspension unit with preload adjustability. Front brakes are 310mm discs with Brembo 2-piston calipers, and a single Nissin caliper at the rear gripping a 255 mm disc.

Even from this 2018 model, the Bonneville Speedmaster 1200 had cruise control.

For the 2021 model year, Triumph updated the Bonneville Speedmaster, re-tuning the engine for Euro 5 spec, and updating the suspension. Triumph also updated the maintenance schedule, so we’ve kept it separate.

Manual for the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster, which is available on the Triumph website.

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