Ducati Diavel 1st Gen (1198cc, 2011-2014) Maintenance Schedule

This is the maintenance schedule for the first gen Ducati Diavel, released in 2011 and produced until 2014, with an 1198cc engine. It was replaced in 2015 with 2nd Gen Ducati Diavel, which had a new twin spark engine.

Some of the 2nd gen Ducati Diavels were available in 2014, as a 2015 model year. It’s a little confusing. But you should know which one you have!

During its lifetime, the Ducati Diavel 1st Gen was released in a number of different trims. Some are largely aesthetic, but the Carbon and AMG SE versions have DLC-coated fork tubes and Marchesini lightweight wheels. The Strada has a screen and bags. There are a couple of other variants with some combinations of the above, too.

Here are the other motorcycles in the Ducati Diavel and XDiavel range:

But they all kept the underlying 1198cc Testastretta 11 degree L-twin engine that produces 121 kW (162 hp) at 9500 rpm, so the maintenance schedule is the same for all of them.

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Ducati Diavel 1st gen (2011-2014) Service Intervals

The 1st gen Ducati Diavel has 7500 mile / 12000 km service intervals. Note that this service interval is a little less than the 2nd gen 2015+ Diavel with the twin spark engine.

Every 7500 mile / 12000 km service or every year, change the engine oil and filter. You should also either clean or change the air filter, and do a usual list of checks.

Every second service (15000 miles or 24000 km) is the major “Desmo” service in which you should change the spark plugs, change the timing belts, and check / adjust the valve clearances. This is the big one and it’s usually quite an expensive service.

Ducati also recommends changing the fork fluid at this point, something that not every manufacturer does.

Because the Diavel has belt-driven cams, you have to also replace the belts on a time interval — every 5 years.

Besides that, regularly replace the engine coolant and brake and clutch fluid.

What you need to service your Ducati Diavel

So you service your own Ducatis do you? Awesome! (Even if you’re just changing the oil.)

Here are the things you need to service your own Ducati Diavel.

PartDucati Diavel spec
OilDucati recommends “Shell Advance 4T Ultra 15W-50“. This is hard to come by, but their core requirement is a JASO MA spec oil, which could include any high-grade oil like Motul 7100 15W-50.
Oil filterChange the filter every time you change the oil. The Ducati part number is 44440038A. You can also use a Hiflofiltro HF153RC, a high-quality replacement that’s easier to change.
Timing beltsDucati part number for the toothed timing belts is 73740252A.
Spark plugsThe spark plugs are NGK MAR9A-J.
Air filterThe standard air cleaner part number is 42610201A. Use a K&N part for easier availability, part number DU-1007.
Chain maintenanceYour standard Diavel has a chain drive (the XDiavel has a belt). Motul chain paste is a popular chain lubricant, and a Motul chain care kit gives you a few extra useful bits.
Brake padsFront brake pads part is 61340901A (for one pair), or the EBC part number is FA447HH. Rear brake pads part is 61340941A, or the EBC part number is FA209/2HH.
Brake and clutch fluidUse Castrol DOT 4 fluid.
Fork fluidDucatis need their fork fluid changed every 2 years (unusual as a motorcycle maintenance task). Ducati recommends Shell Advance Fork 7.5 or Donax TA.
Ducati Diavel 1st Gen replacement/maintenance parts

Regular maintenance for the Ducati Diavel 1st Gen

This is maintenance that you can do yourself (though the manual says you need a dealer to do it).

Every 1 000 km/ 600 miles OR 6 months (whichever comes earlier), perform the following maintenance:

Ducati Diavel regular maintenance
Checking the engine oil level
Check the brake and clutch fluid level
Check tyre pressure and wear
Check the drive chain tension and lubrication
Check the brake pads
Regular maintenance for the Ducati Diavel

2011-2014 Ducati Diavel 1st Gen Maintenance Schedule Table

The following is the list of maintenance operations and to be done on this motorcycle with a distance or time interval — whichever comes earlier. It’s similar to the 2nd gen, but the service interval is slightly narrower, and some parts are different.

This maintenance schedule is in the same format as in the manual, though altered to fit this screen.

Items marked [D] are for Ducati dealers to do (they need the fancy gear).

km x 100012243648Time
mi x 10007.51522.530(Months)
[D] Read the error memory with DDS and check the software version update on control units12
[D] Check whether there are technical updates and recall campaigns12
Change engine oil and filter (Ducati recommends Shell Advance Ultra, but Motul 7100 15W-50 is also well-liked by dealers. Oil filter part number is 44440038A)12
Clean the engine oil mesh filter assembly
Check and/or adjust valve clearance
Change timing belts (73740252A)60
Replace the spark plugs (NGK MAR10A-J)
Clean the air filter
Change the air filter (DU-1007)
Check brake and clutch fluid level 12
Change brake and clutch fluid (Castrol DOT 4)36
Check brake disc and pad wear. Replace, if necessary12
Check the proper tightening of brake caliper bolts and brake disc carrier bolts12
Check front and rear wheel nuts tightening12
Check tightening of frame to engine fasteners
Check wheel hub bearings
Check and lubricate the rear wheel shaft
Check the cush drive damper on rear sprocket
Check the proper tightening of secondary drive front and rear sprocket nuts12
Check final drive (chain, front and rear sprocket) and sliding shoes wear 12
Check final drive chain tension and lubrication 12
Check steering bearings and lubricate, if necessary
Change the front fork fluid
Visual check of front fork and rear shock absorber seals12
Check the freedom of movement and tightening of the side and central stand (if any)12
Visual check of the fuel lines12
Check rubbing points, clearance, freedom of movement and positioning of hoses and electric wiring in view12
Lubricate the levers at the handlebar and pedal controls 12
Change coolant (Ducati requires ethylene glycol-based coolant)48
Check the coolant level and check circuit for damage 12
Check tyre pressure and wear12
Check the battery charge level12
Check the operation of the safety electrical devices (side stand switch, front and rear brake switches, engine stop switch, gear/neutral sensor)12
Check lighting, turn indicators, horn and controls 12
[D] Reset the Service indication through the DDS
Road test of the motorcycle, testing safety devices (ex. ABS and DTC), electric fans and idling 12
Softly clean the motorcycle 12
[D] Fill out that the service was performed in on-board documentation 12
Maintenance schedule for the Ducati Diavel 2011-2014

About the 1st gen Ducati Diavel (2011-2014)

The Ducati Diavel 1st Gen (then just known as the Ducati Diavel) was Ducati’s second foray into the power cruiser market, the first one having been a long time ago.

The riding position of the Ducati Diavel is quite standard, but so comfortable that it can be compared to a cruiser bike with mid controls. Knees are at a relaxed open angle, and the handlebars are far back enough that no forward lean is necessary to ride it.

The base of the Diavel is the 1198 degree Testastretta engine from the superbike range. It’s tuned for more road-going use, but not that much… it still makes a pretty insane 121 kW (162 hp), which puts many other muscle bikes to shame!

The Diavel actually has a mixed identity. Even though it’s marketed as a cruiser, there’s a lot that’s still very Ducati about it. It leans, for one thing. It’s lightweight, for another — at only 234 kg (516 lb) wet, it’s almost in naked bike territory, which is impressive given the size of the Ducati Diavel and its power.

And finally, the Ducati Diavel 1st gen likes to rev. It has good torque even from just 3000 rpm (when it’s above 60 ft-lb/80 Nm at the wheel, and doesn’t drop below there all the way to the redline — which is above 10000 rpm. That’s very sporty performance.

So pretty much the only thing that the Ducati Diavel 1st gen has in common with most cruisers motorcycles is that it has a twin and a comfortable seating position.

The Ducati Diavel 1st gen came in a number of iterations over its 5 year (2011-2014) lifespan. The engine, brakes, rear shock, chassis, and electronics were all the same over this period, but there were a few variables that changed between them. These were as follows:

PartBase model, Cromo, DarkDarkCarbonAMG SpecialStrada
ForkMarzocchi 50mmMarzocchi 50mm with DLC coatingMarzocchi 50mm with DLC coatingMarzocchi 50mm with DLC coatingMarzocchi 50mm
ShockSachs monoshockSachs monoshockSachs monoshockSachs monoshockSachs monoshock
Wheels14-spoke light alloy14-spoke light alloyMarchesini forged/machined 9-spokeAMG 5-spoke wheel14-spoke light alloy
Wet weight239 kg239 kg234 kg245 kg (540 lb)
AccessoriesCarbon fiber panels, seat cover, mud guardAlcantara seat, sport exhaust, carbon fiber partsTouring screen + seat, back-rest, luggage, power outlets
Model variants — Ducati Diavel 2011-2014
2012 Ducati Diavel AMG Studio RHS
Ducati Diavel AMG with signature wheels and decals

The Diavel got a stablemate a couple of years after initial launch, the Ducati XDiavel, with a bigger, more advanced DVT engine, more tech, and an even more comfortable (feet splayed out) seating position.

Ducati Diavel 1st Gen Owner’s Manual

The above info was sourced from the owner’s manual for a Ducati Diavel from 2014, checked against other years. You can see a few screenshots below.

An archive copy of the XDiavel’s manual is below.

You can download the manual from the Ducati website here.

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