BMW R 12 nineT (2024+) Complete Maintenance Schedule

This is the complete maintenance schedule for the BMW R 12 nineT, released as a 2024 model year onward.

The BMW R 12 nineT is ostensibly a replacement for the 2021-onward BMW R nineT (the “classic” high-end version). It has the same engine platform, but the chassis and suspension are different, with an angled rear shock rather than the upright one that the R nineT line had.

Like the bike it replaces, the BMW R 12 nineT has an 1170 cc air/oil-cooled boxer engine that makes around 80 kW / 107 bhp at 7000 rpm. The specs are ever so slightly peakier than the current gen R nineT.

Final drive is via a dry clutch plate and shaft.

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Service intervals for the BMW R 12 nineT

Like the bike it replaces (and other Camhead models), the BMW R 12 nineT has relatively short 6000 mile / 10000 km or annual service intervals. At every service, you have to change the oil and filter and also check the valve clearances, plus do a series of other checks.

In recent years, BMW has been updating the service requirements of its boxer motorcycles, requiring more attention to the shaft final drive. BMW actually recommends replacing the drive shaft every 48000 miles / 80000 km, or as needed.

Luckily, the valve clearance inspection is only by distance, and it isn’t too hard on the R 12 nineT. Once you’re changing the oil at that point, it’s easy to remove the valve covers as they’re poking out the sides of the motorcycle rather than under a bunch of fairings. It doesn’t add much cost to the service.

Every two services, change the air filter and the spark plugs.

Finally, make sure to regularly replace the brake fluid.

What you need to service the BMW R 12 nineT — Consumables and Special Tools

For the BMW R 12 nineT, the manual recommends the following specific consumables.

PartBMW R 12 nineT Spec
Engine oilPer the manual, you need a maximum of 3.95 L (1 US gal) L of SAE 15W-50, API SJ/JASO MA2. Additives (for instance, molybdenum-based substances) are prohibited, because they would attack the coatings on engine components, BMW Motorrad recommends BMW Motorrad ADVANTEC Ultimate oil.
Oil filterAll BMW R bikes use a BMW/Mahle oil filter, part number 11 42 7 673 541. The best replacement is a Hiflofiltro HF164.
Spark plugsNGK MAR8AI-10DS This is what the manual suggests. Make sure it’s gapped correctly to 0.8mm (get a gapping tool).
Drive oilCalled the “Rear axle differential oil” in the manual. BMW recommends “SAE 70W-80 / hypoid axle G3”, but many hypoid gear oils work, e.g. Mobil 1 75W-90.
Alternator beltSuper annoying when this breaks! The part number is 11 31 8 528 385. It’s easiest to pick this up from a dealer.
BMW R 12 nineT consumables

This table will be updated as more parts diagrams are made available online.

BMW R 12 nineT Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the BMW R 12 nineT as per the manual, but made clearer so that you can understand what needs to happen more easily.


  • Observe the earlier of the time or distance-based interval.
  • The running check is omitted, as it’s usually performed by a dealer under warranty, but it’s basically a standard service and an oil change.
  • At the end of the schedule, continue in the pattern shown, every 6000 miles / 10000 km or year.
x 1000 km10203040
x 1000 mi6121824Every
BMW standard annual serviceXXXXYear
Engine oil and oil filter — Change (BMW Motorrad ADVANTEC Ultimate oil, BMW/Mahle oil filter, part number 11 42 7 721 779)XXXXYear
Rear bevel gear oil — ChangeXX2 years
Valve clearances — Check / adjustXXXX
Transmission oil — Change (Mobil 1 75W-90)XAfter 1 year, then every 2 years
Spark plugs — Replace (NGK MAR8AI-10DS)XX
Air filter — ReplaceXX
Alternator belt — Replace (11 31 8 528 385)X6 years
Telescopic fork oil — ChangeX
Universal (Drive) shaft — Inspect and lubricateX
Universal (Drive) shaft — Replace48000 miles / 80000 km
Change brake fluid in entire system (Castrol Dot 4)After 1 year, then every 2 years
BMW R 12 nineT maintenance schedule

BMW R 12 nineT Standard Annual Service

Below is the list of things to do as part of the standard annual service for the R 12 nineT. Do these items according to the schedule above.

Note: Some of the below tests, including those that need the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system or re-setting the service due date, require BMW-specific equipment. These are marked with a [B].

BMW R 12 nineT regular maintenance
[B] Perform vehicle test with BMW Motorrad diagnosis system
Visually inspect the clutch system (adjust free play and lubricate as necessary)
Check steering-head bearing
Visually inspect the brake lines, brake hoses and connections
Check front brake pads and brake discs for wear
Check front wheel brake fluid level
Check rear brake pads and brake disc for wear
Check rear wheel brake fluid level
Check tyre pressures and tread depth
Check side stand for ease of movement
Check tension of the spokes (if spoked rims fitted) and tighten as needed
Drain the oil condensate hose
Check the lighting and signal system
Functional check for engine start suppression
Final inspection and road safety check
[B] Set the service-due date and service countdown distance (using the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system)
Check battery charging state
[B] Confirm BMW service in the vehicle literature
BMW R 12 nineT — Standard service checklist

BMW R 12 nineT Tire Sizes and Pressures

The following are tire sizes and tire pressures for the BMW R 12 nineT.

The R 12 nineT has a cast wheel as stock, with Option 719 spoked rims. Both take tubeless tires.

Wheel/TireRim sizeSizePressure (cold)
Front3.5 x 17 inch120/70 ZR 172.5 bar (36 psi)
Rear5.5 x 17 inch180/55 ZR 172.7 bar (39 psi) one-up
2.9 bar (42 psi) two up with cargo
BMW R 12 nineT tyre size and pressure

Maintenance torque values

Below are some common maintenance torque values for the R 12 nineT.

Brake caliper on forks3828
Front wheel quick-release axle bolts (2 bolts)5037
Wheel speed sensor to fork86
Front wheel cover on fork54
Rear wheel on wheel carrier (5 bolts)6044
Gearshift lever86
Handlebar mirrors (LH thread)2216
Seat screws to frame64
Muffler attachment to frame1914
Muffler clamp on exhaust manifold2821
R 12 nineT Mainenance Torque Values

About the BMW R 12 nineT

BMW R 12 nineT riding position action RHS open helmet
BMW R 12 nineT

The BMW R 12 nineT is an extension and replacement for the already-iconic BMW R nineT.

BMW started the R nineT line in 2014. They took the twin cam engine from the existing R line (which has since been replaced by the liquid-cooled boxers) and bolted it into a stripped-back, naked sport bike chassis.

The result was a hit. A rumbly engine, reasonably low weight, a low-maintenance air/oil-cooled engine and a shaft drive… the BMW R nineT flew off the shelves.

BMW in 2017 added variants to the line, including some highly design-forward variants like the R nineT Racer.

But for the 2024 model. year, BMW revised the entire concept with the announcement of the R 12 nineT. There’s a new chassis, a new layout of the rear suspension, and two models — just the BMW R 12 nineT and the BMW R 12, a cruiser.

The R 12 nineT is much like the high-end R nineT (no sub-model). It has an adjustable inverted fork up front, a six-axis IMU, and cruise control — though cruise is now an option, not standard as it used to be. There’s also the option of a quick shifter, a first for the series from the factory.

But aside from that, the R 12 nineT is much the same as its predecessor. It’s a combinaton of old and new, with a rumbly air/oil-cooled engine that gives a torque reaction when you give it throttle at idle, but with a reasonably lightweight build, and enough keep-alive electronics to keep your loved ones happy you’re taking care of yourself.

The BMW R 12 nineT also comes with an optional digital TFT display, which is a first for the line. It’s thin and low profile, which somehow suits the aesthetic.

BMW R 12 nineT TFT display instruments

Existing owners of the R nineT have little reason to upgrade. I don’t think many who’d opt for a bike with twin gauges would be swayed by a digital display. The shock location change seems trivial, and people like the air snorkel on the right of the original R nineT.

The exhaust end is nice, though (never mind the larger underbody section), as is the pairing of spoked rims and tubeless tires. Tempting!

In terms of maintenance, not much has changed since the R nineT. But note that BMW has started recommending paying active attention to the shaft final drive. You have to plan on replacing it — for the R 12 nineT, every 48000 miles or 80000 km. However, BMW does say that this is subject to the condition of the final drive.

Reference — Screenshots from the Manual for the BMW R 12 nineT

Below is a screenshot of the maintenance schedule from which the above was transcribed (there’s more information in the manual about what the numbers on the left mean) for the R 12 nineT. The manual was released ahead of the motorcycle itself!

The above information comes from the owner’s manual for the 2024 model year of the BMW R 12 nineT. You can download the manual from BMW’s website directly here.

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