CFMOTO 800NK Simplified Maintenance Schedule

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the CFMOTO 800NK, the naked bike variant based on the same parallel twin as in the CFMOTO 800MT (a.k.a. the Ibex 800).

The CFMOTO 800NK’s engine is a 799 cc parallel-twin engine, the same as the one seen in the KTM 790 Duke — CFMOTO uses the engine through a technology partnership with KTM. It has a 285-degree crankshaft, which gives it an interesting bark. In the 800NK, the engine makes a spritely 74 kW / 99.2 hp at 9000 rpm. Final drive is via a chain and six-speed box.

The wet weight is a spry 186 kg / 410 lb, which makes for a sporty package.

The CFMOTO 800NK comes in different levels of spec, but they all share the same chassis and drivetrain and thus maintenance requirements (including tires and chain maintenance).

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Service Intervals for the CFMOTO 800NK

The basic maintenance interval of the CFMOTO 800NK is every 9000 miles / 15000 km or 12 months. At every one of these intervals, change the engine oil and filter, clean the oil strainer, and do a bunch of other checks.

The valve service is also a generous 18000 mi / 30000 km wide, just like on the KTM 790 motorcycles.

There are a few checks that CFMOTO recommends making intermittently. These are noted below. The CFMOTO owner’s manual actually has some quite unusual maintenance intervals, which is why we’ve simplified them to the lists below.

Aside from that, regularly maintain the chain, and also keep the brake fluid and the coolant fresh.

Maintenance schedule for the CFMOTO 800NK

The below maintenance schedule is adapted from the manual.

The maintenance schedule in the manual is quite odd. There’s a mash-up of maintenance intervals spanning every 3K miles to 18K miles, and it’s presented in a non-intuitive order. You can see the screenshots at the bottom. We’ve separated it out into

  • Regular service items
  • A Scheduled Maintenance table, e.g. oil changes and spark plugs
  • The annual inspection checklist.
  • Chain maintenance

Regular service

Do these items every 3000 mi / 5000 km, or the time indicated in the second column.

CFMOTO 800NK Regular ChecksEvery
Battery – Inspect, charge or replace if necessary6M
Fuses or circuit breakers – Inspect6M
Suspension system – Inspect
Cables and wires – Inspect for damage, bending and routing12 M
CFMOTO 800NK regular checks

Scheduled maintenance table

This is the maintenance schedule for most major items on the CFMOTO 800NK.


  • Follow the earlier of distance-based or time-based intervals.
  • Keep repeating this maintenance schedule in the pattern shown
  • Items marked “Inspect”: Adjust, repair, or replace them as necessary.
mi x 10009182736
km x 100015304560Every
Annual service checklist (see below) — Perform all itemsYear
Engine oil and oil filter – ReplaceYear
Oil strainer – CleanYear
Air filter element – ReplaceYear
Clutch – Inspect, adjust free play or replace as necessary
Idle – Inspect, and adjust if necessary
Throttle system – Inspect
Throttle valve – Clean
Valve clearance – Inspect
Spark plugs – Replace (LMAR9AI-10)
Frame – Inspect, service or replace if necessary
Brake fluid – Replace2 years
Coolant – Replace4 years
CFMOTO 800NK — Maintenance schedule table

Annual service checklist

This is the checklist of items to go over at every service per the schedule above. It’s mostly things you check visually.

CFMOTO 800NK — Annual Service Checklist
Coolant level and condition – Inspect, add coolant or replace if necessary
Electrical system function – Inspect
Wires – Inspect for damage, bending and routing
Tire condition – Inspect
Tire pressure – Inspect, adjust as necessary
Front and rear brake system – Inspect for correct function
Brake discs – Inspect
Brake pads – Inspect
Brake fluid level – Inspect, top up as necessary
Brake lever – Inspect for free play
Brake hoses – Inspect for damage and sealing
Steering bearings – Inspect, service or replace if necessary
Radiator fan – Inspect, service or replace if necessary
Coolant hoses – Inspect, service or replace if necessary
Chain, rear sprocket and engine sprocket wear condition – Inspect, replace if necessary
Rear shock absorber and front forks – Inspect for leaking (maintain according to requirement)
Chain guard – Inspect, replace if necessary
Diagnostic connector – Read with CFMOTO diagnostic tools
Wheel bearings – Inspect free play and smoothness
Not necessary to check if you haven’t ridden the motorcycle
Moving parts – Lubricate, inspect for flexibility
Bolts and nuts – Inspect for fastness
Pipes, ducts, hoses and sleeves – Inspect for cracks, sealing and routing
CFMOTO 800NK — Annual Service Checklist

Chain maintenance for the CFMOTO 800NK

As the CFMOTO 800NK is a sporty middleweight motorcycle, it’s likely to get a bit of abuse. Aside form that, if you commute on it, it’ll be used in all kinds of conditions.

So, make sure you keep your chain well-maintained. Clean and lubricate it every time it gets wet or you wash your motorcycle, or per the periods below.

Also periodically check the chain tension, both in a static position and with a finger pressing on the middle part of the chain. Compare the deflection with the values below, and adjust chain tension at the rear wheel if necessary.

Chain maintenance itemEvery
Check lubrication, and lubricate if necessary350 mi / 600 km, or after riding on rainy days
Chain tension — Check and adjust600 mi / 1000 km
CFMOTO 800NK Chain Maintenance
CFMOTO 800NK Chain tension maintenance graphic
CFMOTO 800NK Chain tension maintenance

To check chain tension on the CFMOTO 800NK:

  • Put the bike on its side stand on a level surface, and put the transmission in neutral.
  • Push the chain up to measure the tension. Target chain tension for the CFMOTO 800NK is 1.2-1.6 inches (30-40 mm).
  • Make the measurement in multiple parts of the chain.
  • If the tension is out of spec, you have to adjust it.

First ensure that the chain isn’t overly worn. Tension the chain by hanging a 10 kg / 22 lb weight on the bottom of the chain. Then measure a straight segment of the chain. The distance between 20 links should be 320.7mm (12.6 inches) at a maximum. If it’s too long, you should replace the chain.

To adjust the chain tension on the CFMOTO 800NK:

  1. Loosen the rear wheel nut and the left and right locking nuts.
  2. Adjust the adjusting bolts to change the chain tension. Adjust them the same amount, looking at the reference marks to make sure they’re aligned.
  3. When the chain is at its correct tension, tighten the axle nut (90 Nm / 66 lb-ft). Check the chain tension again to make sure it’s still within spec.
  4. Tighten the lock nuts.

Wheels and Tires for the CFMOTO 800NK

The CFMOTO 800NK, being a sport bike, runs very standard sport bike tire sizes and MAXXIS Supermax ST2 tubeless tires.

WheelRim sizeTire sizeRecommended tire pressure (cold)
Front3.5 x 17120/70 R 1735 psi / 240 kPa
Rear5.5 x 17*180/55 R 1738 psi / 260 kPa
CFMOTO 800NK recommended tire size and pressures

* Note: The manual says 3.5 x 17 for the rear rim size, but CFMOTO’s spec sheet says 5.5 x 17. Other sources (e.g. here) say 4.5 x 17.

About the CFMOTO 800NK

2023 CFMOTO 800NK Sport action on track
2023 CFMOTO 800NK Sport on track

The CFMOTO 800NK is a sport naked bike from CFMOTO. It’s part of CFMOTO’s alliance with KTM on design and engines, and it shows — the 800NK is a high-end, well-built motorcycle that doesn’t appear to cut corners, which is the stereotype people often have of Chinese-built motorcycles.

The CFMOTO is built on the 790 platform. KTM moved on from the 790 to the 890 and even 990 platforms since then, but has brought back the 790 for many international markets as a budget option. So the CFMOTO 800NK competes with the 790 Duke for attention.

The engine makes a competent 74 kW / 99.2 hp at 9000 rpm — an excellent midrange powerband that makes the 800NK a worthy alternative to bikes like the BMW F 900 R or the Honda CB750 Hornet. Though it doesn’t quite match up to the peak power of the 990 Duke or the Triumph Street Triple RS.

The CFMOTO 800NK also comes in “Advanced” spec, that includes a steering damper, keyless ignition, a quickshifter, and a huge 8-inch dash that looks like having an iPad in front of you.

CFMOTO 800NK Advanced large display
CFMOTO 800NK Advanced large display

In terms of specs, the CFMOTO 800NK is mostly what you’d expect for a middleweight, mid-market sport naked these days.

There’s a fully adjustable fork up front (rebound on one fork leg, and compression on the other), and a semi-adjustable shock at the rear.

Brakes are twin 320 mm discs with radial 4-piston calipers.

Some of the distinguishing features of the CFMOTO 800NK are more worth mentioning. Both the Sport an Advanced models come with cruise control as standard. The TFT display gives Apple CarPlay support. And the TFT on the Advances is huge — 8 inches makes it larger than any smartphone.

Reference — Screenshots from the CFMOTO 800NK’s Manual

The above information came from the manual for the CFMOTO 800NK, which is available in Italian on the European website, or in English on the US website.

We used the US maintenance schedule, but translated the maintenance schedule and relevant information ourselves to cross-reference it with the rest-of-world maintenance requirements.

You can download manuals for the CFMOTO motorcycles from the USA website.

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