KTM 890 Adventure (2021+) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the KTM 890 Adventure, the less aggressively high-spec sibling to the KTM 890 Adventure R.

It’s also a little sibling to the 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S, the street touring of the bigger range.

Like its predecessor (the 790 Adventure), the 890 Adventure is a “middleweight” adventure sport-touring motorcycle based on a parallel twin engine.

The 890 Adventure’s engine is an 889 cc DOHC liquid-cooled 8-valve motor that makes peak torque of 100 Nm (74 ft-lb) at 6500 rpm and peak power of 78 kW (105 hp) at 8000 rpm, both more than the predecessor.

There’s a host of other improvements to the KTM 890 Adventure over the KTM 790 Adventure, including to the drivetrain and to the rider electronics — see below for details.

In 2023, KTM released a sport touring motorcycle based on the same platform, the KTM 890 SMT. See its maintenance schedule here.

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KTM 890 Adventure Service Intervals

Overall, the KTM 890 Adventure has 9300 mile / 15000 km service intervals. At every service, change the oil and filter, and do a host of checks.

The major service for the 890 Adventure is every 18600 miles or 30000 km, at which point you check the valve clearances and change the spark plugs.

The 890 Adventure has a hydraulic clutch, so change the clutch fluid at the same time as when you change the brake fluid (every 2 years).

Finally, as the 890 Adventure has a chain drive, you need to regularly service it, particularly when riding in dust and wet.

What you need to service your KTM 890 Adventure

Apart from basic motorcycle maintenance tools, here are a few spares, fluids, and consumables that will help you service your KTM adventure bike.

PartKTM 890 Adventure spec
Engine oilThe manual specifies Motorex Power Synthetic 4T 10W/50, or another SAE 10W-50 fully synthetic engine oil that meets JASO T903 MA2 spec, e.g. Motul 7100 10W-50.
Oil filterUse part number 61338015200 or Hiflofiltro part HF650, a popular equivalent. (This oil filter is used in most KTM adventure bikes.)
Air filterA well-recommended one is the K&N KT-1113.
Fork oilThe manual recommends SAE 4 fork oil, e.g. Motorex 4W fork oil.
Brake fluidThe manual requires DOT 4 or DOT 5.1, recommending Castrol DOT 4 or Motorex DOT 5.1 brake fluid.
CoolantKTM recommends Motorex Coolant M3.0 or other “high-grade, silicate-free coolant with corrosion inhibitors”.
Spark plugUse an NGK LMAR9AI-10 to change spark plugs.
Chain maintenanceUse Motul chain paste, a conveniently small and highly regarded chain lubricant.
KTM 890 Adventure service items

Maintenance Schedule for the KTM 890 Adventure

Below is the maintenance schedule for the KTM 890 Adventure, adapted from the manual, and simplified somewhat.

In the original manual, the KTM splits service into “required” and “recommended” maintenance. But the “recommended” items are required in other brands’ manuals, so it’s suggested you take the recommendation seriously! In later manuals, KTM re-combined the checklists anyway.

We restructured this slightly into a “service schedule” and a checklist of items to do at every service.

Service schedule


  • Maintenance schedule intervals for the 890 Adventure are 15000 km (9300 mi), with a major service (valve service & new plugs) every two intervals.
  • After the end of the service schedule, keep repeating it in this pattern.
  • Follow the earlier of time-based or distance-based service intervals.
miles x 10000.629.318.6
km x 100011530Every
Standard inspection checklist (see below) — Check all items.Year
Change the engine oil. (Motorex Power Synthetic 4T 10W/50)Year
Change the oil filter (HF650)Year
Clean the oil screensYear
Change the air filter (KT-1113), clean the air filter box.
Change the spark plugs (LMAR9AI-10)
Check / adjust the valve clearances
Check/correct the fluid level of the hydraulic clutch.Year
Change the front brake fluid (Motorex DOT 5.1)2 years
Change the rear brake fluid (Motorex DOT 5.1)2 years
Change the hydraulic clutch fluid (Motorex DOT 5.1)2 years
Change the coolant (Motorex Coolant M3.0)4 years
Check/clean the oil nozzle for clutch lubrication
Check the headlight setting
Check the fork bearing for play
Clean the dust boots of the fork legs
Check the wheel bearing for play
Check the cables for damage and routing without kinksYear
Check the fuel pressure.Year
Check the frame
Check the link fork
KTM 890 Adventure Maintenance Schedule

Standard inspection checklist

Below is the standard checklist of items to do at every service.

KTM 890 Adventure Standard Inspection Checklist
[Dealer] Read out the fault memory using the KTM diagnostics tool.
[Dealer] Program the shift shaft sensor.
Check that the electrical system is functioning properly.
Change the engine oil and the oil filter, clean the oil screens.
Check the front brake linings.
Check the rear brake linings.
Check the brake discs.
Check the brake lines for damage and leakage
Check the front brake fluid level.
Check the rear brake fluid level.
Check/correct the fluid level of the hydraulic clutch.
Check the free travel of the clutch lever
Check the free travel of the foot brake lever
Check the coolant fill level and antifreeze
Check the shock absorber and fork for leaks. Perform service as needed and depending on how the vehicle is used.
Check the steering head bearing for play.
Check the tire condition
Check tire pressure
Check the spoke tension, retighten as necessary.
Re-tighten at first service.
Check the rim run-out
Check the chain tension
Check that the radiator fan is functioning properly.
Empty the drainage hoses
Check all hoses (fuel, coolant, bleeder, drainage etc.) and sleeves for cracking, leaks, and incorrect routing
Final check: Check the vehicle is roadworthy and take a test ride.
Grease all moving parts (e.g. side stand, hand lever, chain) and check for smooth operation
[Dealer] Read out the error memory after the test ride using the KTM diagnostics tool.
Check the tightness of the safety-relevant screws and nuts which are easily accessible.
[Dealer] Set the service interval display.
[Dealer] Make a service entry in KTMDealer.net
KTM 890 Adventure Inspection Checklist

Chain Maintenance on the KTM 890 Adventure

As the KTM 890 Adventure is an adventure bike (it’s right there in the name!) you need to service the KTM 890 Adventure R’s chain regularly… this is a bike on which the chain is likely to get a lot of abuse (in dusty, dirty conditions, etc.).

Use a good-quality and portable lubricant like Motul Chain Paste, which is highly regarded, and very portable.

Here’s the chain maintenance schedule:

Chain maintenance itemEvery
Check the chain, rear sprocket, and engine sprocket condition
Chain length: 18 rollers = 272 mm maximum
Check the chain tension (see notes below)Service
KTM 890 Adventure Chain Maintenance

To check the chain condition on the 890 Adventure:

  1. Put the bike up on a centre stand (or raise up the rear somehow).
  2. Put the transmission into neutral.
  3. Pull on the lower chain section with 15 kg / 33 lb of weight.
  4. Measure the distance of 18 rollers (checking against the max spec).

If the chain is more loose than the max spec, replace it, along with the sprockets.

To check the chain tension, the manual and the sticker on the side of the motorcycle are a bit confusing. Here’s a slightly clearer guide.

KTM 890 Adventure and Adventure R chain tension
KTM 890 Adventure and Adventure R chain tension
  1. Find the plastic chain slider, go to the end, and go 2.5 cm (or one inch) apast the end.
  2. Push the chain up and try to make it touch the metal swing arm.
  3. Measure the distance from the flat part of the link fork directly above the chain to the chain. Target spec: 2-5mm (0.08-0.2 in).

If the tension is not within this spec, adjust the chain tension.

KTM 890 Adventure adjust chain tension
KTM 890 Adventure and Adventure R adjust chain tension

To adjust the chain tension, you have to

  1. Loosen the axle nut and lock nuts on either side of the axle.
  2. Turn the adjusting screw until you reach the target chain tension spec.
  3. Make sure you check the reference marks, to make sure you’re adjusting both sides of the motorcycle the same amount.
  4. Tighten the lock nuts, and then tighten the axle nut (90 Nm / 66.4 lb-ft of torque)
  5. Check the chain tension again.

Wheels and Tyres for the KTM 890 Adventure

The manual recommends the following tyre sizes and pressures.

Adjust the pressures according to your own preferences, setup, ride style and conditions.

WheelTyre sizeRecommended
Tyre pressure (cold)
Front90/90 – 21 M/C 54V M+S TL35 psi (2.4 bar)
Back150/70 R 18 M/C 70V M+S TL42 psi (2.9 bar)
KTM 890 Adventure recommended tyre sizes and pressures

The tyres that ship with the 890 Adventure are Avon TrailRiders, which are less aggressive than the TKC 80 tyres on the 890 Adventure R. You can no-doubt fit more aggressive tyres to your 890 Adventure though.

Tightening Torque specs

Below are some core tightening torque specs from the manual. There are quite a few more in the manual for you to peruse.

Oil drain plugs (x2)2015
Oil filter cover screws64
Spark plugs118
Front sprocket10074
Rear axle9066
Front axle4533
Steering head1813
Top triple clamp1511
Front brake caliper4533
Rear brake caliper pin2216
KTM 890 Adventure tightening torque specs

About the KTM 890 Adventure

The KTM 890 Adventure was announced late in 2020 for the 2021 model year.

It was a rather unexpectedly quick update to the 790 Adventure model line which seemed as if it would be a KTM mainstay for a while. Needless to say, many buyers of the 790 adventure were a little disappointed that their bikes were already out of date.

But the 890 Adventure is a clear upgrade. It has more power, more refined riding gear, and passes Euro 5 emissions restrictions — so it had to happen.

The 890 Adventure (and other motorcycles in the 890 range) is based on an 889cc liquid-cooled DOHC parallel twin.

In the 890 Adventure, this engine is tuned to make 71 kW (105 hp) at 8000 rpm and peak torque of 100 Nm (74 ft-lb) at 6500 rpm — perfect “middleweight bike” territory, competitive with others in the sub-litre class like the Ducati Multistrada 950.

The 890 Adventure R is the star of the series, so when looking at the regular 890 Adventure you may wonder what you’re missing out on.

So here’s how the 890 Adventure differs from the 890 Adventure R:

  • Tyres — The first thing many notice visually is the tyres. the Avon Trailrider tyres are much less aggressive than the Continental Twinduro TKC 80 tyres on the R and R Rally. The wheel sizes are the same though — 21 inches up front and 18 in the rear.
  • Lower spec suspension — the 890 Adventure gets WP Apex suspension, with slightly less suspension travel. You can adjust preload and rebound damping on the shock, but the front suspension is non-adjustable on the standard 890 Adventure. (The Adventure R gets fully adjustable WP Xplor suspension front and rear)
  • Shorter wheelbase, lower height — the shorter travel means that the 890 Adventure is shorter and lower. This will make it easier to handle, giving it an advantage in some situations and for some riders.
  • Taller windscreen — the 890 Adventure is more geared for long-distance travel, and so benefits from more wind protection.

Apart from that, the KTM 890 Adventure gets the same engine at its base, tuned for the same power, and has the same rider aids as standard and options.

In 2022, KTM’s sibling brand Husqvarna released the Husqvarna Norden 901, a middleweight adventure tourer based on the same platform.

Manual for the KTM 890 Adventure

The above maintenance schedule comes from the user’s manual for the KTM 890 Adventure from 2020.

The schedule is similar to that on the Adventure R, but the manuals are different.

You can get the user manual directly from KTM’s website.

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