2021 BMW R nineT Torque Specs

Below are the torque specs for motorcycles in the 2021 BMW R nineT range, including (below are links to the main maintenance schedules for each motorcycle)

This is about maintenance torque, not the peak torque of the motor.

Here they are — 2021+ BMW R nine T Torque specs.

See also — 2017 BMW R nineT torque specs, for the full range of BMW R nineT motorcycles in 2017-2020.

Motorcycle part (BMW R nineT, all models, 2021+)Torque (Nm)Torque (ft-lb)
Front brake caliper bolts3828
Clamping bolts in axle mount (tighten the screws 6 times, alternating between them)1914
Screw in quick-release axle5037
Rear wheel on wheel carrier (tighten crosswise)6044
Mirror arm on adapter2216
Mirror adapter to clamping block2518
Mirror on spacer sleeve32
Headlight on bracket1914
Front wheel cover on fork54
Footrest system on rear frame1914
Passenger seat frame on luggage frame86
Retaining bridge on rear frame86
Clamp on silencer (exhaust) pipe and exhaust manifold2821
Silencer on passenger frame1914
Bracket for silencer on rear frame1914
Silencer on bracket107
BMW R nineT Torque Specs reference table

When to use these BMW R nineT torque specs

Use these torque specs at your periodic service ever 10,000 km/6000 miles.

The BMW R nineT has a large-cylinder boxer twin. It’s quite a shaky motorcycle. Like many other big twins, bolts come loose and sometimes get lost.

Part of the recommended periodic checks for the R nineT including checking torques — check them against the above list.

What you need to keep the BMW R nineT within torque

You can either use your “gut feeling” to torque down bolts, or you can use a variety of torque wrenches.

Whether you use metric or imperial, you’re going to need two primary torque wrenches to keep the BMW R nineT within torque spec.

  • Tekton small torque wrench with 1/4 inch driver (2.2-22.2 Nm / 1.7-16.7 ft-lb) — note that the ft-lb scale on this is in inch-lb
  • Tekton medium torque wrench with 1/2 inch driver (13.6-203.5 Nm / 10-150 ft-lb)

Both those products are usually $35-40 on Amazon and are very well-priced and high quality.

Reference for torque specs for the BMW R nineT

BMW R nineT Torque specs image 1
BMW R nineT Torque Specs (partial screenshot)

The above torque specs came from the manual for the BMW R nineT 2021.

You can download the full manual from BMW Motorrad here.

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