SWM Superdual X/T (2017+) Maintenance Schedule

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the SWM Superdual X/T, the single-cylinder bike bike built by the revitalised SWM.

It comes in two guises — X and T, with respectively an off-road/dual-sport bias and a more road-oriented touring bias.

The SWM Superdual X is a dual-sport motorcycle that has been drawing attention in the adventure riding community. The core of the engine is the same 600 cc thumper that used to power the Husqvarna TE630, but it has been redesigned to suit SWM’s needs. In fact, the SWM Superdual X is made in the old Husqvarna factory in Italy.

The SWM Superdual T is the same fundamental bike but with road-going 19/17 front and wheel tires, in contrast with the 21/18 setup of the SWM Superdual X.

SWM quotes the engine (for both models) as producing 42 kW (56 hp) at 7500 rpm, though it’s not an engine that likes being revved out at full throttle. Final drive is via a six-speed box and chain.

The engine in the SWM Superdual is the same as that used in the AJP PR7, though in a different state of tune.

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SWM Superdual X / T Service Intervals

Overall, the SWM Superdual X / T has quite narrow 3000 mi / 5000 km service intervals. At every service, check and adjust the valve clearances, check the spark plug, and do a host of other checks.

The SWM Superdual’s oil change service interval is actually wider. You only have to check the oil every 6000 miles or 10000 km. (Usually, the valve service interval is the one that’s wider.) Change the spark plug at the same time.

SWM recommends you change the air filter when you change the oil, and clean it between services.

SWM Superdual X / T Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the SWM Superdual X / T.

It’s adapted from the manual, though edited to make it easier to read and understand. For example

  • We separated out simple maintenance checks into a maintenance checklist, below.
  • The schedule is re-ordered, putting important items like oil changes and valve services at the top.
  • We replaced the Italian abbreviations (e.g. P for Pulire) with a simpler-to-read checkmark system.
  • Finally, the whole thing is edited for legibility (the alignment in the original table is weird).
km x 100015101520
mi x 10000.636912
Inspection checklist (see below) – Perform
Engine oil – Change (Motul 7100 5W40)
Engine oil intake filter – Clean
Spark plug – Inspect
Gap: 0.027-0.031 in
Spark plug – Replace (NGK CR8EB)
Spark plug cap – Replace
Valve clearances – Inspect / Adjust
All clearances – 0.004-0.006 in
Intake / Exhaust rocker arms – Check condition
Timing chain – Replace
Timing chain slider and driven gear – Replace
Drive chain and sprockets – Replace
Clutch cush drive damper – Check
Air filter – Clean / Change as needed
Air filter – Change
Clutch fluid — Change (SAE 10 Mineral Oil for Hydraulic Circuits)
Brake fluid – Change (Castrol DOT 4)
Steering bearing – Check play, adjust as necessary
Wheel bearings – Check
Front fork – Overhaul and change front fork fluid (Motul Fork Oil Light 5W)
Electric fan – Check correct operation
SWM Superdual X / T Maintenance Schedule

Inspection checklist

This is the inspection checklist for the SWM Superdual motorcycles. Perform these checks according to the schedule above.

Inspection checklist
Clutch and brake fluid – Check level
Brake hydraulic controls – Check
Brake pads – Check wear
Control cables – Check condition, clean and lubricate
Throttle – Check / Adjust
Tire pressure / wear – Check / Adjust pressure
Headlamp beam / height / orientation – Check / Adjust as necessary
Lights, indicators, and horn – Check function
Battery – Check charge state and charging function
Wheel spokes – Check tension
Drive chain – Check tension, clean (see below notes), lubricate (Motul Chain Lube)
Side stand screws – Check
Nuts and bolts – Check tightness, tightening up as necessary
Lubrication / Greasing – Perform (Motul Grease)
Inspection checklist

Chain Maintenance on the SWM Superdual motorcycles

The below chain maintenance guide applies equally to the Superdual X as well as the Superdual T.

But for the Superdual X, as it is mostly an off-road / adventure motorcycle, you need to regularly clean the chain, check the chain tension, and occasionally replace the chain (SWM recommends doing it every 10000 km / 6000 miles, but use your judgment). When a chain gets dusty and dirty it’s important to clean it and lube it quickly.

For the SWM Superdual motorcycles, slack is defined as the distance between the chain and the swingarm.

To check the chain tension, place the motorcycle on its side stand with nothing on it. Push lightly up on the middle of the bottom segment of the chain.

SWM Superdual X chain adjustment
SWM Superdual X chain adjustment

SWM Superdual X/T Chain Slack: 12 mm / 0.47 in (Distance from chain to swingarm)

If the slack is out of spec, adjust the slack like this:

  1. Loosen the locknut of the wheel nut with a large allen wrench.
  2. Loosen the check nuts on both tensioners.
  3. Work on the screws with a small wrench to get the right tension.
  4. Tighten the check nuts to 22 Nm and the wheel axle nut to 142 Nm.
  5. Make sure the chain slack is still correct.

Wheels and Tires for the SWM Superdual X / T

The key differentiating feature between the SWM Superdual X and T is the wheel size and tire sizes.

The SWM Superdual T wears a 19/17 front and rear tire combo, whereas the Superdual X wears a 21/18 adventure-ready combination.

WheelWheel sizeTire sizeTire pressure (cold)
Front21 x 2.15 in90/90 R 21 – 54S250 psi / 36 psi
Rear18 x 3.5 in140/80 R18 – 70S280 kPa / 41 psi
Tire sizes and pressures — Superdual X (Adventure)
WheelWheel sizeTire sizeTire pressure (cold)
Front19 x 2.5 in110/80 R 19 – 59V250 psi / 36 psi
Rear17 x 3.5 in140/80 R 17 – 69H280 kPa / 41 psi
Tire sizes and pressures — Superdual T (Touring)

SWM Superdual Review (X / T)

SWM Superdual X RHS 3-4 action with some guy web
SWM Superdual X RHS 3-4 action with some guy

The SWM Superdual motorcycles are affordable and modestly specified adventure touring motorcycles, either with road-going bias (the Superdual T) or adventure touring bias (Superdual X).

The SWM Superdual X is an affordable but modestly high-spec middleweight adventure motorcycle, focusing on simplicity, but without sacrificing too much in the way of either lightness or creature comforts (like a windscreen or hand guards).

The X is similar to the Yamaha Tenere XT660Z, which has since been replaced by the parallel twin-powered T7, but whose loss is still mourned by a few faithful.

The core of SWM Superdual X or T is a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine. It’s liquid cooled, and with its 600 cc displacement strikes a nice balance between high-strung enduro bikes with smaller engines, and larger “big” adventure bikes which some feel are too complicated, heavy, and expensive (despite being excellent generally).

The engine is rated at 42 kW / 56 hp at 7500 rpm. In base trim it gets a bit stifled at the upper end of the rev range, but an exhaust and tune really livens it up.

The SWM Superdual’s engine is a double overhead-camshaft motor with chain-driven cams and four valves. One wrinkle in using it for an everyday adventure bike is that you have to service the valves every 5000 km or 3000 miles. This may servicing it every week or so, on multi-week endeavours! So carry your tools with you.

For the money you spend, you get quite a lot with the Superdual X or T. The thumper engine is quite capable, if not exciting. In the X, there’s a revised mapping, to suit its different intentions.

The core frame and engine of both motorcycles come from the Husqvarna TE630 enduro motorcycle, though it has been re-tuned for SWM’s requirements, as well as brought into the modern age of emissions spec.

At the front there’s a beefy 45mm adjustable upside-down fork. And at the rear there’s a single Sachs shock with adjustable preload.

The front brake is a single disc with an 11.8 in / 300 mm disc and a floating caliper.

The X spec of the SWM Superdual comes with a nice 21-inch spoked wheel, for climbing over big rocks. The T-spec, on the other hand, has a more road-focused 19-incher. Other differences of the X include a new in-dash fuel gauge, switchable ABS, and a new seat.

The end result of the SWM Superdual X, in particular, is quite a capable but still modestly priced adventure touring bike.

The 19L tank give sit an impressive ~450 km (280 mile) range, which is pretty impressive for a simple bike.

Reference — Manual for the SWM Superdual X / T

The above info came from the manual for the SWM Superdual X / T (they share a manual). It’s obviously translated Italian (e.g. “S” for “Scambiare”, which means “change”, or “P” for “Pulire”, which means “Clean”.)

See the below screenshots.

You can download manuals and other resources directly from SWM.

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