Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 (2016-2023) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401, a small-capacity minimalist sportbike from Husqvarna — and one of their first road bikes in a long time.

The Vitpilen 401 (first gen, made from 2016-2023) is based on a 373 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve engine that it shares with its standard bike sibling, the Svartpilen 401.

In both motorcycles, the mini thumper makes a peak of 32 kW (43 hp) at 9000 rpm, with a peak of 42 Nm (27 ft-lb) of torque at 7000 rpm. It’s quite a high-revving, high-torque single-cylinder engine that is responsive and fun through the whole rev range, and has a satisfying “braap” as you keep the motor revving.

The single-cylinder sporty engine is borrowed from the KTM 390 series, e.g. the KTM RC 390 (KTM owns the Husqvarna brand).

But the Vitpilen 401 is far from a “rebrand” or a sticker job. Many details are different, and the Vitpilen 401 is altogether a different bike from the RC 390 other than that they’re powered by basically the same engine and both have canted-forward riding positions (and share many components).

You can also find the same engine and many chassis components in the Vitpilen 401’s standard bike sibling, the Svartpilen 401.

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Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Service Intervals

Overall, the Husqvarna Vitpilen has 4650 mile / 7500 km or annual service intervals. At every one of these services, you should change the oil and filter and do a once-over of the motorcycle, checking it for leaks and things needing adjusting.

Every year, 2 years, or 4 years, change some of the fluids, including the brake fluid and coolant (depending on which year in the service history it is).

Every 9300 miles or 15000 km, do a valve service and change the spark plug.

The Vitpilen 401 has a dual overhead camshaft, so the cams do need to be removed to adjust the shims. But since there’s only one cylinder, it’s not a very involved (or expensive) job.

The Vitpilen has a liquid-cooled engine, so you do need to replace the coolant regularly.

Aside from that, keep the chain lubricated and fresh (and check its tension regularly) and your little Husqvarna should be good for a long time.

Maintenance schedule for the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401

The below table is adapted from the manual for the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401, but simplified to make it easier to parse.

For example, many things in the original maintenance schedule are marked to be done every year and every two years (it’s a bit redundant… every year also happens every two years!)

Basically the Vitpilen’s maintenance schedule is:

  • Every 7,500 km do a minor or major service (the major service involving a valve clearance check and changing the spark plug)
  • Every year, 2 years, or 4 years, change some of the fluids.

The maintenance schedule for the Vitpilen 401 is broken down into “required” and “recommended” work, just like on KTM bikes.

Some items below are marked [Dealer] as you need specialist tools to do them.

Required maintenance

x000 miles0.624.659.3
x000 km17.515Every
[Dealer] Read out the fault memory using the Husqvarna Motorcycles diagnostics tool.Year
[Dealer] Program the shift shaft sensor.
Check that the electrical system is functioning properly.Year
Change the engine oil and the oil filter and clean the oil screens.Year
Check the brake discs.Year
Check the front brake pads.Year
Check the rear brake pads.Year
Check the brake lines for damage and leakage.Year
Check the front brake fluid level (top up with DOT 4 fluid if necessary)Year
Check the rear brake fluid levelYear
Check the tire conditionYear
Check tire pressureYear
Retighten the spokes.
Check the spoke tensionYear
Check the rim run-outYear
Check the shock absorber and fork for leaksYear
Clean the dust boots of the fork legs
Check the chain, rear sprocket, and engine sprocketYear
Check the chain tensionYear
Check the coolant levelYear
Check that the radiator fan is functioning properlyYear
Change the air filter, clean the air filter box.
Check that the throttle cables are undamaged, routed without sharp bends, and set correctly.Year
Check the cables for damage and routing without sharp bendsYear
Check the valve clearance, change the spark plug.
Change the front brake fluid. (Castrol DOT 4)2 years
Change the rear brake fluid. (Castrol DOT 4)2 years
Check the steering head bearing play.Year
Check the headlight setting
Final check: Check the vehicle for safe operation and take a test ride.Year
[Dealer] Read out the error memory after the test ride using the Husqvarna Motorcycles diagnostics tool.Year
[Dealer] Set the service interval display.Year
Make a service entry in
Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 – required maintenance

Recommended maintenance

x000 km17.530
x000 miles0.624.6518.6Every
Check the frame
Check the link fork
Check the fork bearing for play
Check the wheel bearing for play
Check the antifreezeYear
Change the coolant4 years
Empty the drainage hosesYear
Check all hoses (fuel, coolant, drainage etc.) and sleeves for cracking, leaks, and incorrect routingYear
Grease all moving parts (e.g. side stand, hand lever, chain) and check for smooth operationYear
Check the tightness of the safety-relevant screws and nuts which are easily accessible.Year
Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 – recommended maintenance

About the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401

Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 still industrial | Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 (2016-2023) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

The Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 is one of a pair of motorcycles that Husqvarna took from EICMA concept to reality without changing almost a thing. The other of the pair was the Svartpilen 401 — a bike that shares the same foundations, but that differs in riding position (and thus character a bit).

The Vitpilen 401 is a — dare I say it — no, I won’t use the c___ r___ term! But I will say it’s a stylish, sporty bike with a willing engine that’s lightweight, easy to ride, and very, very good looking, and on which you may choose to race from café to café.

The Vitpilen 401 weighs only 152 kg or 335 lb dry. It’s so lightweight that it feels like a toy, especially if you’ve come off just about any other motorcycle. But despite its light weight, it’s frisky and quick thanks to its 32 kW/ 43 hp single-cylinder engine. Cycle World put the 2018 Vitpilen on the dyno and managed to squeeze out 41.4 hp at the rear wheel, which is great, even allowing for variances between dynos, testing days, etc.

In photos, the Vitpilen 401 looks amazing. But in the flesh it’s even more attractive. Many think it’s a custom cafe racer of some kind straight out of a fabricator’s workshop. The fact that this is a factory bike gives people pause.

One of the key differentiators with the Svartpilen 401 is that the Vitpilen 401 has lower clip-on handlebars, This gives it a hunched forward, racier position.

Front controls and bars of Vitpilen 401
  • Wire-spoked wheels (that you do have to check the tension of the spoked for, though)
  • Stylish radiator shrouds
  • An exhaust that looks “aftermarket” (and indeed is an Akrapovic unit on some trim variants)

The braking is done via a single disc (with ABS) and ByBre calipers, just like on KTM bikes. The single disc is great for stopping the bike’s light weight, and having just one disc keeps unsprung mass (and total mass) low.

Even though the power level of the Vitpilen 401 is good for beginners, the riding position is not. Next to a CBR300R or Ninja 400, the Vitpilen 401 seems like an aggressive sport bike.

In 2021, the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 got some impressive upgrades — fully adjustable suspension front and rear, and a standard quickshifter (which they call an “easy shift sensor”). But the maintenance schedule stayed the same.

Manual for the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401

The above maintenance schedule and parts came from the manual for the Vitpilen 401, as well as from parts catalogues and press releases.

The Vitpilen has a separate owner’s manual from the Svartpilen.

You can get the manual for Husqvarna motorcycles directly from the website here.

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