CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR Simplified Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

This is the maintenance schedule and service intervals for the CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR, the entry-level (but riotous!) sport / road bike from CFMOTO.

The CFMOTO 450SS / SR is a parallel twin-engined everyday sport bike powered by a 450 cc parallel twin with a 270-degree crank, which gives it a bit more bark thank your average small bike. In US trim, it makes 50 hp / 37 kW at 9500 rpm, though in other markets it’s very slightly de-tuned to make it A2 / LAMS compliant.

Final drive is through a 6-speed transmission and slipper clutch.

The CFMOTO 450SS is known as the 450SS only in the US. In every other country in the world, e.g. Australia and Europe, it’s the 450SR. Unfortunately this means I have to refer to it as the 450SS / 450SR throughout this article, just to make sure people know I’m talking about their motorcycle.

CFMOTO 450SS 450SR RHS 1 white and black
CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR

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CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR Sport Service Intervals

The CFMOTO 450SS/SR has service intervals of 3000 miles / 5000 kilometers or six months between oil changes — quite a bit shorter than most of the competition in this class, other than the Kawasaki Ninja 400 which has 3750 miles / 6000 km or annual service intervals.

At every service, do a full inspection. There are a number of items to do every second service, including changing the spark plugs, plus inspecting some items like the air filter.

On the other hand, the valve service interval is a healthy 24000 mi / 40000 km, on the long end for most motorcycles (which tend to be around 16000 miles / 25000 km, other than for Yamaha motorcycles).

As the engine in the 450SS / 450SR is liquid-cooled, you have to keep the coolant fresh, as well as keep the brake fluid fresh — schedule a liquid replacement every two years.

What you need to service a CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR

Below is a list of the items CFMOTO suggests you get to service your 450SS/SR.

These are from the manual as well as the service manual.

PartCFMOTO 450SS/SR spec
Engine oilCFMOTO recommends SAE 10W-40 SJ / JASO MA2 grade engine oil, e.g. Mobil 1 10W-40.
Oil filterThe CFMOTO part for the oil filter is 0700-070200. You can get them from Aliexpress for about $10 shipped.
Spark plugsUse type BN8RTI, a Chinese spark plug you can get from Aliexpress, too.
Brake fluidUse a DOT 4 brake fluid, like Castrol DOT 4.
CoolantThe manual specifies “green”-coloured ethylene glycol-based coolant suitable for aluminium engines. Most coolants meet this spec, so something common like Zerex G05 should fit the bill.
Brake padsThe CFMOTO 450SS/SR uses a Brembo M40 radial caliper at the front.
CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR basic service items

CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR Sport Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining the 450SS / 450SR is quite easy, given it’s a parallel twin-powered sport bike, but the maintenance schedule in the manual for the CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR motorcycles is presented in a complicated format (see the screenshots at the end).

The manual has lists of items with different time and distance maintenance intervals, and the layout of the table is quite confusing.

To simplify it, we’ve broken out maintenance into the following sections:

  1. The standard service inspection checklist
  2. The regular maintenance schedule

CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR — Maintenance Schedule

Below is the full maintenance schedule for the CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR.


  • The break-in schedule below is basically an oil/filter change plus a full inspection (above)
  • At the end of the schedule, keep following it in the pattern shown
mi x 1000369121518
km x 100051015202530Every
Full inspection checklist (see below) — PerformYear
Engine oil — Replace
SAE 10W-40 Jaso MA2, e.g. Mobil 1 10W-40
Oil drain bolt torque: 25 Nm / 17 lb-ft
6 months
Coarse oil filter — clean6 months
Valve clearances — Check/adjust
Spark plugs – replace
Tighten to 15 Nm / 11 ft-lb
Fuses/circuit breakers – check24000 mi / 40000 km
Throttle — Inspect and adjust if necessary. Clean throttle body (except at break-in)
Air filter — Clean. Replace if necessary
Air filter — Replace2 years
Battery – check charge state, and recharge if necessary6 months
Suspension system — Inspect and repair/replace as necessary6 months
Idle speed – check, adjust
Target: 1400 rpm, +/-10%
Suspension system — Inspect and repair / replace as necessary
Clutch – Inspect, adjust free play, and replace clutch pack if necessary
Free play: 10-20mm / 0.4-0.8 in
Electrical parts (lights, horn, and switches) — Check function12 months
Wheel bearings – check condition, repair or replace if necessary
Brake fluid – replace (Castrol DOT 4)2 years
Frame — Inspect for damage, repair or replace as necessary
CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR Sport Maintenance Schedule

CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR — Annual Inspection Checklist

Below is the annual inspection checklist for the CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR. This is the basic checklist of things to look over every time you service your bike, per the schedule above

CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR Sport annual inspection checklist
Tyre pressure – Inspect/adjust (See below table)
Throttle body — Clean
Electrical parts (lights, horn, and switches) — Check function
Cables and wires – inspect for damage, bending, and routing
Wheel condition — Inspect and repair or replace if necessary
Front and rear braking systems — Check the correct function
Front and rear braking systems — Check correct function
Front and rear brake pads and disc — inspect condition and thickness
Brake lever – inspect free play, smooth operation
Free play: ~7mm +/-2mm (0.27 in +/0 0.08 in)
Brake fluid – inspect level (between upper and lower). Note that the level changes as the brake pads wear out.
Brake hoses — Check condition and sealing
Brake pedals — Inspect free play
Gear shift pedal — Inspect free play. (Range: 5mm)
Front fork and rear shock — Inspect for oil leakage and general condition
Steering bearings — Inspect for looseness, notchiness
Coolant level — Inspect and replenish if necessary
Radiator fan function — Inspect
Cooling hoses — Check condition
Chain, rear sprocket, and engine sprocket — Check wear
Fault control memory — Check with PDA
Movable parts — Lubricate and inspect flexibility
Bolts and nuts — Inspect tightness
Cables — Check for damage, bending, and seating
Pipes, ducts, hoses, and sleeves — Inspect for cracks, seals, and proper placement
CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR Sport standard inspection checklist

CFMOTO 450SS /SR Chain Maintenance

Clean and lubricate the chain often, especially after riding on rainy days.

Here is the chain maintenance schedule for the 450 SS / 450 SR.

Chain maintenance taskEvery
Check chain condition. Clean and lubricate with a high-quality chain lubricant (e.g. Motul chain lubricant)– 400 miles / 600 km
– Or after riding in rain/mud, or after washing the motorcycle
Check chain tension and elongation, and adjust if necessary
See notes below
600 mi / 1000 km
CFMOTO 450SS / SR Chain Maintenance Schedule

Checking chain tension/slack and elongation

To check chain tension and elongation on the 450 SS, do the following tests, and adjust as necessary.

To check chain tension:

  1. Put the shifter into neutral.
  2. Find the tightest point of the chain, rolling the motorcycle around until you see the chain move to its loosest position.
  3. Take all the load off the bike and put it on its side stand on a flat surface.
  4. Push the chain up and measure the total deflection. This is the chain slack.
  5. Do the same for the chain in its tightest position.

Target chain slack for the CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR: 25-35 mm (1-1.4 in)

In both positions, measure elongation (stretch) in the chain.

  1. Hang a standard 10 kg / 22 lb object from the chain in the middle point
  2. Use a ruler to measure length between 20 links.

Target chain stretch for the CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR: 320.7 mm / 12.6 in

If the chain is over-stretched, you should replace it. But if it’s not, you can tighten it to within spec, using the following procedure.

  1. Loosen the rear axle (use a breaker bar) and the adjuster lock nuts on either side of the axle.
  2. Turn the adjuster nuts to tighten (or loosen) the chain. Keep checking the chain tension to see if it has come within spec.
  3. Keep an eye on the adjuster alignment marks on either side of the axle. Make sure that the adjustment is to the same point.
  4. When you’re done, tighten the axle to 105-110 Nm / 77-81 lb-ft.
  5. Re-check the chain slack again to make sure it’s still within spec.

CFMOTO 450SS/SR Sport Tire and Wheel Specs

Below are the tire sizes and recommended tire pressures for the 450SS / SR.

WheelTire sizeTire pressure (cold)
Front110/70R1732.6 psi / 225 kPa
Rear150/60R1735.5 psi / 245 kPa
CFMOTO 450SS / SR Sport tire sizes/pressure

These are baseline recommended pressures, meant for an average rider doing everyday riding.

You can adjust the tire pressures for how you ride your bike.

About the CFMOTO 450SS / 450SR

2023 CFMOTO 450SR Zircon Black RHS 3-4
2023 CFMOTO 450SR / 450SS

The CFMOTO 450SS is Chinese company CFMOTO’s entrant into the entry-level sportbike category. It’s a competitor to Kawasaki Ninja 400 in many ways — but the CFMOTO is not a clone, neither visually, nor in terms of its engine.

Before the Kawasaki Ninja 500, which Kawasaki released shortly afterwards, and the Aprilia RS 457, the CFMOTO was the only sport bike in the “450” class.

The engine in the 450SS / SR is a 449-cc parallel twin with a 270-degree crank, which gives it a bit more bark (or, with the stock exhaust, at least a snarl) than your average small bike. In US trim, it makes 50 hp / 37 kW at 9500 rpm, though in other markets it’s very slightly de-tuned to make it A2 / LAMS compliant.

It’s a brighter 450 than the Honda CBR500R, whose 471 cc parallel twin has a square bore/stroke ratio, and which is designed to be a lower revving, more reliable unit.

Here’s how the engine specs for a few similar motorcycles compare, for reference.

ItemAprilia RS 457CFMOTO 450SS/SRHonda CBR500RKawasaki Ninja 500
EngineParallel twin, 270-degree crankParallel twin, 270-degree crankParallel twin, 180-degree crankParallel twin, 180-degree crank
Capacity457 cc449 cc471 cc451
Bore x Stroke (mm)69 x 61.1 mm72 x 55.2 mm67 x 66.8 mm70 x 58.6
Bore / Stroke ratio1.
Compression ratio13.5:111.5:110.7:111.3:1
Peak power rpm9400950085009000

As you can see, the CFMOTO has a surprisingly high bore:stroke ratio for a small bike.

What’s interesting about the CFMOTO 450SS/SR is, like with many CFMOTO motorcycles, the relatively high spec level.

The fork is an inverted unit, though it’s of course non-adjustable. The front brake is a single disc radially mounted caliper, and not just any caliper — it’s a Brembo M40 unit.

The clutch is a “CF-SC” (which I think stands for “CFMOTO Slipper Clutch”) slipper clutch, a relatively rarity in the class. And the display is a 5-inch TFT unit with Bluetooth connectivity. The display even has a navigation option that shows the next turn on the screen.

The ride of the CFMOTO 450SS is surprisingly sporty. The clip-on handlebars are bolted under the triple tree and don’t rise much — so you’re leaned forward. It’s not uncomfortable, but nor is it as comfortable an everyday commuter as some might expect.

The CFMOTO exudes quality. Put it this way — if you didn’t know it was a Chinese motorcycle, and were looking for evidence that its quality would match some miscellaneous knick-knack you got off Alibaba, then you’d be disappointed. You wouldn’t assume that this were Chinese. It’s not to say that it’s built like a steel tool like something out of Milwaukee, but it rather matches anything entry-level from the other brands — which these days are built in Thailand, India, or elsewhere in China anyway. The CFMOTO 450SS / SR definitely pulls its weight in the entry-level class in terms of quality.

The only fly in the ointment of ownership of the 450SS / 450SR is the too-frequent service intervals. Changing the oil every 3000 miles / 5000 km is more frequent than any other brand. At least the valve service doesn’t come up often.

Reference — Manual screenshots for the 450SS (450SR)

The above information came from the manual for the CFMOTO 450SS.

You can see screenshots from the manual as references below.

You can download manuals for CFMOTO motorcycles from the CFMOTO USA website.

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